Utley and Lee: Keeping Phillies Alive

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Well, the Phillies have forced a Game 6.

Pedro vs. Pettitte on Wednesday, unless the Yankees don’t like the idea of pitching Pettitte on short rest.

I’ll have more later, but I’m wiped …


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Thank you, Joe Girardi. You are keeping us in this thing. Gaudin could just as easily have lost that game 8-6 and the Yankees would have a rested AJ Burnett for game 6 in Yankee Stadium, where his splits are decidedly better. Now they are pitching a steroid user on three days rest, who admittedly doesn’t have his best stuff. No needles for you, Pettite!!!
To paraphrase Pedro, ‘the Yankees are a-scared’. And in the immortal words of HK, “Chase Utley, You are the Man!!!'”

Phew! We’re still alive! “Chase Utley, you are the man!” Tied with Mr. October (Reggie Jackson) for HRs in a WS. Not bad company. If we’re lucky maybe he’ll surpass him.

Thanks for the inside scoop. I’d love to have the story with Shane Victorino being replaced by Ben Francisco last night. Larry Andersen made some strong statements on the air about that last night.

$200 million payroll and the Yankees have to pitch another on short rest. I guess a buck doesn’t go as far these days. What are you going to do? By the way, any doubt as to who the MVP is this series regardless of who wins?

Unfortunately, taking our Shane cost us two runs as Fancisco would have easily caught the ball Ibanez misplayed into a double by A-Roid.

Assuming we win game 6 (a big assumption I know) who do we pitch in game 7?
Pedro—no days rest
Lee- Two days rest
Blanton- 3 days rest
Cole-full rest, but left his balls in last year’s post season
Happ-first post season start
Myers-turn it over to teh bull pen, in effect. 2-3 innings from Myers, park, Durbin and Lee before giving the game to madson and Dare I even say it, Lidge.


latetothegame: Charlie pulled Victorino as a precaution since he’s hand/finger was starting to give him problems after being hit by the pitch in the 1st inning.

I think they start Cole for game 7. He should be able to go at least 3 or have him on a pitch count, then bring in Lee/Blanton/Happ before going to the regular bullpen gang. Also hope that the Phils can get an early lead.

Taking Shane out was the smart thing to do. The worst part of that inning was JRoll not being able to convert the first out. They are playing sloppy baseball and the game should never have been that close. Another run was given away by Howard in the fifth inning.
But it’s a win and the pressure is on the team from the Bronx because of Girardi playing scared with his pitching staff.

Phan: I agree that he had to take Shane out, with is hand swollen up and game 6 coming up. It’s just a shame that Ibanez couldn’t make the play. I’m very worried about game 7. We need a starting pitcher who wont whine and buck under the presure

Shane should have been taken out after that inning he got hit in ended. He was a liability waiting to happen. He obviously couldn’t grip the bat well enough to hit and he couldn’t throw the ball eather. Hopefully, the swelling and pain will diminish to the point where he’ll be able to play WS-level baseball. God help us if it doesn’t!

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