Debbie Downer Says Halladay Unlikely

Thumbnail image for halladay 02.jpgWould the Phillies like Roy Halladay in their rotation in 2010?

Absolutely. But sources said today the chances of the Phillies trading for Halladay this off-season are unlikely. Ruben Amaro Jr. would not address those rumors, but asked about the possibility of trading Cole Hamels, Amaro chuckled.

“Hamels is one of our starters next year,” he said. “And we view the combination of Hamels and (Cliff) Lee as strong a top of the rotation as anybody’s in the league.”

The Phillies believe Hamels will rebound in 2010, and if he does rebound they believe they will have one of the best 1-2 punches in the National League. And because the Phillies believe that, Amaro reiterated that his priorities this off-season are finding a third baseman — Adrian Beltre, Miguel Tejada, Placido Polanco and Mark DeRosa are possibilities — and upgrading the bullpen.

There are reasons why a Halladay trade would be difficult. The Blue Jays wanted right-hander Kyle Drabek, left-hander J.A. Happ and outfielders Domonic Brown and Anthony Gose for Halladay before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. The Phillies balked, kept their top prospects and sent four other prospects to the Cleveland Indians for Lee and outfielder Ben Francisco. The Phillies were unwilling to part with their top talent for two potential postseasons with Halladay. They would be less likely to trade top talent for one potential postseason with him.

Putting together an attractive package for Halladay likely would mean gutting the farm system, when the four prospects sent to Cleveland are considered. There are a lot of pieces that need to fit to make a trade like this. Now, if the Blue Jays come to the Phillies with a reduced asking price then maybe things change, but until then it remains unlikely.


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Thanks Todd, you’re absolutely right. Ridiculous rumor.

way to be a buzz-kill.

Hamels will bounce back. I don’t see why he can’t. Look at Verlander, he had a terrible 08 and in 09 he was a cy candidate for most of the season. Hamels just needs to rest and strengthen up his shoulder. Ridiculous rumor. Hamels has to much upside to trade him away just because of one bad year.

Just in case some of you think I don’t like or apreciate Cole Hamels, let me assure you that I do. I expect him to be a part of this team for a while. However, if offered Halladay, including a 2 year extension, straight up for Hamels, I make the deal. Bowjambi says he’ll bounce back..I have to ask to what will he bounce back? TO winning 15 games and having an era of 3.02? Those are numbers that make you a #2 or 3 starter on a good team. I don’t care if the Nats have an ace who wins 4 games a year. We are the Phillies!!

ANyone notice that when mentioneing possible 3B Friggens is no longer on Todd’s list?

The Bench was, basically the same bench as in 2008. Dobbs, Stairs, Coste, Brunlett. However, in 2008 Dobbs was a semi regular starter at 3B due to injury, Stairs played regularly the first half with Toronto, Brunlett played regularly the first part of the year when ROllins was hurt and Coste was actually catching on a regular basis. In 2009 none of this happened except for Coste catching Myers until he got hurt. In order to play well, even off the bench, you need to play regularly. Charlie needs to start Fransisco once a week at least, he needs to start the Utility inf once a week, or at least put him in for late innings and get him an at bat bedies as a PH. Not only will this help the bench, it will help the regulars who won’t be as tired come Oct and Nov.

f.i.j.: For God’s Sake, it’s FIGGINS. Chone Figgins. Can it be that difficult for you?

And now, all of a sudden the Halladay rumors are rubbish. After some Internet “sportswriters” floated it out there to make a name for themselves (John Finger) and other people ran an actual newspaper story (Inquirer). What a load of cr@p.

muleman: You know rumors at this time of year (and at the trade deadline) are going to be running their course. I’ll take the “heat” for informing folks here at the Zone about the Hamels for Halladay rumor. Like I said yesterday, its can fun to gossip about this stuff and also to start conversations about our Fightins.

It would be great if we could get Figgins. He would be a great leadoff hitter and an equal defensive replacement for Feliz. As to the Halladay issue, I heard Todd on WIP this a.m. and he said that $$$s would be the stumbling block for the Phils since Halladay probably wants $15mil and that might be too expensive.

Mule: believe it or not I know its figgens. But Friggens is much better, as in he better friggen be signed by us…

The rumors about hamels aren’t rubbish. I’m sure that Rube and Toronto had at least one conversation about this, if for no other reason then for Rube to cross it off his list of possible moves. When he heard what they wanted he crossed it off the list. I’m also sure he’s asked about every quality player around just to ensure there are no great steals to be had (like the Blanton, or Lee deals)

So, who plays third base?

Halladay doesn’t ‘want’ 15 million. That is what he has due him in 2010. And an extension would cost far more than 15 million per. With the understanding that a trade wouldn’t include anybody making a lot of money from our end (like Hamels), the 15 million woud be difficult to absorb into the 2010 payroll. I think the Phillies could handle it easy, but they have a max number in mind and it doesn’t include 15 million for Roy Halladay.

