Little Red Machine Can't Repeat

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Jimmy Rollins said in Philadelphia last month when the Phillies clinched their third consecutive National League East championship that he wanted to wear Harry Kalas‘ jacket and shoes during another parade down Broad Street. He said in Denver when the Phillies clinched the NL Division Series that he hoped the Phillies could be known as the Little Red Machine, referring to the 1975-76 Cincinnati Reds, the last team to win consecutive World Series.

Neither came true when the Yankees beat the Phillies in Game 6 of the World Series last night, 7-3.

A few things from the clubhouse before the Ny-Quil kicks in and I pass out:

  • Pedro Martinez left the ballpark almost immediately after the game. A few reporters got him before he jumped on an elevator, which would have been fine except an obnoxious and perhaps drunk Yankees fan stood next to him and harrassed him. No security jumped in. Martinez indicated he was sick during his start. He left before he could be asked about his future. Rich Dubee said he thinks Martinez could pitch effectively through an entire season. We’ll see what his future is with the Phillies, but I tend to think another team will offer him more money than the Phillies would be willing to commit.
  • Brett Myers and Scott Eyre both said they would like to be back. Both are free agents. Eyre, who is considering retirement, said he would play only for the Phillies. Myers, who could be a starter or reliever elsewhere, said he likes both roles.
  • Asked how he felt about his performance, Ryan Howard said, “I feel cool. I feel cool. I think the only thing you can do now is go home and relax and come back for Spring Training.”
  • “Are they better than we are? For this series they were,” Charlie Manuel said of the Yankees. “They’ve got the trophy. We don’t. We gave it up, but we’re going to get it back.”
  • Manuel, on if he considered replacing Martinez with J.A. Happ to face Hideki Matsui in the third inning: “Pedro, he knows how to pitch. He’s got experience. I had to let him face that guy. We can go down 4-1 and we can definitely rebound there. But I had to let him – it wasn’t the time for me to take him out.”


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I also downed a bottle of NyQuil last night…been sick with all this travelling back and forth to Philly, sitting in the rain & cold, lack of sleep etc… And this loss does not do much for my dampened spirits. :O(
I thought leaving Pedro in to pitch to Matsui again was a big mistake…nothing can be done about it now though. Well, the good news is, we can all finally get some sleep. I am exhausted.


Well, it was fun while it lasted. Thank-you Phils for a good, if not great season. Thank-you Zo for being our window into the team.
I think I’ll take a mental break from sports for a while. But I’ll be back in Clearwater for Spring Training nect March!

This is such a fun and exciting team. I just know with a bit of tweeking in the off season, we’ll be back here again in 2010.

Thanks Zo for keeping us in the loop and providing such a great place to “chat” with phans of the Fightins.

The Phillies had a great year but were put pitched and out hit by the yankees the past 6 games. Nothing to be ashamed of. We had a great year overcoming injuries which would have caused a lesser team to miss the playoffs entirely. Loosing our #2 starter in May, Not having anyone in our Bull pen who wasn’t on the DL at least once. Loosing Staris and the slump his groin injury caused. Stairs and Dobbs and their injuries in the second half.

It is quite posible that a year from now we’ll meet the Yankees again in a rematch of this years WS. One think for sure, there are many questions to deal with over the off season

