A Few More Words Before Game 6

Thumbnail image for 3-2comebackschart.jpgCharlie Manuel sounded like a man who is leaning toward Cole Hamels in Game 7, if the World Series gets that far.

“I think when we sit down and measure out everything and we talk it over … that more than likely might be exactly what we’re going to do,” Manuel said. “But at the same time, like I told Hamels last night, I’m going to think about everything. We’ll sit down and I’ll come up with who’s going to pitch. But right now, we’re going to play tomorrow’s game. We don’t look back and we don’t look ahead.”


Pedro Martinez entertained again during his press conference. Asked about Red Sox fans rooting for the Phillies in the World Series, he said, “I know that they don’t like the Yankees to win, not even in Nintendo games.”


Manuel said Shane Victorino is day-to-day after brusing his right index finger in Game 5 last night. He also said Joe Blanton, who started Game 4, is available to pitch in relief.


The chart to the left shows the teams that have overcome 3-2 deficits to win a World Series. Only six of those 18 teams had to win two consecutive games on the road like the Phillies do: the 1926 Cardinals, 1934 Cardinals, 1952 Yankees, 1958 Yankees, 1968 Tigers and 1979 Pirates.


The Phillies are 2-4 in elimination games in World Series history.


Since 1982, teams with a 3-2 lead are just 5-8 in Game 6.


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Throw history out of the window in this one, the Phillies need to win just one more game. One game at a time, to continue.

With what the Phillies did last night, we know that it’s possible for them to continue and they want to win two series in a row for sure.

Cole shouldn’t get the start in Game 7 if there is one, he’s mentally not prepared for it, the controversy is too deep around him. He’s had a bad season and really not that great of a postseason, the Phillies should go with someone else if they make a Game 7.

Best sign at CBP was from a Mutts fan “My season was bad enough. Please don’t let the Yankees win. Go Phillies”

Loved Pedro’s quote! He’s a hoot!

In four playoff appearances at Yankee Stadium (new and old), Martinez is 0-2 with a 5.75 ERA.

Is Victorino a “game time decision”?

seems so, dave. I hope he can go, otherwise e get brunlett as the DH since Francisco will have to play the field (either CF or LF with Werth in CF)

America’s favorite pastime, hating the Yuckees

I think you’d have to chain him to his locker to keep him out of the lineup tonight, but knowing Charlie if he doesn’t play you will see Brunlett as the DH (personally, I’d DH Myers–at least the at bats will be interesting)

I love Pedro’s quote, too! Everyone I know, is rooting for the Phillies. Even Mets fans!!!

Uhhh big old no thanks on Bruntlett DH’ing. If Victorino is out DH Stairs. Matchups be damned, at least with Stairs you have an outside shot at a walk.
This is all moot because Victorino will play. It’s win or go home, he won’t be held out.

I can’t see Charlie not letting Vic play. He would never do that to him unless he was 1000% sure that Vic couldn’t go.

That would be a decent lineup. Howard can’t hit lefties worth a ****, so I’d even flip him and Ibanez in that lineup (who actually hits BETTER against lefties). Although I have no idea why the guy with the worst OBP of the starters is still leading off. That’s Charlie I guess.

Muleman the point is what he should do, not what he will do.

I agree. I saw someone had an idea to switch the lineup to Rollins, Utley, Werth, Ryan, Francisco,Ibanez, Shane, Feliz, Ruiz

This takes some of the presure off Victorino who hasn’t been hitting and gives both Utley and Werth, who have been a bit more protection. Any opinions?

Charlie hasn’t changed the lineup (outside of P and DH) since the playoffs started, so I can’t see him doing it with the season on the line. C’mon.

We haven’t had a situation where the #2 hitter can’t grip a bat either up until now

That would be a decent lineup. Howard can’t hit lefties worth a ****, so I’d even flip him and Ibanez in that lineup (who actually hits BETTER against lefties). Although I have no idea why the guy with the worst OBP of the starters is still leading off. That’s Charlie I guess.

