Myers and Hamels: No Confrontation

Thumbnail image for myers speaks.jpgCole Hamels
and Brett Myers are friends.

They hang out at home and on the road. Hamels occasionally drives Myers to the ballpark. They planned to have dinner tonight with their wives in New York.

“He’s my buddy,” Myers said today.

Myers, Hamels and a Phillies official disputed a Yahoo! Sports report that he and Hamels had a “tense confrontation” in the Phillies clubhouse following Game 5 of the World Series. Two media members (here and here) were witnesses and disputed the report.

“The bottom line is nothing happened and nothing ever will happen between us,” Myers said.

“People don’t understand how easy-going both of us are and what good friends both of us are,” Hamels said. “I didn’t even know this had turned into a big deal until about 10 minutes ago. I actually had called Brett this morning to see if he could take me to the field.”

Here is what happened, according to Myers, Hamels and Phillies director of baseball communications Greg Casterioto.

Casterioto asked Myers if he had seen Hamels, who had requested a meeting with Charlie Manuel.

“He quit,” Myers cracked.

That is a common response from Myers and others in the Phillies clubhouse when somebody asks where somebody is. A few minutes later as Hamels and Casterioto stood in front of Hamels’ locker, Myers walked past and said, “What are you doing here? I thought you quit?”

Hamels replied with an expletive, which took Myers off guard.

“When you say, ‘Manny being Manny,’ or something like that, well, Brett was being Brett,” Manuel said. “Brett likes to throw that jab at you, and sometimes it doesn’t matter who’s around, and I think people when they hear that sometimes, they don’t know how to take it. I think that’s what happened. I think that was just actually Brett playing around, messing with him.”

Hamels probably is sensitive to the word “quit” these days after he told reporters following Game 3 of the World Series that he couldn’t wait for the season to end. Myers said he was unaware of Hamels’ comments following Game 3, although the comments were widespread and had upset some players inside the Phillies clubhouse.

Casterioto walked Hamels away from Myers, but not because he said he worried about the incident escalating. He said he needed to bring Hamels into Manuel’s office. Myers pulled Hamels aside to apologize.

“I apologized for really bad timing,” Myers said. “I also told him that he was talking to the master of people taking things out of context, so he shouldn’t worry what people think or write. I told him that if we get to Game 7 and he gets to pitch and he dominates, nobody will give a crap about what he said.”

Myers said he has talked with teammates about Hamels’ comments.

“I know Cole,” he said. “He didn’t mean what he said. I know him. I talk with him about stuff. I probably know him better than most guys on the team. What he said? That’s not him. I know he didn’t mean it that way.”

Manuel sounded like he would have Hamels pitch Game 7, if the World Series gets that far, but he would not commit. He also said he liked what he heard from Hamels when they met for about 15 minutes in his office.

“I know Hamels,” Manuel said. “I’ve been a Hamels guy ever since I seen him pitch in (Single A) Lakewood. I never, ever — I want you to listen to this — I never, ever questioned his mental toughness because he’s just as tough as anybody on our team. And I mean that. That part I’ve never, ever doubted. There’s definitely no quit in him, and I know he shows emotions at times, and he’s had like a freakish year and he’s going through a bad time, but at the same time he’ll get through it, and he’ll be the pitcher that you saw last year. That pitcher that you’ve been seeing for the last couple years, that’s who Hamels is. He is a gamer and he’s a fighter.”


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While Myers is a complete knucklehead, he is the kind of guy you would want in a foxhole when there is a fight on. If he’s OK with Cole, then so am I. I hope Cole gets a chance to redeem his disappointing season.
First, game 6.

I think we’ve covered this non-story enough. Back to baseball please. Todd, what are your feelings about doing an all-star rotation for game 7 (if there is one) and pitching Cole, lee, Blanton etc each 1-3 innings?

This is one of those stories that should be read to a background of carnival music. I’m sure plenty of players have had thoughts about wishing a season were over. Try playing in Washington or Baltimore. The difference is, they’re smart enough not to say it out loud to anyone but their wife and family.

But the media (and some fans) eat this stuff up. It’s what talk radio lives for. I don’t particularly care if they like each other or not. Just play baseball.

Meanwhile, this World Series has the highest TV ratings since 2003. No doubt due partly to the Yankees, but I think the Phillies are a national draw too. The numbers should only get better with The Pedro Show on Wednesday and a potential game 7 on Thursday – a bit TV night.
I only wish it wasn’t November already. There’s cold and snow in the forecast for the Bronx on Thursday, and it’s a shame that baseball has to be beholden to television to the extent that they can’t even play a daytime Series game on a weekend.

Even so, I’d rather talk about that on an off-day than this Hamels/Myers nonsense.

I still want to hear the inside scoop on Victorino in the 8th last night.