Questions which need to be answered:
1) Is Pedro coming back? My take is it depends on money and how much he enjoyed being a Phillie. Our offer won’t be the highest, but will be the best
2) Will Myers be back? While it would benifit both sides, I have a feeling that the Fan’s “hate-hate-less” relationship with Myers, the size of a commitment we’d need to make, and the sheer numbers of arms in the organization cause Brett to seek other pastures.
3) will Moyer retire? Will the Phillies eat his contract if not?
4) Will Lee extend? we all hope so, but we’ll have to wait and see
5) will we offer Blanton Arbitration? I think so, no matter what he gets, he’s worth it.
5) WTF do we do with Werth, Taylor and brown? Only 2 of these guys, at most, can make next year’s team. Don’t be surprosed to see Werth traded mid season for either a top closer or co-ace to Lee, depending on extension talks at that point.
6) Will Eyre return?
7) Can Romero ever be Romero again?
8) Who is Cole hamels? Last year’s version or this year’s version? Never having won 16 games, it’s time to question if he is a new Carlton or a new Christenson.
9) The bench. Excpet for Fransisco, I don’t think anyone is back. Perhaps Dobbs.
10) Resign Park?
11) Lidge, Madson, Durbin and who in the Bull penn??
12) How many rookie pitchers will we carry? Does Drabek make the team? Does kendrik or bastardo? What about Carpenter or other lesser known arms?
13) do you pick up feliz’s option? I think you do. Though Friggens is on the market, at 5.5 million Feliz is a good deal and the savings can be put towards extending Lee.

Okay, start ripping me apart, the off season has begun

This was the first year since 2000 that you can honestly say the best team in the Majors won the world series. Everything is right in baseball again.

Jeter actually said….”The trophy is back where it belongs.” ?! Pullllease!

Jeter’s right. There’s the Yankees, and then there’s the other 29 teams. You all just take turns renting it out b/t our championship streaks. I just love how Rollins still won’t admit the Yankees were the better team in this case.

I believe that this series proves that baseball needs a salary cap. The Yankees are only as strong as they are because of money. I would like to see how well they play if you take away some of poor A-Roid’s millions. The Phillies play with class and have a bond that I’ve never seen a team have. They love their fans and play to please their fans. This is the best Phillies team I’ve ever seen. They had an amazing playoff run. We do not need that trophy to know how unbelievable these guys are. They are all talented and deserve to know it. I look forward to the 2010 season to see if they can get any better than they already are. Thank you Philadelphia Phillies for a memorable season.

1) Say adios to Pedro. He’ll probably get a decent 2 yr contract elsewhere.
2) Also as much of pain in the a** he has been, Myers has shown he’s a team player over his career with the Phils. However, I think he’s also gone
3)Moyer will probably see how he’s doing and will most likely vie for a spot @ spring training
4) They’d be crazy not to sign Lee to a multi year contract.
5) Werth stays
6) Eyre said that he’d stay but it depends on what the Phils offer him. If he doesn’t like the offer he said he’d retire
7) Hopefully Romero can return to form after an odd/off season
8) Hamels rebounds next year
9) The bench should be a fairly easy issue to adddress
10) Definitely should resign Park
11) The pen needs some assistance. Lost in all this was the fact that Condrey wasn’t on the post season roster and was hurt part of the season. Not sure if that would’ve made as big of difference as having a healthy Romero
12) Drabek gets a shot at the #5 spot
13) Feliz’s defense is nothing to sneeze at and I’m sure they’ll debate his offense vs defense

It’ll be fun discussing all the “hot stove” issues in the off season. As Norma said “112 days” till spring training🙂

Honestly, you don’t know what you are talking about. The Phillies organization is the classiest in baseball. Just look at how they handled the death of Harry Kalas.

I don’t understand why the Mets would even be brought into this conversation. Every team has a rival. The Yankees have the Red Sox, that’s just a part of sports.

If you were a classy fan you would say good series to all the Phillies fans. The Yankees played well. I never said they didn’t. They are a very talented team. Congratulations on your victory. I am allowed to think my home team is the best, and go to read my favorite sports blog without having a rude Yankees fan rubbing it in my face that we just lost. How would you have felt if you were in my situation?

ahahahahahahahahahah. Typical cry of EVERY team that gets beat by the Yankees. Where was the salary cap talk the past 9 years? People only talk about it when the Yankees win. Rediculous. Grow your franchise better. Brand your team. There’s no reason all other teams in big cities (especially Philadelphia) can’t enjoy the same excess of funds that the great Yankees do. Just run a better business. Don’t penalize the Yankees for being better. The business side of baseball is just as much a part of the game as what goes on between the lines. It’s all weithin the rules. The Yankees are just better at it than everyone else. Stop crying.

