Moyer Had Surgery Today, Said to Be Doing Well

The Phillies announced tonight that Jamie Moyer had a MRI earlier this week, which showed a small blood collection that could have been infected. Moyer had minor surgery today to wash out the blood collection. Dr. Bill Meyers performed the surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

“Jamie is doing very well,” Phillies physician Michael Ciccotti said in a statement. “The surgery is not likely to impact his rehab schedule and is likely to have minimal impact on his spring training schedule.”

Moyer is likely to remain hospitalized until Monday.


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It’s great that Jamie is recovering from his surgery . He is a classy guy and was a big help to the Phillies in 2008. However, going forward, his goals seem to be more self- oriented like pitching until he’s 50. If that is his desire, I wish him well, just not in Philly. His best years are well behind him and the phillies have more than rewarded him for 2008. I have no desire to see Jamie in the rotation , or for that matter, taking up a much needed bullpen roster spot in 2010. He should do the prudent thing and voluntarily negotiate a buyout of this year’s contract giving him his release to be a free agent. The window for THIS team is probably 2 more years ( based on contracts in place). There is no room for an older/ limited use pitcher on a 25 man roster of a team trying to WIN now.

dolfanman, let’s wait until spring training starts and Jamie has a few chances to pitch before writing him off, OK? If Jamie can get his fastball back to 84 mph, I think he can still be effective. Let’s face it, age should have stopped him from pitching 7 years ago, but he has been able to make adjust to stay in MLB. I don’t think he would jeopardize the Phils chances of making the playoffs next year, nor do I think Charlie or Ruben would allow it. He’s signed to a contract for next year, so let’s support him and wish him a successful recovery and return to the starting rotation. If he fails to make the starting rotation, he’ll leave via the same path as Adam Eaton. But don’t think he’s going to give money back to the Phils. He needs that money for his foundation. There are some pitchers in the Pharm System that most of us can’t wait to see pitch in CBP, but we mustn’t rush them up before they’re ready.

Even if he doesn’t make the starting rotation the Phillies will keep him on the roster, He’s the best pitching coah we’ll ever have, especially with so many young arms on the team. His knowledge of the hitters, and everything else is well worth the money for the coming year.

FIJ, you’re kidding, right? Eat up a roster spot for another coach? The Phils have a pitching coach- Rich Dubee. If Jamie doesn’t make the starting rotation, they’ll release him. Personally, I think he’ll make the rotation, but he won’t be given as much rope as he has been given in the past. 5-6 starts to show he belongs or else they will cut him.

Spring training will be interesting. Whether Jamie makes the rotation (or even the roster) will depend on his recovery and the competition he gets from Kendrick et al.

I’m sure other teams also have “elder statesmen” who pitchers and hitters go to for help. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on Moyer’s status. It isn’t like they have a team full of rookie pitchers. Judging from some of the recent comments from Hamels, how much has Moyer influenced him, do you think?

Moyer struggled enough in 2009 that I’d guess he’ll be on a short leash in 2010. If he’s not effective or able to pitch in spring training, I’d guess he would be cut loose.

I was only halfway joking. I figure the starting rotation is: Lee, Hamels, Blanton, Happ and either Moyer, Kendrick, Drabek, rookie surprize. In the Pen, I wouldn’t be surprized to see Bastardo make the team, and possibly one other rookie. In fact, Mule, we have a young pitching staff. An elder statesman is something that we really could use. Problem is cost

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