Kalas CD Gets an Update

Thumbnail image for kalas 1.jpgLet’s take a short break from the Roy Halladay madness for a little Harry Kalas remembrance.

Two years ago I wrote a story for The Philadelphia Inquirer about a Kalas tribute CD that Cubs broadcaster Pat Hughes produced, wrote and narrated. Hughes recently updated the CD with Kalas’ calls from the 2008 World Series and playoffs.

“I was really impressed with it,” Kalas said in the 2007 story. “He was able to capture the passion of the Phillies fans, and the fact that we had some replays on there of some great moments in Phillies history, it was really something. I’m very honored by it.”

The CD can be found at baseballvoices.com.

I figured it’s worth mentioning with the holidays around the corner. There’s a lot of good stuff on there. And it’s always good to hear HK again.


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Thanks Todd. Just ordered 3 for the holidays!

Todd, do you miss the old days- writing for the Inquirer?

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