The Collapse of Cole Hamels

hamels 1031.jpgI wasn’t sure what to expect from Cole Hamels last night in Game 3 of the World Series. I figured he was due to pitch a good game, but I wasn’t going to be surprised if things fell apart.

Neither was Hamels.

“That’s been the story of my whole season,” he said following the 8-5 loss to the Yankees at Citizens Bank Park. “I can cruise through hitters and then all of a sudden — boom. I don’t hit a small speed bump. I hit a big one.”

Asked about the last pitch to Mark Teixeira in the fourth inning that resulted in a walk, which led to a two-run home run from Alex Rodriguez, Hamels said, “It was a strike. It’s the story of my season.”

He thought Rodriguez’s home run was a pop up.

“For it to go over the fence … you know what?” he said. “This is the park I play in, so I definitely know to expect this.”

But then came an intresting comment as he talked about a season that has been a struggle since spring training. Hamels, who is 1-2 with a 7.58 ERA in four postseason starts, told reporters, “I can’t wait for it to end. It’s been mentally draining. It’s one of those things where, a year in, you just can’t wait for a fresh start.”

Hamels lines up to pitch Game 7 at Yankee Stadium, if the series gets that far. Charlie Manuel and Rich Dubee have to wonder how confident they can be sending him out there? Hamels is 1-2 with a 7.58 ERA in four postseason starts and he does not sound like a confident man. Asked if he would feel comfortable pitching Hamels in Game 7, Manuel would not commit.

“I wouldn’t be hesitant to start him,” he said. “But at the same time, we’ll see how the series goes.”

But after sounding like a mentally beaten man, Hamels also said he would like the chance.

“I really do hope I have that opportunity,” he said. “It’s one of those games that you can definitely redeem yourself. I would know it’s the very last game that I would ever have that season. It’s not the type of game you want to have in your last game. It’s just kind of something where if you could end it on a good note, why not? Having a Game 7 opportunity that would be mean a lot. I hope my teammates believe in me and want me to be out there for it.”

If the series gets to Game 7 — Hamels put the Phillies in the difficult position of having to win three of four games against the Yankees — the Phillies have two options: Hamels or J.A. Happ. Do they stick with Hamels, or do they look at what they have seen and heard and take their chances with Happ?

Of course, before we get in a lather about Game 7, Joe Blanton must outpitch CC Sabathia tonight in Game 4.


Teams that fall behind 2-1 in the World Series are 26-55.


Jayson Werth has seven home runs this postseason. He would tie Barry Bonds (2002) and Carlos Beltran (2004) for the single-season playoff home run record with one more homer.

It certainly would help if more than Werth were hitting. Jimmy Rollins (.200), Shane Victorino (.182), Chase Utley (.182), Ryan Howard (.154) and Pedro Feliz (.091) are struggling. Werth (.400), Carlos Ruiz (.333) and Raul Ibanez (.250) are the only players hitting .250 or better.


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Sorry, Cole. LAST night, was your redemption game! You’re finished.

Why would Charlie even WANT to start him, after the post-game comments he made.

I was at the game last night. Electric! Up til the 3rd inning. Really thought Cole had it back. The story of his season is……Every time the least little thing goes wrong for him, he falls apart. A-Rod’s HR was something that won’t happen again in a thousand years. But he totally let it get in his head.

We were definitely out-pitched last night. Even the Yanks supposedly terrible middle bullpen, out-shined ours.

Cole, appreciate everything you did last year. Really, we do. And we know you tried really, really hard this year. Was it the Sports Illustrated cover? The demands of marriage and impending fatherhood? The bad kharma that comes with hawking Comcast? Who knows. The bottom line is, you can’t wait for your season to be done? With the most incredible opportunity in this World Series – potentially pitching in a Game 7, against the Yankees of all teams – in front of you?
You got your wish, buddy. Time for someone else to step up. Because you’re sitting down.
See you next year, Cole. Because we’re still playing THIS year — for the World Championship.

Disgraceful comments during Post Game Live last night. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Cole.

I don’t blame him, I’d be tired of this season too. He’ll be back with a chip on his shoulder next season.
Oh, and all the people who tried to tell me that we just absolutely needed Bruntlett on the ******* postseason roster for things like defensive versatility, last night was why he can get the hell off this team forever – because Charlie has some bizarre fetish for sticking him in dumb, dumb places.

Oh and if you want to run Happ out in game 7, I’d have to ask if you’re serious. The only pitcher I’d rather have out there other than Cole is Cliff Lee.
People make a ridiculous amount of mountain out the mole hills that are little postgame quotes like this, and Todd, you’re definitely not helping with this crap. I thought you were above it. This baseball, not a goddamned soap opera.

Blame the messenger, eh phylan? Todd is only conveying the lack of heart that Cole is showing under adversity. If he gets into a game 7 he better have a very shor leash. He can’t handle when any little thing goes against him. He’s got a lot of growing up to do.

Not blaming Todd for reporting it, that’s his job after all. Just for all the fuss about whether to start him in game 7 as if it should depend on that quote or any other. Choose not to start him in 7 because he had a bad postseason, sure (even though I’d probably start him anyway personally, certainly over Happ). Not because of some interview.
Of course all this game 7 talk could be irrelevant if Charlie still wants to send Blanton out there tonight instead of Cliff.

phylan, your right. Your right, as usual, being a legend in your own mind, not unlike your buddy, phan52. You two ought to enter three legged races.

What in the holy hell are you talking about

Only pherrisphain knows what he is talking about, phylan. Kind of ironic that he has the nerve to call anybody else a ‘legend in your own mind’. What a blowhard.

Boys, boys. Fighting amongst yourselves now? Really. Face it, you’re all legends. I keep coming back to get the benefit of your pearls of wisdom. It’s a regular Algonquin Round Table on here most days.

norma: The place was electric – even with that rain delay – until Cole pulled another of his mid-inning melt downs. Shame that it ruined another great game by Jayson.

I can’t help but wonder what’s the point of having extra umpires down the lines if they’re going to have to use instant replay anyway. Four umps are good enough to make calls during the regular season, and as we’ve seen, having two more just increases the probability that they’ll goof it up.
At least last night they got it right, but you’d think the right field ump would have called it.

They should’ve pitched Hamels in game 2 – the Yanks were geared to win that one, so let Pedro pitch well in game 3 with the offense showing up and maybe we’re sitting here at 2-1 since Pettite didn’t pitch that well. Manuel sticking with Hamels and even Bruntlett is hard to understand, how many times do you get a chance at back-to-back!!?!

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