It's Pedro vs. Pettitte in Game 6

Yankees manager Joe Girardi just announced that left-hander Andy Pettitte will pitch Game 6 of the World Series tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium.

Pettitte will be pitching on short rest.

Girardi said after Game 5 last night that he would ask Pettitte how he felt before he made a decision. He said the conversation went something like this:

“How do you feel?”


Pettitte is 4-6 with a 4.16 ERA on short rest in his career, although he has not pitched on short rest since 2006 with Houston. It could be risky.

“We’re still very comfortable doing it,” Girardi said.


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I heard Girardi being interviewed by Francesa on WFAN. Francesa is basically telling him how to manage the team. What a blowhard, almost as bad as Eskin.
Well, that’s not true. Nobody is as bad as Eskin.

The Phillies offense gets hot while the Yankees pitching starts to slip. How delightful.

Two veteran pitchers who are used to the pressure. I give Pedro the edge, working on normal rest and should be sharp after pitching a few days ago. He loves the spotlight, expect him to come up big. Should be a great game.

Yankees have maxed out. A $200+ payr9ll and they have to keep bringing these guys back on three days rest? Come on, Phillies. Do it.

I like our odds in this. The fact is, on normal rest we hit Pettitte pretty well. Plus Pettitte has pitched a full season, Pedro only pitched 1/2 a season. If Pedro can pitch like he did last game, I think we have a shot. Then again, this is the Phillies we are talking about….

I don’t know whether Girardi suffers from arrogance from overconfidence or stupidity, but how could he risk the Yankees’ WSC chances by pitching these guys on short rest at the end of a grueling season. Pettite admitted to having nothing in the last game; how much less will be in the tank for this game? Without the help of PEDs, the Phils should bury this guy in 5 innings or less. Regardless, the Phils will probably have to score 7-8 runs to win the game. The key will be the strikezone of the homeplate ump. MLB and Selig have used mostly umps that have given the Yankee pitchers 3-6 inches on either side of the plate and up a few inches. If Pettite gets that, the Yankees will win.

erich, I think Joe West will be behind the plate for game 6. While he has a shaky history with the Phillies, he has a decidedly NL pedigree and should call a pretty tight strike zone. He won’t put up with Posada and Swisher bitching at every called strike either.
I hope we hear nothing about the umps in the game. Let the players decide.

LA was a hoot the other night. He kept screaming because Posada made some many trips to the mound. He said he needs one of the mike/walkie-talkies like the QBs in NFL have.

I like our chances tomorrow. Pedro is a real gamer and hopefully will have as good of a game as he did in game 2. Plus I’m hoping our offense has awaken after last night’s win.

This is so nerve racking. I feel like the Phils can do it, but they’ve made mistakes, offense has gone awol at times and that bullpen makes me want to puke. I hope Cholly has a short leash on Pedro, I think we are asking a lot to expect him to shut down the Yanks again in their ballpark and then there is Pettite – a big game pitcher that didn’t pitch so well the other night but it was good enough to win. Another lefthander is not what Howard needs right now – only two games left, c’mon Ryan, WAKE UP!! I think they can win this one, but these games are killing me, GO PHILS!!

An Open Letter to Jimmy and Ryan

You can do this.

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