Lyon Out, Park and Eyre Talks Stalling?

park 3.jpgThe Phillies are expected to leave the Winter Meetings today without any additions to their bullpen. They certainly will not leave with Brandon Lyon, who had been one of their top targets. He agreed to terms late last night on a reported three-year, $15 million contract with the Houston Astros.

“We hope we’re making some headway,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said yesterday afternoon.

With Chan Ho Park and Scott Eyre or other free agents?

“Likely to be outside guys,” Amaro said.

Amaro said Park and Eyre remain in play, although he also said he cannot wait forever for them to agree to terms.

“There’s a possibility we’ll move past them at some point if something doesn’t get done, yeah,” he said.

But Park and Eyre cannot wait forever, either. Eyre, who has decided he wants to play next season, has received interest from at least three other teams, including the Yankees and Astros. While Eyre’s preference is to play in Philadelphia, he is willing to play elsewhere if contract discussions with the Phillies stall.

Park also has no shortage of suitors.

“He loved his time in Philly,” said Park’s agent, Jeff Borris. “He had a tremendous amount of fun playing in the World Series. He would love to come back to Philadelphia, but he’s happy as long as he’s got a Major League uniform on. I wouldn’t characterize our discussions one way or another. I haven’t put any deadlines or restrictions on Ruben. He hasn’t done the same to us. I would say that both parties are working in good faith, but Chan Ho has other options that he has to explore.”


I know Amaro said yesterday that the Phillies probably wouldn’t get involved in anything big, like a trade for Roy Halladay, but I still think if the asking price drops they will be in the hunt. We’ll see if the price drops.


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I am surprised at Eyre – he said he’d play for Philly or nowhere else. Now he is considering going elsewhere? That is sad :O( I hope they can work it out with him.


I don’t see what was unfair about it. Offering arbitration to a guy as old as Eyre coming off of surgery is generally not a wise investment. Park, though, should’ve gotten arb if they wanted to keep him.

In th end, it’s all about money Jenn. If the Phillies were being fair with Eyre they would have offered him arbitration. It would have been a minimal raise, but I guess they don’t think he’s worth it.

Park would have refused arbitration.

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