Phillies Non-Tender Clay Condrey

The Phillies non-tendered right-hander Clay Condrey before tonight’s midnight deadline.

Ruben Amaro Jr. had a couple relatively difficult decisions on right-handers Chad Durbin and Condrey. They were not automatic because both were eligible for salary arbitration. If the Phillies had signed other free agent relief pitchers before the deadline they might have non-tendered them rather than risk going to arbitration with them.

But the Phillies did not sign any free agent relievers and still non-tendered Condrey. Based on past experiences that could mean the Phillies made a contract offer to Condrey, who didn’t agree with the salary figure. Rather than go to salary arbitration with Condrey, who made $650,000 last season, and possibly pay him more than they felt he was worth, they allowed him to become a free agent. The Phillies still have the ability to re-sign Condrey, if they desire.

The Phillies also offered contracts to their other three players eligible for salary arbitration: right-hander Joe Blanton, centerfielder Shane Victorino and catcher Carlos Ruiz. Those three and Durbin essentially have been signed to one-year contracts in 2010.


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THe Lee for Halladay idea makes perfect sense if you think it through. Instead of us sending Happ, Taylor and one other prospect to the Jays, havig a rotation of Lee, Halladay, Happ, and who knows who (blanton would have to be traded to make room salary wise) we trade Lee for the prospects needed to get Hallady. Flip them to the Jays and have a rotation of Halladay, Hamels, Happ, Blanton and ?. Since Halladay would be signed to an extension we have that rotation in place for at least 2-3 years. With this trade, we don’t need to dump Blanton’s salary or trade Happ. Makes perfect sense. THe only question is what team has the prospects needed to make the deal (they’d also have to be able to take on Lee’s salary this year)

WHile everyone would love the rotation of Lee, Halladay, Hamels, Blanton and Happ, this isn’t possible. we can’t keep blanton and Happ if we get Halladay and Lee in the same rotation and Lee will walk after this year. I prefer Halladay for 3+ years over Lee for one year. Add to that Happ and Blanton and it’s a no brainer if Rube can pull it off.

oops, that shoudl read Lee, Halladay and Hamels, and not Lee Halladay and Happ

I don’t kniow how they decide between the two, other than the fact that Condrey is coming off an injury. Durbin walks to many batters for my taste.

First of All, since the Phils did not tender Condrey that probably means either RAJ knows that Condrey would not accept their offer and would get more in arbitration than they want to pay OR that there is a reliever that they can get who would be better than Condrey at the same or a slightly higher price.

Secondly, trading Blanton ( just to clear salary space) and then giving up a Happ ( who has proven himself to ge a GOOD ML starter) in a package for a CHANCE at ONE year of Halliday, Bad idea. Lee is the best pitcher on this staff and adding Halliday ( at the trade value price it would cost ) is only stealing from Peter to pay Paul since then you would weaken the backend of the rotation by needing two pitchers to go with a Lee, Halliday and Hamels instead of just ONE to go with Lee, Hamels, Blanton and Happ. And lets see, how well Halliday pitched after the trade deadline passed? It was just a mediocre performance level. So when he is disappointed and things don’t go well, he sulks? Sorry, not trading for the guy. Why not wait until AFTER 2010 and perhaps sign him as a free agent , IF his head is on right. He’ll be available as he has not been inclined to sign an extension. if traded.

They can do absolutely nothing to the rotation and still probably have enough to get out of the NL. But they are not beating the Yankees with that rotation. At this point it’s all about the big prize and Halladay, Lee and Hamels would probably make them favorites.

dolfanman: based on what everyone is saying, Halladay is looking to sign an extension with whomever aquires him in a trade. Therefore, it would not be a trade for only one year of his services. Obviously a deal giving us a rotation of Lee, Halladay and Hamels would be amazing, but given our payroll limitations and the cost such a trade would entail, (destroying the bottom 2/5s of the rotation beyond repair as well as prospects) I don’t see it happening. Therefore, as I said before, I’d rather trade Lee and flip the pieces to get Halladay and sign him for a few years, rather then keep Lee who is determined, based on what everyone is saying, on becoming a FA at the end of the year.

dolfanman: Halladay’s first and second halves were almost identical, so maybe you should actually look up numbers before you start typing.

While he was 10-3 in the first half and 7-7 in the second, that’s meaningless. The real numbers are almost identical. In fact, he threw 6 complete games in the second half (3 in the first half) and had 3 shutout’s vs. 1 in the first half. His SO/BB numbers were about the same – 6.24 first half, 5.67 second half and his WHIP numbers as well – 1.1 first half, 1.16 second half. Opponents batted .253 in the first half and .260 in the second, again almost identical. In fact (if I can cloud the issue with facts) he allowed fewer earned runs in the second half.

So, his .500 second half record was clearly the result of a lack of run support or something else besides “sulking” or whatever subjective viewpoint you want to spew. The fact is, the numbers don’t agree. Try looking stuff up before you rant.

And why do I have to be the one to look this stuff up all the time?

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