O and class??? Hahahaha
The Phillies are a class-less organization. Gave the great empire no respect coming in, and then even with greatness staring them in the face, have the nerve to say they were the better team. Lol, and how bout their parade last year when all the Phillies could talk about were the Mets? Please. This team is classless, rude, and disrespectful. When’s Lee’s contract up? Having him and Sabathia as a 1-2 punch would not be too shabby

I never said I was a classy fan, but the team I root for is classy. I’m sorry, you seem like a good fan. Not a reasonable one, becuase the Yankees are clearly better than the Phillies. But most of you Philly fans, and the team itself is class less and disrespectful. I’ll congratulate the team on bringing it to six games. Unbelievable. For a team so over matched, it truly was a great feat. But don’t try to take away from the Yankees accomplishments. This is the greatest sports franchise in the history of American sports. Show some respect. kiss the rings baby

tcd133: It’s an interesting sociological phenomena that people like you place a value on other people based on the team they are affiliated with. I’m also amused at fans who use the word “we” when they talk about the team’s accomplishments. You and I didn’t do a damned thing except pay to watch the games.

As far as classless is concerned, what in Hell are you doing on a Phillies blog? Your sole purpose has been to berate us and talk smack. That isn’t classy either, but I’d guess you have no idea what I’m talking about. And, take spelling lessons during the off-season too.

Calling the Phillies’ organization classless is in itself classless. Since you only showed up for the World Series, I suspect that you don’t know anything about the people who run the franchise. They do everything right at CBP. Yankee Stadium is a monument to excess, and not the least bit about baseball. It’s all about money, which kind of fits the Yankees.

The best team won the World Series last year, and if I remember correctly, the Yankees didn’t even make it to the post-season.
Enjoy the championship, but stop talking about things you know nothing about.

phan52: Something has to be done so that the rules are the same in both leagues. This DH thing has been ridiculous since 1977.

All in all, a great season by a flawed team. Baseball is a funny game. The Yankees won the WS while their 161 million dollar pitcher didn’t win a game, their 85 million dollar pitcher melted down in game 5, and their big dollar first baseman went on leave. If Hamels is Hamels 2008 and Lidge is even close to Lidge 2008, we are probably celebrating a historic WS victory, even with the sloppy defense and the lack of timely hitting. 2 consecutive WS appearances is still pretty cool, especially since we already had one championship in our pocket.
And MLB should be embarrassed that a guy who never had a glove on his hand in the postseason was the MVP. The DH is a joke. That’s not baseball.

Your team won the trophy, and I can respect that. I saw how they played and it was impressive. But I don’t like that you go around calling the Phillies organization classless when you have nothing to back it up with. It was a good series to watch and let’s leave it at that with no hard feelings on either side. I know the feeling of having your team win it all and it’s a good one. So I hope you can enjoy that feeling until the World Series next year. Maybe the Yankees can give the Phils another try🙂


You are such a hater. Don’t worry about all our big guns and what they did or didn’t do in the WS. They got us tehre, and we didn’t it looks like we didn’t need them against your second rate team. And as far as backing up them being classless, I did. Rollins afterward saying the Phillies are still a better team. And before hand saying they’d let the series go six games to be nice. And your fans are clearly classless, look at Phan52’s post. No credit given.

One more thing Phan52,
Look at the Philly fan talkin smack to teh world f-ing champs. hahahahaha
World f-ing champs!
World F-ing Champs!
World F-ing champs!

