Lidge, Ibanez, Eyre to Have Surgery Next Week

lidge 02.jpgIt turns out Phillies closer Brad Lidge was more injured in 2009 than he let on.

He will have surgery Wednesday to remove a loose body from his right elbow. He also will have his right flexor/pronator tendon evaluated. If the tendon needs to be repaired, Lidge is unlikely to be ready to pitch by the beginning of Spring Training – although he should be ready a short time after. If the tendon is fine, he should be ready to pitch when camp opens in February in Clearwater, Fla.

Lidge, who went 0-8 with a 7.21 ERA and 31 saves in 42 opportunities, also spent time on the disabled list this season with inflammation in his right knee. Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Lidge’s knee is fine.

Leftfielder Raul Ibanez will have a sports hernia surgically repaired, and left-hander Scott Eyre will have loose bodies removed from his left elbow. Both surgeries will be Monday.

Ibanez went on the disabled list June 18 with a strained left groin. It was later revealed in a Sports Illustrated story that he had a small, but significant muscle tear in his abdomen. It could have affected Ibanez’s play the final months of the season. He hit .312 with 22 home runs, 59 RBIs and a .656 slugging percentage in 62 games through June 17. He hit .232 with 12 homers, 34 RBIs and a .448 slugging percentage in 72 games the rest of the regular season.

Eyre is a potential free agent. Amaro said they will decide whether or not they are interested in re-signing Eyre based on the results from his surgery.

Both Ibanez and Eyre are expected to be ready to play by Spring Training.


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I really hope Charlie knew about Lidge’s elbow. It’s one thing to keep an injury from the media and the fans, it’s another to keep to from the manager. Anyway, I guess it’s good news overall, since the Phils are paying him big money the next two years. Hopefully the surgery, some rest and rehab will get his fastball back where it was in ’08. Get well soon guys!

What is emerging from the post season, so far in its infancy, is that Rube is not going to make quick decisions on things, and will wait to see how healthy people are. There are very few moves that NEED to be made. The two huge issues on which need to be addressed are: Werth and Rollins. Both of whom are FA after the 2010 season. I assume ROllins will be signed as the SS of the future is still in A ball. Werth, is another matter. Given that we have two studs in AA or AAA ball ready to fill the void, and Mayberry willing to sit on the bench as 5th OF (Fancisco is the 4th) we should serriously think of trading Werth now, when his value is at the highest. I would envision a trade to Texas for Young (3B) and Saltalamacchia (C). This solves the Feliz issue and the back up catcher role as well.
The rotation is shaping up as Lee, Hamels, Blanton, Happ and Drabek. Moyer will either be retired or the long releiver spot starter. Kendrick could be moved for a back up infielder.
I hope that Lidge and Eyre are both back next year healthy and at their best. If Eyre isn’t back, Bastardo takes his place. If Lidge isn’t at his best, we don’t have a replacement and very few teams have two top closers on the roster. We need a back up solution to this, and Madson isn’t it.

f.i.j.: You’re putting a lot of faith in those “studs” in the minor leagues. They are hardly ready to fill any voids right now. If you trade Werth, you leave yourself with a huge hole in your outfield. Remember, you’re talking about the defending NL champions, not the Baltimore Orioles. Yet another of your crazy schemes.
I wouldn’t count on Drabek automatically being your 5th starter either. He’ll likely need more time in the minors.
You really need to see more minor league baseball. All those kids look like world beaters down there. It isn’t that cut and dried.

Mule: I love Werth and would be thrilled if he finished his career with Phila. However, if those two “studs can’t help us this year, then why didn’t we trade one of them for Haliday? Same thing for Drabek. Holding onto prospects who can help you the next year is one thing, hanging on to prospects who may, one day, perhaps, be a small help (Mayberry) is another. Werth will get a HUGE contract after this year. We’re talking manny type numbers, Howard type numbers. Assuming he has another year like last, you’re talking a 40+, 100 +, 280 with 20 steals and a great arm. A 5 tool player…. He easily gets 15 million a year. can we afford that? Can we afford thatand make a legit offer to CLiff Lee, to Victorino and Blanton? To Ruiz? We can, however, trade him now for a 3B or a starter or a closer, or whatever we want…Everyone says Brown and Taylor are the real thing, let’s find out. Same for Drabek–time to show us what you can really do. Are these real prospects of more Donalds, Marsons and Carlos’ who, in the end, aren’t more then B level players

Werth is not even a .270 hitter. Sure, he hits home runs, but this team needs a consistent .300 hitter who doesn’t strike out a lot. Maybe Ibanez will be such a player after his surgery, but I’m not counting on it. I wouldn’t have any great objection to trading Werth now, while the Phillies can get something for him.

