Phillies Get Brian Schneider


The Phillies announced that Brian Schneider has passed his physical and will be their backup catcher.

He has signed a two-year, $2.75 million deal, a source said. It will pay him $1.25 million in 2010 and $1.5 million in 2011.

An official introduction at the ballpark is later today.

“We feel Brian is ideal for our ballclub,” Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement.  “He has played in the NL East for this entire decade, so he knows the opposing hitters in this division well and he has also proven he can handle the bat.  He’s a guy that we would feel comfortable with playing for an extended period of time, if needed.”

Schneider hit .218 last season in 59 games with the New York Mets, although he hit .382 (13-for-34) in his final 13 games. He missed 41 games earlier in the season with a strained back muscle.

He is a career .251 hitter in 10 seasons with Expos, Nationals and Mets.

Schneider, who hits left-handed, hails from Allentown. His agent Brodie Van Wagenen, said Schneider had opportunities with three teams to be the primary catcher, but chose the Phillies because he likes the coaching staff and players and because they have a chance to win.


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Ummm… okay. I guess that’ll do. A capable backup who’s been around the block a few times.
I just hope he doesn’t go all ‘Rod Barajas’ on us!

Sad news: Chris Coste is now a Mutt?!

Nothing to get excited about but a good pick up nevertheless for a back up catcher role. Wasn’t Barajas originally signed to be the starting catcher?

I guess its kinda of a swap btwn the Mutts & Phils

Definite upgrade in every respect.

I admit I don’t understand this move. While he is a decent catcher, did we really need another left handed bat?? (if you can call what he has a bat). I don’t see how he’s any better then Coste was

I like it.

f_i_j, adding Schneider to the list, the Phils have 8 RHB, 8 LHB, and 2 switch hitters on the 40 man roster. And anyway, when you’re thinking about your backup catcher you’re not really concerned with what side of the plate he “hits” on

I’m not in love with COste, just wondering what a .217 hitting left handed hitter offers that Coste, or Bako didn’t offer. We have a great defensive catcher already. I thought they’d look for one who can hit as a backup, that’s all. I’ve been out of touch for a while, any real news on the 3B situation??

I thought we were over the “Chris Coste Worship.” Marry the guy and get it over with. His BA and OPS have been dropping like a stone since 2007 and he’ll be 37 in February. Let the Mets have him.
As for the LH hitting – as phylan said – what difference does it make? We went through the LH hitting thing when they signed Ibanez, and how’d that work out? Either a guy can hit or he can’t.
As backups go, Schneider ain’t bad.

Schneider is pretty much a standard backup catcher signing. I would’ve preferred cheaper, and 1 year as opposed to 2, but it’s really not a big deal.
As far as 3B goes, DeRosa, Polanco, and Beltre were reported to be in the lead, and since the Tigers declined arb to Polanco (thus not requiring the Phillies to give up a draft pick if they signed him) he probably just got a little more appealing. Beltre would be the best pick in my book, I hope they shell out some dollar and get him.

f-i-j, since the backup catcher rarely pinch hits, what difference does it make what side he hits from? And Schneider is a very good defensive catcher, much better than Coste or Bako. He’s not a .217 hitter. His lifetime average is over .250.
Good signing.

I don’t think Schneider had ever been the back-up catcher except last year with the injury-plagued Mutts. I don’t think there is any reason why he couldn’t catch over 100 games if Ruiz got injured. The Phils award-winning training staff will take much better care of Brian than those idiots working for the Mutts. I think it was a great signing for that reason-insurance.

I agree with Phylan on going for Beltre. Anyone else will either be a defensive liability or cause trouble in the line-up. Where would Polanco bat? Do you trust DeRosa at third with the game on the line? Beltre dismisses all those concerns.

I’ve been on the Beltre bandwagon for a while. I think he’s the obvious answer. I’m guessing the Orioles wind up with Feliz. Just a hunch.
Schneider was a good signing for their purpose. I think 2009 proved what a great catcher Carlos is, and all they need now is a guy who can spell him for 20 games or so and handle pitchers. He’ll be fine.

Has anyone seen any figures for the Schneider deal? He is coming off of a 4yr./$16 million deal.

Nevermind. It helps to read the article.

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