Manuel Talks About Hamels

hamels 1031 b.jpgCharlie Manuel
isn’t sure what Cole Hamels meant when he said he couldn’t wait for the season to end, but he said today he was “totally surprised” by it.

“I understand his frustration and everything,” Manuel said. “He was the MVP of the World Series last year. He’s been a good pitcher ever since he came up. Ever since he’s been in the big leagues he’s been a top-flight pitcher. It’s been tough on him. He’s kind of had a weird year. What he’s going through right now, it’s going to take experience and everything because he’s going through a part where he’s failed. He’s been very inconsistent and it’s been like a failure to him. Things haven’t been going his way.”

It should be noted that Hamels also said that he wanted the ball in Game 7.

“I really do hope I have that opportunity,” Hamels said. “It’s one of those games that you can definitely redeem yourself. I would know it’s the very last game that I would ever have that season. It’s not the type of game you want to have in your last game. It’s just kind of something where if you could end it on a good note, why not? Having a Game 7 opportunity that would be mean a lot. I hope my teammates believe in me and want me to be out there for it.”

I’m guessing when Hamels said he can’t wait for the season to end, he meant he can’t wait for his struggles to end. He wasn’t saying, “Whew, let’s get this World Series over with so I can take a vacation.” That said, it didn’t sound good, which has people wondering if the Phillies should start him in Game 7, if the series gets that far. Of course, his performance has people wondering if he should start Game 7 more than last night’s comments, but the comments only seemed to compound things.

Manuel said he isn’t sure what he’s going to do. He’s worried about Game 4 tonight because, hey, if they lost Game 4 their probably won’t be a Game 7.


Manuel said Chan Ho Park was unavailable in Game 3 because of the flu. He was uncertain about his status for Game 4.


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That’s how I feel about it basically. The comments look a lot worse than they really are. Now I feel dumb for giving you crap about the previous post. It’s just really frustrating reading stuff from Phillies fans who want to trade Hamels and crap like that this morning.

Besides needing a shrink, someone should council Cole on how to talk to the press. I’ve never heard him be humble. If they don’t trade him on the off season, the fans will run him out. I would never want that to happen, but a change of scenery sometimes works. The Phillies are a better organization than that so I just hope they can figure out his mental state in the off season. You are either an asset or a liability. If we get to game seven, we cannot go with the liability.

davegas: Fans don’t run players out. Players run themselves out.

Cole acts like a spoiled little brat this year. Guess the MVP went to his head last year. If anything goes wrong, he has a fit. Last year must have been luck, not talent. Also, why can someone like me see that Lidge is losing it and not yank him out? Lidge may be Charlie’s closer, but he’s the
reason the Phillies’ record during the season is not better than the Yankees’. Maybe we’re also seeing just how much Jamie Moyer’s leadership is being missed as an active player. I’m bracing myself for another lost World Series. Is this team the Philadelphia “Phizzles,” or are they really the Fightins? Harry, I need about 10 choruses of “High Hopes” tonight–maybe more.

I understand managers protecting their players but the fact is neither Manuel nor any of his coaching staff are respected by the young players on this team, so no one can sit a Hamels, Myers, Rollins, etc. down behind closed doors and tell them how fortunate they are to be in the positions they are at such a young age – Manuel lets the inmates run the asylum … and Utley is too young to be a manager in the clubhouse.

Hamels and Myers have both been whiners since they made their first starts with the Phils. Last post-season everything fell into place for Hamels: it’s easy to be cool and classy when you win – it’s embarassing to the Phillie uniform that Hamel is now the ace of the diaper patrol. Trade him for someone with heart …. Jamie Moyer may never make the Hall of Fame but watch that man pitch and you see a true class act pitcher.

Off my high horse now…

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