Phillies Declind Feliz's 2010 Option

The Phillies are going to explore other options at third base.

They announced tonight they have declined Pedro Feliz‘s $5.5 million club option for 2010. They will pay his $500,000 buyout instead.

“This doesn’t preclude us from bringing Pedro back next season,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement. “While this allows us to explore other opportunities, we will continue to keep the lines of communication open with Pedro and his representative.”

There are some intriguing names available at third base. Chone Figgins would be the best third baseman available on the free-agent market. Adrian Beltre and Mark DeRosa are interesting names. Former Phillies infielder Placido Polanco is expected to become a free agent. He has played second base since he joined the Detroit Tigers in 2005, but has played third in the past.

The Phillies are expected to bring back their remaining seven everyday players – catcher Carlos Ruiz, first baseman Ryan Howard, second baseman Chase Utley, shortstop Jimmy Rollins, leftfielder Raul Ibanez, centerfielder Shane Victorino and rightfielder Jayson Werth – which means this could be the Phillies’ only opportunity to upgrade their lineup. They have plenty of power, so maybe they look toward finding a quality top-of-the-order hitter. Figgins or Polanco would fit that bill. Figgins hit .298 with 114 runs scored, a .395 on-base percentage and 42 stolen bases this season for the Los Angeles Angels. Polanco hit .285 with a .331 on-base percentage and 82 runs scored.

Like Amaro said, the Phillies still could re-sign Feliz if they don’t find a suitable alternative. But there is some risk. Feliz could ask for more than the $5.5 million he would have received had the Phillies simply picked up the option. Or he could sign elsewhere. The Phillies are willing to take that risk.


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Going after Figgins would make a huge statement, but I have no idea what he will get on the open market.
It would also mean that they have had enough of JRoll’s poor OBP for a leadoff hitter.

“Pete Happy”, I wish you the best! We’ll sure miss your defense!
I wonder how Polanco would feel, playing across the infield from the guy who took his job?

I understand that Chone Figgins is the one most fans want to sign. He’s the big name right now, and Placido Polonco is old. But let’s consider the playoff performance of each player.

In 122 postseason at-bats, Figgins hit .172. He was .086 in 9 games this October.

In 81 postseason at-bats, Polanco hit .296. In 2006, he hit .314 in 13 postseason games and has never hit lower than .267 in the playoffs.

Figgins is 31. Polonco is 34. Despite the age difference, I hope the Phillies sign Polonco. With their streaky hitting, this team needs as many clutch hitters as it can get.

Hopefully we can sign DeRosa for the bench, too.

I am not comparing Manny’s Career to Werth’s. I’m comparing Werth in 2009-2012 to Manny in these years, and yes, I think they are comaperitable. Ask me I’d rather have Manny or Werth in my line up today and I’ choose Werth. That said, the two studs are corner OFers and not able to play CF., THe CF of the future is still in A ball or perhaps AA ball this year.

As for my 40+ .280, I think that if Werth was the “Power” Hitter for a team, and not the guy hitting behind the power he’d have more HR and more RBI. In any case, he will be one of the top FA after this year, and I’m not sure the Phillies will be able to resign him and stay within their budget. Kind of like Halladay and the Jays, This means logially, we should do what everyone thought the Jays would do, and trade him while we can get maximum value for him. We obviously need a 3B, since they dind’t pick up Pete’s option. WHo’s available via trade? Want to go after Friggens? Take Werth’s salary, add to that Feliz’s and deduct the MLB minimum you pay the Stud in RF and you can offer about $8 a year to Friggens without adding to your budget. Now does it make sense Phan an Mule? THe name of the game is maximum return for minimum investent

Norma, any player right now would feel great playing in Phil knowing he has a amazing chance to be playing ball next Nov in the WS. Besides, how can Polanco argue about loosing his job to CHase?? Kind of like Dick Money complaining he lost his job to Schmidt

I wouldn’t be that upset if the Phils for whatever reason end up resigning Feliz. His defense is amazing and not something that should be taken for granted.

That being said, Polanco might be “cheaper” way to go than Figgins. But still achieve your objective in an upgrade offensively. Also Beltre has that Mariners connection (Gillick pulling the strings?!?)

