Happ Finishes Second for NL Rookie of the Year

Thumbnail image for happ 0805.jpgPhillies left-hander J.A. Happ placed second in the Baseball Writers’ Association of America’s National League Rookie of the Year voting.

Florida’s Chris Coghlan won with 104 points.

Happ had 94 points.

Coghlan got 17 first-place votes, but was missing completely on seven of 32 ballots. Happ was the only pitcher to get a vote on every ballot. Coghlan placed second on six ballots and third on two. Happ got 11 second-place votes and 11 third-place votes. 

Coghlan led NL rookies in average (.321), runs (84), hits (162), doubles (31), total bases (232), multi-hit games (51) and on-base percentage (.390). Happ was 12-4 with a 2.93 ERA and topped NL rookie pitchers in innings (166), strikeouts (119), complete games (three) and shutouts (two).

Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson received two first-place votes and finished third with 37 points. Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen finished fourth with 25 points. The other first-place vote went to Brewers infielder Casey McGehee.


The Phillies removed Eric Bruntlett, Tyler Walker, Paul Hoover, Andy Tracy and John Ennis from the 40-man roster. They are now free agents. Bruntlett and Walker will not be back next season, but Hoover, Tracy and Ennis might.


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Happ was robbed. Chris Coghlan is a very good player, but happ carried the Phillies between Myer’s injury and the Lee trade. Without him we probably don’t win the division, and don’t get Lee. His great pitching is what allowed us to trade two pitching prospects (Carlos and Knapp) to Cleveland without worrying about next year’s staff.

Oh well he has a pennant (two actually as he was on the 2008 team as well) while Coghlan will finish his tenure with the fish without ever playing a post season game

Also its seems kinda dumb to compare pitchers with position players for who’s best.

Don’t forget also Happ has a WS ring too🙂

agree Karen, but in normal years tehre aren’t enough quality rookies to warrent seperate awards to pitchers and posistion players unless they combined the two leagues and gave a mlb posistion ROY and MLB pitcher ROY award (not the worst idea ever). In the meantime, Happ will just have to be content that he gets to go to the post season every year while Coghlan gets to watch the playoffs from teh commfort of his living room while staring at his ROY award

This just in (thanks to The Inky) Brunlett was taken off the 40 man roster and is now a free agent and won’t be back next year. this means we may actually have a reserve inf who can hit as well as field. As I posted before, I wouldn’t be surprized if the phillies get a 3b who can also play 2b and 1b. This will allow them to play Dobbs at 3b every now and then (getting him much needed abs, while resting Utley and Howard. It also means that their reserve inf would be a strong SS first and only a 2b afterwards. Unlike in 2008, we don’t need a guy who can play all 8 posistions as we have Fransisco as a legit 4th OF.

The last thing we need are more individual awards. The older I get (every day) the more I sour on individual awards in team sports. Who cares who’s the ROY or MVP?

In 1989, I stood in line to have Jerome Walton and Gregg Olson autograph a baseball. Both had won ROY honors and I thought I had a nice little collectible – until both of their careers disappeared like thieves in the night. The list of ROY winners is littered with guys like that. It’s probably disappointing to Happ, but otherwise … eh.
As for Bruntlett, don’t let the door hit ya! The Phils definitely need somebody to fill-in at 1B once in a while, but those guys are usually limited to playing 1B, and in the NL, it could be a wasted roster spot. They probably need to get Dobbs some time over there so he could fill-in as a corner IF and pick-up ****/2B.

Wow – I was censored. I abbreviated SS/2B but the “a” preceeding it thought I said something else. Weird.

I posted an aswer that is not here (cyber space I guess). my suggestion is not to add more awards, but instead of awarding an nl and an al roy to award one roy to a pitcher and one to a position player. All rookies in the majors, regardless of league would be elegible for the award fitting where they play.

Also, the need to rest Howard, Utley etc is why I am in favor of a trade for Cantu. he can play 3b, 2b, 1b and can hit. his defense isn’t anywhere near what Pedro’s is, but then again, neither is DeRosa’s

muleman Here is a work around on this site for you: censorship here s-u-c-k-s and it also sucks.

Can’t believe, both made it through.

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