You know Girardi is gonna wear number 28 next year for our upcoming 28th title. You think Charlie Manuel will wear number 3? hahahahahaha Twice. You won twice, and you’ve been around all those years.
World f-ing champs
World f-ing champs

The Phillies will be there again next year. The fact that they made it this year with all the issues they had with their pitching was testament to the overall strength of the franchise. A little tweaking will go a long way. The current foundation of this team already has a ring and they have at least another 2-3 year window.
Frankly, the Yankees will have a harder time getting back there next year than the Phillies. I don’t see the competition in the NL stepping up and over the Phillies. The Yankees will have some issues to address and they are already in a tough division where their primary foe will be stalking them all year. The Red Sox and Angels are a hell of a lot better than the Dodgers and Mets.

tcd133: The Yankees are the World champs. However, you are not. Thanks for being such a “fine” representative of the Yankee fan base. See ya next year.

1) we agree that Pedro and Myers will be gone. I don’t think Moyer makes the 2010 team. Signing Lee long term will be very hard. I hear he wants C typpe numbers. If you are keeping Werth, who do you tade, Brown or taylor and how do you pay for Werth’s Utley like contract (8-12 million a year) I also hope Eyre and Park return as well as Romero. I doubt Romero will ever be the same, though. Hamels will never be the ace we all thought he was. not because he had a bad year, but because he showed his lack of toughness with the, “I can’t wait” comment. He’ll be a 12-16 game winner every year. The bench is not easy. Need 2 infielders, 2 OF and a C and need r/l hitters. At present have 1 RHB in OF and one LHB in inf. Bullpen needs major surgery.
If Drabek gets the $5 starting place, the rotation is: Lee, Hamels, Blanton, Drabek and ?? (we agreed that Myers and Pedro aren’t back. It’s either got to be Moyer (I don’t think so) or kendrick unless we go aftr one in off season. Feliz’s defense is nothing to sneeze at and he’s cheap as well. He’ll be back.


I am admittedly an awful representation of the Yankees fan base, don’t hold it against them. And I really don’t want to upset good Philly fans like yourself. I’m here to rub it in the faces of all the haters that comprise much of your fan base, many of which are not on this blog site, and to those I appologize. But all those who talked all that junk, and still won’t give credit, the Jimmy Rollins’ of the world, can kiss the rings. The Yankees wuill probably sign another big name or two in the offseason and be even better. Cliff Lee made a huge mistake turning down a trade to teh Yanks. He could have had a ring.

FIJ: I think Hamels quote (taken out of context) was a bit of frustration and foot-in-mouth. He’s still a young pticher and maybe needs some PR/interview coaching. He & Lidge both have good mechanics and I’m sure in the off season both will work to improve there locations and maybe for Hamels add another pitch. Maybe Taylor and/Brown could be bench players and possibly defensive replacement for Ibanez late in games. This way they could evaluate their “stuff”…just a thought

f-i-j, Moyer doesn’t have to ‘make’ the team. He has a contract. The only way he doesn’t make the team is if his rehab goes poorly and he decides to hang it up. I doubt he will, with all the money he has coming. Maybe a buyout, but I doubt it.
The bullpen is really not all that bad. They should bring back Eyre after his surgery. That guy is a gamer. They are going keep Condrey and/or Durbin, JC Romero will be back, and they have to decide between Madson and Lidge as the closer. Lidge has proved before that he comes back from poor performances. He’s not Rivera, but when he is on he is as good as anybody. I’m amazed that he has kept his head up through all this, so I trust he isn’t a complete lost cause. He went through the same problems in Houston and came back really big from that. Bastardo might be a nice piece for the ‘pen. They have a lot of options in the bullpen.
The bigger problem is the bench and starting depth. The bench needs a complete overhaul and I don’t have any immediate answers other than the subtracting part of it. Stairs will retire, Bruntlett needs to go, they need a better backup catcher, and I am not sold on Franciso as a fourth outfielder. My choice would be working in Michael Taylor in that role. Dobbs will stay (isn’t he signed anyway?). I’m not giving up on Hamels. He has too much talent. He got off to a poor start, mainly due to immaturity in the way he handled the attention in the offseason. A fresh start in spring training and I think he’ll bounce right back. So the first four are easily Lee, Hamels, Blanton and Happ. Kendrick, Moyer, Carpenter, Bastardo and Drabek are all options for the five spot. I like how Kendrick came back late in the season and worked on a third pitch. Drabek, IMO, needs a little more seasoning. He’s not ready for a full-blown major leagues season and they have to watch his innings.
They’ll be fine. They are by far the best team in the NL.