If Feliz ends up being the best we can get for the money then he’l be back. This move, as I think about it, makes sense. Rube hinted at a trate when he said that he’d been aproached by a few teams already regarding 3rd basemen. Getting a 3B signed through 2013 would be a huge step towards keeping this roll going. At the end of this year, Werth, lee, Rollins, Blanton, Romero, and Durbin are all Free agents. For those of you laughing about me talking about trading Werth, he’s making 7.5 million this year. Add the 5 million not being paid to Pedro and you have 13.5 million, (minus the MLB minimum) to pay Friggens or whomever to play 3B while Brown or Taylor shag balls in RF

It makes no sense to trade Werth. We’ve been through this before; Taylor and Brown are prospects, not givens. Brown is probably the guy with the most upside and he is not close to ready to play in the Show yet. Taylor can join the team as the fourth OFer, get acclimated to the major leagues and the pitching, and hopefully he or Brown would be ready in 2011. Werth is the best bargain around for 2010 and hopefully he will start to hit righties better. If he can become an all-around hitter, the thing to do would be to re-sign him and trade the prospects for other help. But please f-i-j, don’t compare his current .250 average against righties to a HOF hitter who has always hit righthanders at a .300 clip and has a lifetime OPS over 1.000. Werth had never even had an OPS over .900. The hope is that he steps up to another level next season, and I don’t want to see him do it for another team.

Phan, I don’t want to see that happen either, but let’s get back to reality. Do you think that we’ll be able to sign him after this year, given that after this year Werth, lee, Rollins (option), Blanton, Romero, and Durbin are all FA? obviously we want to lock in Lee for a few years and probably Rollins as well as A) he’s a damn good player and B) we have no one up and coming to replace him. This isn’t about what you want, but what you can, given finite resources, do, Idealy we bring in Friggins, Resign Lee and Rollins, Sign Werth and have both Taylor and Brown on the roster as back-ups. In reality, however, we have to choose where to spend and I pick Lee, Blanton, and Rollins over Werth. From what I saw of the studs last year they are ready to make the move. You remind me of those who yelled when we dnd’t sign Rowland saying that Victorino wasn’t ready.

For your stats oriented mind:
Werth (2008-9: 171 R, 267 h, 497 tb, 60HR, 166 rbi, 40SB
Manny 208-9: 164 r, 285 h, 519 tb, 56 hr, 184 rbi, 3 Sb

As you can see, Werth has close to the numbers manny is putting up, and he bats behind Howard and not cleanup like manny

I read somewhere, that Ruben is standing pat for the rest of his starters. Looks like Werth is going nowhere. Thank God!

Norma, The other 7 starters are are locked into contracts or under our exclusive control. Therefore Rube doens’t have to make any decisions if he doesn’t want to. That said, a smart GM necer sits still

Everytime I see Polanco I think of how that was one of the worst trades in Phillies history. Anyway, there was lots of talk of him not having the arm strength to play third when he was here, so he doesn’t seem like a viable option at that spot. I think Feliz will be back.

thumpbump A lot of talk about Polanco not having the arm strength to play third? Where was this coming from? Probably from the Phillies in an attempt to justify what to anyone else was a wrong headed decision. In other words the Phillies were CYAing it. The buzz back in the early ’80’s was that Julio Franco was the second coming. That is until the Phillies traded him for the useless Von Hayes. The party line then became all about Franco’s short coming. Politics is not limited to Washington.

Not renewing Feliz was the smart way to go.
The Phillies have plenty of options now at 3B. I trust Amaro will end up with one of the players under discussion, including Feliz.

here is a really good breakdown of 8 available options including the contracts the would likely demand…

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Trading Werth after he just had his most productive season for a mere $2 million and is making only $7 million next year would be ridiculous. Brown is not going to be ready until around 2012. Taylor is very polished and may be ready to start at the ML level but he could definitely benefit from another season of development in Lehigh, and in any case there is no way he manages to match or even approach Werth’s output.
There’s just nothing to be gained by trading him now. It’s not like the Phillies need to scrounge up money to pay Figgins or anyone else. They have plenty of money even with the arbitration raises and scheduled raises they’ll be paying out this year. CBP has been a money factory for the last two years.

pherrisphain –

Werth made $2 million last year. $7 million in 2010

phylan Where did you get this idea that Werth made only $ 2 million this past year? From what I can determine he made over $6 million. I assume you made a slip on the keyboard. But I concur that there is no financial reason why the Phillies would trade him. Therefore, that leaves only a purely baseball reason to do so. And, it would take one heck of a deal such as for Tommy Hanson of the Braves.

Per attached link, Werth made 2.5 this year and will make 7.5 in 2010. But I agree with pherris that there are no financial reasons to trade Werth, and there better be a good deal on the table from a baseball perspective to trade him. I expect a very productive season from him.

Yeah my bad, $2 MM base plus half of his $1 MM signing bonus.

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