f-in-j Maybe those two “studs” were not traded because Happ would have had to be included along with them. Maybe the Phillies were looking 2years down the road when Ibanez’s contract expires and they know they will have a position to fill. Although I do not disagree with you on a decision about Werth, I believe at present value $15 million for Werth is a lot of money which far viewer teams than you realize would be able to pay. Lastly, the next big decision the Phillies will have to make is whether or not to exercise the option on Feliz which as I understand has to be done by tomorrow. Personally, I do not believe they will exercise it. It appears to me that Amaro plays chess and anticipates moves down the road rather than checkers in reaction to the opponents last move. Lastly, I am not sure how much influence Gillick still exerts on ownership but it appears to me that Amaro’s philosophy is far different from his.

f.i.j.: Let’s not confuse Jayson Werth with Manny. Yes, he’ll get a nice deal, but he ain’t no Manny. C’mon – Ramirez is the best RH hitter in the league.
And yes, there are more Donald’s and Marson’s in the minors than Major League caliber players. Each organization produces a few, but there are far more mediocre players than not. They may not be able to help this year – or next – or ever. Tons of “can’t miss” prospects come and (mostly) go.
You’re running it like they finished third and would like to take a shot at winning. They’ve won and will keep winning. You can’t “Take a shot” at guys who stand a bigger chance of being a hole in your lineup than a run producer.

Besides, I think there’s a better chance of trading Victorino than Werth right now.

First of all, Werth had a better year, and better post season then Manny. He also has better numbers over the last two years, and remember he bats behind Howard–think how many runners aren’t in scorikng posisiton any more because Howard knocked them in already. Again, I have no porblems with keeping Werth, but in that case then trade one or both of the studs (or one stud and Mayberry) for a piece that’s missing.
I agree that 3B is the most pressing issue. If, however, you know you are willing to trade Werth, you can anticipate making a deal for a 3B and pitcher.bench player. It’s all about planning in advance. I agree that Rube seems to do this very well. We’ll have to wait and see.
As for trading Victorino, we’d need a CF> Werth is not a canidate to be a day to day CF. Besides, Victorino is only Arbi elegible while Werth is gone in any case after next year unless we break the bank. What do you figure a guy who hits 40 HR, 100 RBI steals 20 bases, is a above average fielder, and can hit .280 will get paid?

Just thought I’d note that the Mutts didn’t resign JJ Putz. He’s now on the FA market. Wasn’t he supposed to be one of their saviors?? Also Beltran is out there.

Hope Lidge, Eyre & RAUUUL all smooth recovery and come back stronger than ever.

f.i.j.: I thought one of your “studs” could play CF?
And I have to admit, you’re relentless. Once you get on a dopey concept, you stick to your guns. There’s something to admire about that, even if you’re misguided.
I don’t see them making any major deals this off-season. They need bench help and some bullpen. Those aren’t major signings. There are enough FA third basemen that you don’t have to trade anybody to get one.
I don’t think Mayberry has any value in a trade. He’s a project, and hasn’t shown he can hit big league pitching.

By the way, Werth hit .268 this year with 36 HRs and 99 RBI. Or do the numbers translate differenly in Hebrew? That was a career year (run-production wise) We’ll see what 2010 holds for him. He’d have to keep up a pretty torrid pace to equal 2009. Remember, last year was his first as a starter. Don’t get carried away – although you seem to enjoy doing that.

karen: Putz was on the DL more than the active roster. We don’t need another one of those guys. I liked him last year, but he’s going to be 33 and his best years were ’06 and ’07.

Did somebody here try to compare Werth to Manny? Manny is going to the HOF and is a lifetime .300 hitter against both righties and lefties. Werth is a career .250 hitter against righties, so let’s not get carried away just yet. He has a long way to go to be able to hit like Manny Ramirez, and he certainly won’t get paid like him.
And muleman, Manny is not the best RH hitter in the NL. That would be Albert Pujols, who is the best RH hitter on the planet.

phan52: Why do you call me out but not that nitwit from the Mideast?
OK, so Pujols is a lifetime .334 hitter with a .427 OBP and Ramirez is a lifetime .313 with a .411 OBP, so I think you’re splitting hairs. Let’s see what Pujols does over the next 5 years, since he’s younger. Anyway, you can’t compare either of them to Werth, which is what our friend in Jerusalem was doing.

Going back to the original point, dismissing Werth because he “isn’t even a .270 hitter” is ridiculous. I’ll take a .250 hitter with Werth’s OBP over a .300 hitter with a .340 OBP every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

muleman, my post was in response to f-i-j’s ridiculous comparison. But in five years, Pujols will probably have five more MVP awards to add to his two (and we all know he should have three). Manny doesn’t have any.

OK, so why do you name me and not him in your response?

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