Park's Preference: Starter or Reliever?

park celebrates.jpgThe Phillies are looking to bring back Chan Ho Park as a relief pitcher in 2010.

But what does Park want?

“I want to be a starter again,” Park said in The Korea Times earlier this month. “Being a starter is more attractive for me, because I can take over a whole game.”

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Tuesday that Park is a reliever as far as he has been told from Park’s agency.

“His preference is to go to a winning ball club,” said Park’s agent, Jeff Borris. “There are some clubs that are interested in Chan Ho as a starter. There are some clubs that are interested in Chan Ho solely as a reliever, which would be the Philies. There are some clubs that see him as somebody with some swingman attributes, where he could perform in both roles. We’re really not shutting the door on any possibilities right now.”

Park talked extensively during spring training about how much he valued starting because his fellow Koreans could watch him pitch. Obviously, watching him is much more difficult when he is a relief pitcher.

But he also was much more successful as a relief pitcher in 2009. He beat J.A. Happ for the final spot in the rotation in spring training, but went 1-1 with a 7.29 ERA in seven starts before the Phillies moved him to the bullpen. Park went 2-2 with a 2.52 ERA in 38 relief appearances.

“I’ve been pleased with the response that we’re getting on him,” Borris said.


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He needs to stay. One of the highlights of a beat up bullpen

We need Park in the bullpen, hopefully the Phillies can get this done

Dany @soundofphilly

I hope Park realizes his value to the Phils as one the more reliable relivers and can get a deal done with the team.

Park showed his value as a long reliever to a contending team. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see him decide to go to a lesser team with an opportunity to start because this Korean fan thing is important to him. It could translate into big bucks back home. I hope winning is more important.

There’s no question that Park has the stuff to be a starter. There’s also no question that he lacks the stamina and consistancy to be a serviceable starter. He’s got lights out stuff for 1-3 innings. He should try to be a closer somewhere else, not a starter. His starting days are clearly over. He’s letting his country determine his pitching role…not a good idea. I’d love to see him come out of the pen for the Phils in 2010. His agent should try to talk some sense into him. He’s going to eventually start for some team for 4-8 games and end up in the pen anyway. What playoff-caliber team is looking for a 37-year-old starter who hasn”t had success in years? Good luck Chan Ho. I hope your happier in your next bullpen gig…..

How many chances does this guy want as a starter very inconsistent.Phillies last year gave him his shot and he cost them a few games.He’s way better in the bull pen.I’ll shout CHAN HO WAKE UP STOP TRYING TO BE SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT!!!!!!!!

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