Bottom line here is this: The Phils got to back to back World Series’ based on a core of players from the Farm system. So going forward, WHY would you go away from a successful formula like that to trade and overpay ( with ML readyFarm System players) for a ONE year pitcher who will not be around after 2010? Makes no sense. And IF they wind up trading Drabek and/or Taylor, that will be a large mistake. They will LIKELY be WELL above average players, if not Stars.

f_i_j, discarding wins, 3.02 ERA would be Ace caliber, #1 starter on any team unless you’re the Braves of the 90s. Your whole “Cole Hamels was never that good guys!” premise is idiotic.

The Phillies don’t make it to back-to-back WS without Ibanez (he kept them afloat early, when they could have fallen too far back) and Lee (he stabilized the rotation). In the last couple of years they added Lidge, Blanton, Park, Moyer and others through free agency and trades. Werth and Victorino were grabbed off the scrap heap.
The Phillies have a great core of home-grown players, but it took more than that to get over the hump the last couple of years. I trust the Amaro is going to continue to look at ways to keep the Phillies in the ‘elite’ mix, and I am sure it will sometimes include trading a blue chip. You have to give to get. I am sure that Houston and Oakland are pretty happy with what they got in the Lidge and Blanton deals. In the end, I think that Cleveland will be happy with the Lee deal, especially with Knapp.

Actually the Phillies got to back to back Ws by having a few home grown players and being very good at picking up other’s throw aways. If you look at the major players you see that Howard, utley, Rollins, Ruiz, Cole, Myers were drafted or aquired by Phillies early in their pro careers. Victorino, Werth, were picked up as rule 5 or as minor league FA’s. Feliz and Ibanez as FA’s. The rest via waivers, throw ins to trades (brunlett, Mayberry, francisco) etc.

What we have seen, and I expect to continue to see is a great job by our scouts in finding and identifying players who would help us and a great job by the front office in getting them for reasonable prices.

Does Utley get his or not? Will ROllins? Victorino? Feliz? Someone else…?

Anyone have any idea what time Gold Gloves will be announced, today?

Not sure when they’re officially announced but this guy:

Says he has the results and they are:

P – Adam Wainwright
C – Yadier Molina
1B – Adrian Gonzalez
2B – Orlando Hudson
3B – Ryan Zimmerman
SS – Jimmy Rollins
OF – Shane Victorino
OF – Matt Kemp
OF – Michael Bourn

Utley robbed again. SS probably should’ve been Hardy. Glad Zimmerman got recognized though.

not a bad list-right or wrong. Not sure if kemp deserves it over some others, but all in all not a bad group.

Wake up people…. Halladay….smalalady. The Guy isn’t all that! He is not worth trading the farm for at all. He is hot & cold not to mention when all the summer hub bub happened….. He blew in the All Star Games! Especially up against an amazing pitcher like Lincecum. He would be the equal to Hamels & Blanton now. Which is good sometimes not so great other times (ie the post season). We need a stellar pitcher. We need another person like Lee.

I don’t care about his stats, record etc…. He is a bloated & a heartless pitcher. I’ve seen good pitchers… we all have & they have heart. You either have it or you don’t. He definitely DOES NOT HAVE IT! He is NOT the right fit for our Phillies.

Hamels & Blanton need to take a hold of this moment in their lives & get it straight. Hamels hasn’t been present( mentally) in the last series. Blanton would be better if he would man up & stop relying on just getting by & become really good. Sometimes he is a big baby.

If you wanna get your panties in a bunch about my opinion fine but I think Lincecum would be a better fit. Wish the stars would align & we could snatch him up. I’d trade the farm for him!!! Can you imagine a team with Lee & Lincecum pitching?!?! There would’ve been Yankee tears for sure. Never fear the Phillies will find another amazing pitcher other than Halladay.

So please leave your thoughts & prayers for Halladay right where he sat during the past two World Series….. back at home picking his nose on his couch.

Gold Gloves announcments at 3:00. I read, in several places, that Chase has strong chance. I really wish him luck. He’s worked so hard on his fielding, since he came up. I’d love to see him win one.

Damn!!! At least Chase came in 2nd. And Keith Law, of, thought he should have won it!

Congrats to J.Roll & Shane!

Phylan found himself a good source. All the picks were correct. Good going Shane and Rollins. Utley was robbed.

Saw reports that the Phillies are looking at Rodney as a RP and may be interested in Lowell for 3B. The first I understand, the secong I don’t. Feliz is a better option in my opinion the Lowell who is old and injured too often for my tastes

Where did you see Lowell rumors? That would be pretty dumb. Very dumb in fact. Rodney is “eh,” he walks a lot of people and our bullpen already does too much of that. rumors. I don’t usually trust them, but I was looking while waiting for the gold gloves to be announced

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