I forgot about Park for the bullpen. They should absolutely tie him up for a couple of years. Bullpen would be Park, Condrey/Durbin, Eyre, Romero, Madson, Lidge and either Mathieson or Bastardo. I forgot about Mathieson; he may be a real wild card.

phan: I think bastardo is going to be in the Penn next year. I also think we have the core of a good crew there. Lidge is the closer (unles he self implodes again). madson and Romero will try to be the bridge and Eyre and park and Durbin will all have roles. It is the other 1-2 pitchers who will make or break the pen, plus execution of course.
As for Moyer, yes he’s signed. He still has to make the team. The Phillies have shown that they will eat a contract rathr then have a player not up to snuff play. Just as they ate Jenkins and Eaton’s contracts, tehy could eat Moyers’ as well.
The bench does need an overhaul. Fransisco is fine as teh #4 (playing on a regular basis if someone goes down). Taylor or brown could also make the team (se Werth comments). Cairo is a possibility, Dobbs should be back. Look for either a trade or quiet FA signing for the Benck. We are desperate for a back-up C to replace Bako.

muleman: point well taken. thank you for the observation and correction… still learning.

tcd133 may be a hater, but he’s right about one thing: phan52 is the ultimate hater. He wrote the book. I can’t tell you how often he came onto the Dodger blog just to needle and dig and spew his classless, rude crap, especially during the NLCS, all under the guise that it’s “all in fun…can’t you take a joke,” ad nauseum. He even stole our moniker for him–the troll. So phan52, eat your crow, every last vile crumb. Karma sucks, huh?

kahli, you are so full of crap. I tried to engage you people about baseball. Maybe you should read what this moron tcd is writing and compare it to what I said. When did I ever disrespect the Dodgers like that? I don’t care what this clown says on our blog, but I do take exception to your suggestion that I’ve been anything close to that on your blog. Get a grip.

Oh, and BTW, as far as karma is concerned…am I to think that two consecutive pennants and a WS championship is bad karma? I’ll deal with it, thank you.

hey dude, where were you after game 5? Hiding under your bed? LOL, what a loser.

tcd: Congrats. Your favorite team was better than my favorite team in 4 of the last 6 games. Enjoy the World F-ing Championship, your team deserves it.

Phils fans: We need bullpen and bench help in that order. As much as it kills me to watch Feliz & Rollins have terrible AB after terrible AB, offense is not this team’s problem. Sure, another good right-handed bat in the line-up would be nice, but it can’t be a priority. (Not to mention, where would he play? There are no good 3B coming free on the market.) Phils do have a club option on Feliz for $5M, but I imagine they’ll pick it up.

On the other hand, the bullpen needs a serious overhaul at the back end. Unfortunately, with Madson and Lidge under contract for two more seasons, I don’t think it will get one. I hope they re-sign Chan Ho and J.C. is able to come back at full strength. But they still need a legitimate closer to replace Lidge. I really hope Ruben is wise enough to overrule Charlie and go out and get one.


