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We know the Phillies are looking for a new third baseman, but I’ve gotten a couple questions recently about a couple potential replacements for Pedro Feliz. Namely, how is Mark DeRosa recovering from Oct. 26 wrist surgery? And would the Phillies forfeit their 2010 first-round draft pick to sign Placido Polanco, who is a Type A free agent?

DeRosa’s representatives said today that DeRosa’s wrist is fine. 

“Mark underwent successful surgery on his left wrist,” Dr. Gary Lourie said in a statement released late last month. “The procedure was completed with no complications, and I expect Mark to resume full baseball activities well before baseball season begins.”

The Phillies certainly would prefer not to give up a first-round pick for Polanco. It remains to be seen if the Tigers will offer Polanco salary arbitration, although I would think it is more likely they would. Obviously, if the Tigers don’t offer Polanco arbitration he becomes much more attractive because nobody would have to forfeit a top draft pick to sign him.

Stay tuned.


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Would you really give up a draft pick for a guy who isn’t a natural 3rd baseman? If you won a gold glove at second base, would you change to 3rd or look else where? Would you sign a guy who may want a lot of money and just had wrist surgery? Or would you sign a guy coming off of a career year and can play anywhere amd a good 3rd baseman? I like the last one. He may be a little much, but I think that anyway that they look at the position, Chone Figgins handsdown is the best choice. However, don’t be surprised when they bring back Feliz because they aren’t going to spend the money. They’ll let all of the other (better) options walk away just like they always do and they’ll say that we allready have a WS caliber team that know how to win and they’ll bring back all of the good but few Pedro Feliz memories but at the end of the day, they’ll finially understand that they did something wrong. They’ll have success the next few years and may even be baseball’s new dynasty but why not adress your team’s problems with the highest and most reasonable solution? That’s just how Philly rolls.

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