Greetings from Indianapolis

I’m at the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis. I haven’t been in Indy since the 1997 NCAA Final Four, when I covered the Minnesota men’s basketball team. Of course, the NCAA no longer recognizes Minnesota’s participation in the tournament. I guess they have a problem with a student advisor writing papers for half the team.

What … ever.

But you’re here for the Phillies.

After roaming the lobby for a few hours, here are a couple tidbits for you:

– The Phillies have expressed interest in relief pitcher Brandon Lyon, but it’s not hot and heavy. His asking price is too high.

– The Phillies will continue talks with Chan Ho Park’s rep today. He’s still in the running to return. Park only will be a relief pitcher with the Phillies. There is still some thought that Park might want to start, but I’m not how many options there are for him to start.

– Is Joe Blanton available? Only if the Phillies acquire another starter.


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As far as I’m concerned Lyon is saving the Phillies from themselves by asking for too much money. His 2009 was vastly out of sorts with the rest of his career in terms of ERA, his BABIP was an absurdly low .229 and bound to jump back up, he strikes out too few (6.52 per 9 last year), and he walks too many to support a low strikeout rate (3.55 per 9 last year). He’s a textbook reason of why you have to look at the peripheral numbers to really evaluate a seemingly good or bad season.

Would hate to see Big Joe B leave. Not sure who’s out there that would be much better (besides Halladay, Lackey). Hope Park and his agent can come to terms with the Phils soon.

phylan, I agree.

Why are the Phils even considering getting rid of Blanton? He’s the only right-handed pitcher in the starting rotation as of now.

Blanton and prospects for Haladay? No other RH pitcher out there that looks interesting if we dump Joe.

Can Halladay be obtained for Blanton, Drabek, and Taylor/Brown? Or even Blanton, Hamels and Taylor/Brown? God I hope not! Every Phan is looking forward to seeing Drabek pitch in and Taylor and Brown slug HRs out of CBP in a Phillies uniform. Halladay will be one and done. The Phils will have control over Drabek, Taylor and Brown for 5 years. Get Rich Harden now!! Forget Halladay.

As far as I’m concerned, Drabek and Brown shouldn’t be going anywhere. Taylor I’d be OK with sending somewhere else if the value on the exchange was good enough, considering Brown will be ready in 2011/12ish anyway. But Halladay just won’t happen. Blanton will get a significant raise in arbitration and the Phillies are trying to keep that from happening. Getting rid of Blanton isn’t going to make room for Halladay’s $15 MMish 2010 salary.

If they could package Blanton with Taylor and maybe another lesser prospect and get a top tier reliever, that’s an avenue worth exploring; they would, however, have to be sure that they can get either two cheap 4/5 guys like Smoltz/Pavano/Duchsherer (who just declined arbitration, incidentally), or just one of that type if Drabek is ready to pitch a full MLB season, which I doubt. Otherwise it’s probably worth paying whatever Blanton gets in arb.

I also agree that Harden would be a great pickup, but he may command too much money for Amaro’s liking at this point.

Lyon won’t happen. Not worth the asking price. Too many walks.
Blanton is too important to let go unless a better starter is in mind.
Lee, Hamels, Happ, Moyer………..Moyer is a question mark so the hole in the starting rotation gets even bigger without Blanton. Talk of trading Blanton would seem to point to something bigger brewing for a starter. He’s too important, and he’s a workhorse, never injured. Id have a tough time trading him away for anything but a starter upgrade.

I just don’t see Moyer being on the roster come April. I’m assuming they’ll release him at some point and eat the salary.

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