Hhahahahahh How mad are you??? It takes one to know one, and you are the biggest hater I know. How does it feel that you can’t say world f-ing champs anymore??? You won;t give an inch of credit where its due. The fact is, the Yankees laid the smack down and put this team full of haters (except Utley, Howard, and Manuel, all classy guys) back in their place. No one cares or respects the fact that you beat the Devil Rays last year, lol. I hate to tell you but no one was watching except Phillie fans, and the 12 Rays fans. This year however, your team was put on the biggest stage in sports, in baseball’s Cathedral, and got embarassed after you didn’t deliver on all the overconfident predictions; even with Our big investments not coming through in the world series. This time the whole world was watching. And the whole world is laughing. Let me say it again for you
World F-ing Champs

tcd, I don’t know who you are, but I’m sure if the Yanks had played the Dodgers you’d have been just as vile to our blog. Fair enough. But it’s obvious phan doesn’t like being compared to you. My only problem is that phan doesn’t see the connection. You two are clones…but at least you don’t deny the hate. As a Dodger fan, I’ve got bigger phish to phry than phan coming in to our blog like a pompous 10-year-old. Like, for instance, ownership keeping its pants buttoned and zippered. Both the Yankees and Phillies were better than L.A. this season. I hate to see the Dodgers going backward because of the two McCourt buffoons.


I can’t wait for the Phillies to be surprised with the otehr improved teams in their division next year. Each of the other 4 will be much improved from the last, and it’s not such a sure thing that the Phillies will be back. The Mets will make some serious offseason signings, and have all their injured guys back. This guy phan52 will be silenced soon enough as his team falls back into obscurity. The Phillies are not the Yankees, as much as he’d like them to be, and when Lee’s contract is up, they will be very dissappointed to not be able to match the Yankees offer.

zach, there will probably be a market for Figgins and he will be overpaid, mainly because he is so versatile. He’s not just a third baseman. The Phllies have to be judicious with their signing because they already will have as much as 128 million committed to next season when you figure potential arbitration settlements with players like Blanton, Victorino and Ruiz. Feliz is probably their best option under those circumstances.
The Phillies can’t just outspend their mistakes like some teams we know. They have to be smart and they have generally done a pretty good job, considering three straight division titles, two straight pennants, and a World F’ing Championship in the last three years.

Kahli, Can I Call you Kahli?

Very true. I probably would have hated a little bit, but not this much. Number one, geographically, I only know a handful of dodger fans and they aren’t die hards so its tough for me to hate on a fan base I don’t know. Wheres Philly fans are everywhere in the Northeast, and their heads have gotten so huge for beating the DEVIL RAYS, not a championship caliber team, the DEVIL RAYS, that it was time to put them back in their place. And number 2, Phan52 just makes the hating that much sweeter to see all his pompous predictions fall back into his lap, and look stupid. I’m loving every second of today, and i’ll reiterate the words of Phan when I first came on here talkin smack b4 the WS started……

Look at the Philly fan talkin smack to the WORLD F-ING CHAMPS (You know that was his favorite phrase right? Too bad he can’t use it anymore)


oops, I didn’t realize that Figgins would be a FA (sorry f_i_j, didn’t read your whole post). I would actually go after him, depending on the $ involved. HUGE upgrade with the bat over Feliz and would allow us to move JRo down to 7th in the lineup. I know it will never happen, but that’s what SHOULD happen. JRo’s OBP is atrocious, he should never be a leadoff hitter.


If I’m coming on here only to hate on you overrated team, and make fun of you for your overconfidence, and ineptiude as a baseball fan, than why would I come on after a loss? lol. And a loser? No sir, a loser would be the team who lost, that’s yours.

World F-ING Champs
How does it fee you can’t say that anymore?
World F-Ing Champs
World F-Ing champs. hahahahah
go choke on a cheesesteak

I tell you one thing, I bet Cole Hamels is relieved he didn’t hafta go out there on teh big stage for game 7 “I just want it to end” Well COle, you got your wish. What a girl

tcd, we have our very own hated franchise. It’s called the San Francisco Giants. But I gotta tell you, I haven’t seen very many Giant fans come in over the years to spew hatred. Maybe it’s because they’ve been crummy for a while now. But that’s all changing, with Lincecum, et al. Getting to the playoffs is always a crap-shoot, that’s why it hurts when your favorite team gets close and falls. Game 4, when Rollins doubled off of Broxton, was as tough a loss for Dodger fans as I can remember, maybe since Jack Clark. Most of the Dodger bloggers stayed up late consoling one another, myself included. But who do you suppose showed up at that little wake to stick the knife in and twist a bit?