Muleman the point is what he should do, not what he will do.

Phan, issue is Vic’s finger and how well he can hold the bat. That is why I originally suggested moving him down to 6th and putting Werth in #3 and Utley as 2.

I would go Rollins, Vic, Utley, Werth, Howard, Francisco, Ibanez, Feliz, Ruiz. But I am not the manager of the World Champions, Charlie is. He won’t do it so any debate is moot.

Scoring early and often tonight, while Pedro shocks the world.

f-i-j, if Vic’s finger impedes his ability to hold a bat he shouldn’t even be in the lineup, let alone batting down in the order.

I assume he can hold it, but not as well as normal. As for him being in the lineup, I’d rather Vic at 70% over brunlett at 110% any day. Lefty pitching for NYY, need rhb as DH. Either Fransisco or Brunlett. If no Vic, frnasisco in OF and Brunlett DH–not a pleasent site

Under no circumstances should Eric Bruntlett ever be the DH, even if Vic can’t play. Ever. Even against an LHP he gives you 0% chance of any offensive production. Stairs at least has a prayer at drawing a walk. And besides, this year lefties have a slightly higher OPS off of Pettitte than righties do. Bruntlett as DH would rightfully make Manuel the laughingstock of the league, even with an injury to Victorino
But like I said before, Victorino is going to play so it’s moot.

f-i-j, if Vic can’t play, Bruntlett would not be the DH. I’ver heard and read that n the last couple of days and it just shows how little the national media knows about the Phillies. They were also incredulous when Lidge didn’t go in the other night, as if it has been rote all year.
Stairs or Dobbs would DH if Vic can’t go, probably Stairs. If, God forbid, something happened to Rollins or Utley, Brunlett would have to play and, if he was the DH, the pitcher would have to hit. That ain’t happening.

phylan: You mean there’s a point to all this dribble?

f.i.j.: The bigger problem for Vic holding the bat would come hitting righthanded rather than lefthanded. I’d be just as concerned with him throwing the ball.
But like phylan said, it’s moot since he’s going to play.

phylan: I’m sure the Phils are well aware of Pettitte’s staggering .013 difference in OPS vs. lefties and righties. That one percent edge could mean the difference between the Yankees taking the trophy home, I’m sure. One percent in one game is not a measurable statistic. It’s the same OPS vs. righties and lefties. Even in 500 at-bats it’s barely a blip.
Geez. Such analysis.

Phan, you’re wrong. If Brunlett was DH and was moved to play the field we could being in someone else as teh DH in the possistion the fielder taken out was hitting.

I hope that Brunlett wouldn’t dh in any case, but I can’t see Charlie putting a lefty as DH against a lefty. Stats aside, he just isn’t the type to do it. it’s one of the reasons Cair perhaps should have been on the roster instead of one of the pitchers we aren’t using

Well, Phans, seems we are HEERE AT THE WALL today….a little “National Treasure” thrown into the “National Pastime”. Philly comes to New York’s Cathedral…do we have enough fight in us to take the treasure?!

We are here with our backs against the wall today with the opportunity to show the world this team is no one-hit wonder…we are going to play and win today. True Champions flourish under such pressure!

muleman, yeah it is statistically insignificant. My point is Pettitte doesn’t exactly dominate lefties, at least not this year.

Wrong f-i-j. If a DH goes and plays a position, the position players spot in the batting lineup is taken by the pitcher and the position player must leave the game. Same thing if a position player becomes the DH; the original DH position reverts to the pitcher.
And the player who should be on the roster is Mayberry, not Cairo. They need another bat, not another weak hitting infielder.

“And besides, this year lefties have a slightly higher OPS off of Pettitte than righties do.”

So, what were you saying? I thought that meant lefties … oh well, it doesn’t matter now anyway.

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