Shane last night was simple. He was hit by a pitch in the 1st. his hand swelled. Knowing he was having touble holding he bat and even holding the ball, Charlie decided to pull him in the 7th or 8th (I cant remember which). Shane thought Francisco was coming in for Ibanez as usual and didn’t realize he was being taken out. he tried to get charlie to change his mind and when that didn’t work, sat down like a good boy. No story, not anger, no need to go into depth. BTW the hand is bruised, not broken

Here’s a crazy idea for game 7. Start Myers, bring in Happ for the 3rd and then Cole and then Lee. This should take us to the 7th at which point we bring on Park and then madson. What I like about Myers and tehn Happ is you ruin any lefty/righty games the Yanks are trying to play early and force them to use hitters who can’t PH later in game. They aren’t used to needing to PH for pitchers,

FIJ….I was thinking the same thing, about the pitching for game 7. Though, I’d also throw Happ in the mix. And let Lee close it out!

f.i.j.: You’re right. That is a crazy idea.

Here’s a crazier idea — win game 6.

FIJ, Any time you let a guy with a rapidly swelling finger stay in a game it becomes a story. At bat, Shane couldn’t grip the bat strong enough to hit the ball out of the infield. In centerfield, he couldn’t throw the ball without excruciating pain. As weak as Francisco’s throw to the plate was, Shane’s probably wouldn’t have made it to the pitcher’s mound. Charlie should have taken him out at the end of the 1st inning. Francisco could have done something with Shane’s wasted at bats.

FIJ, your idea reminds me of a little league coach trying to make sure all the kids get to play in the last game of the season. Todd is probably right; Cole would start Game 7, but be on a short leash. Muleman is also right: it’s dumb to talk about Game 7 before the Phils even win Game 6. Andy Pettite can only pitch well if he gets help from his best friend, not A-Roid or Jeter, but HGH. Pettite was the beneficiary of poor Phillie swings that developed from Burnett’s masterpiece in New York. Right now everyone but Ryan is seeing the ball well and hitting line-drives all over the field. Pettite shouldn’t be able to make to the 5th inning, but HGH can take an athlete a looooong way.

FIJ, Shane was shocked that he was taken out at that time because he knew that the toughest time of playing with the injury had already passed. He had made adjustments to his throwing and hitting to accomodate for the swelling and the pain, meaning he was physically more ready to play the next two innings than he was the last seven innings. He probably thought that Charlie knew that.

FIJ: You have got one creative mind…do you count baseballs in your sleep?! 🙂

Erich, I wasn’t arguing against taking him out. I was explaining the aperent discussion between Charlie and Shane when he was taken out.

Mule: As I have said, game 6 is either won or not, but there really isn’t much to discuss about it. We know Pedro is pitching, we know the bats either will or won’t hit. If Shane’s finger is better he plays, if not, Francisco is in CF, or perhaps Werth and Francisco in RF. In either case, not many variables in game 6 until it begins. Personally, I have no doubts that we will win tomorrow night and force a game 7 (to Fox’s delight)

FIJ, I can’t believe you wrote, ” there really isn’t much to discuss about [game 6]”. Pettite pitching on 3 days rest? The Phils bats heating up at the right time? Pedro’s homecoming to his Daddy’s place? Girardi getting shelled by the media for his starting-pitcher decisions? The Yankee bats 5-9 doing nothing for them? There is a lot to discuss that has NOTHING to do with a game 7.

If Pedro wins tommorow, he will be able to ask for big bucks in any contract that he signs in the off-season. Don’t think that he doesn’t know it and relish it. When Pedro was on the Mutts, I never hated the guy, I feared him- what he could do to the Phils’ chances of getting to the playoffs. Now that he has been on the team for a few months, I really like the guy, not just the pitcher, but the man himself. He has a great character and a child-like love of the game of baseball. I watched his whole post-game interview last week and was very impressed by the way he conducted himself and how he used the platform to address the issue of fathers swearing like a sailor with their children right next to them. He spoke of one specific man, but I can’t imagine that there was one father who heard what he said and didn’t think, “He’s right. I have to be more careful when I watch the game with my kids.” I hope we can sign him to an incentive-laden contract for 2-3 years, but he could end up going to the Yankees and becoming a “King” there…

f.i.j.: Game 6 has everything to do with what happens in game 7. Suppose Pedro blows up and you have to use your bullpen? You can’t plan a pitching rotation based on an unknown game. I can’t believe we even have to debate this.
You’re doing the “look ahead” thing and that’s almost never a good idea. Just relax and see what happens on Wednesday. There’s plenty of time for your crazy schemes on Thursday, and we know there is no shortage of those.

I am glad Myers and Hamels patched up the non-incident that became public.

Maybe it was Hamels being Hamels when he was talking about how he couldn’t wait to the season came to an end. His expressions in the dugout and on the field seemed to speak otherwise though, I really think he meant what he said.

All that behind us, let’s just go out and win Game 6 please! All this drama is too much.

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