Lemme guess, our favorite troll friend Phan52. Just like I’m doing to him right now. Isn’t it nice how everything comes full circle? But you know what the best part about my team beating his is? This victory lets me twist the knife til next October if I’d like to.

too bad there’s no ignore option on this. TCD is a prime candidate for its use


I’m sorry you have to experience this. Good fans like yourself don’t deserve it. This is just Karma coming back to smack one of your loud-mouthed step sisters in the mouth, Phan52. He shouldn’t have been talkin smack. That simple. And since he did, he gets ragged on for it, just like Rollins will forever be ragged on for his wonderful phillies in 5 prediction. Again, I’m sorry guy. This isn’t meant for you.

tcd: the yankees won. You being here and talking trash won’t change that. it won’t make the Phillie’s defeat easier or harder to swallow. It won’t make anyone mad or upset, it will just force us to stop bloggin here and go elsewhere to exchange our views. If you want to be useful you will either A) go party with the rest of teh yankee faithful, B) go grab a place to watch teh parade from or C) explain to us how the yankees are going to fill up their brand new batting cage, er I mean ball park, in this ecconomy so they can continue to spend a quarter a billion dolars a year to defeat teams like Toronto for the AL East

I am a yankees fan who lived in philadelphia for five years.
Obviously i’m psyched about the yankes win. and being from philly, i have always respected the phillies. They’re my fav NL team and i visit the site from time to time.
I usually don’t post, but i’m a bit ********** at tcd. The yanks just won. why rub it in? Don’t be a a**hole. Trust me, he is not the majority of yankees fans.
The philies are a classy team, as are the yankees. I’ve met Utley and Howard personally and they are great guys. I like they’re entire team, they carry themselves the right way.
With the exception of Rollins. He has lost my respect long ago with all of his trash talking, including before this series.
But other than him phillies are a great organization and a tough team. I’m glad the yanks beat them because it proves the yanks are legit and they beat the best.
Good luck next year!! its going to be another great season of baseball.

Hey tcd,

Nice life! How many times have you hit refresh on this blog post? What a f**king tool. Why don’t you go back to your normal life, which most likely consists of masturbating several times a day, playing online video games and eating hot pockets. Before you type it, here is what your comeback will be: “oh yeah, well the Phillies have plenty of time to masturbate now that the Yanks are world f-ing champs! Yeah!” See, wasn’t that clever?

You are the definition of *********.

Sorry that last word got cut out. It was d**chebag. Even your own fellow fans think you’re an a**hole! Nice work. Also, learn grammar and learn how to spell.

Jimmy Rollins says that the Phillies are still the better team? I’m a Phillies fan but this is a ridiculous statement to make:

Dump the bench and they may want to trade Francisco since there are plenty of young outfielders on the farm. Look for some veterans for the bench and big hole at backup catcher. I think Feliz is brought back for one more year – he’s relatively cheap and money is needed to try and retain Lee. Unlike the Yanks, the Phils can’t pay their 3rd baseman a quarter billion dollars and pay their first basement slightly less. It’ll be interesting what happens in the outfield with the young’ns supposedly on the cusp – is Werth or Victorino traded??

The bullpen is in need of major work. I think Romero is gone, pull Bastardo into that roll. We pray Lidge can return to form. Park needs to be resigned unless he still thinks he can start and Madson seems fine (does he someday become the closer?). Maybe Moyer can do a year in the pen – middle relief, but his days may finally be coming to an end. I like Myers, but he’s too much of a flake, kiss him goodbye.

It was a sad end to a definietly overachieving year considering all of the poor play and glaring holes in the team. This should be an interesting offseason.

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