Halladay, Phillies Agree to Extension

It’s getting closer.

Roy Halladay could be putting on a Phillies uniform as early as tomorrow at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies and Halladay have agreed to a three-year contract extension worth $60 million or more, which would keep him in red pinstripes through the 2013 season, sources said. Halladay is taking his physical Tuesday and could be announced at a news conference Wednesday.

The Blue Jays would send Halladay and $6 million to the Phillies for prospects Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor and Travis d’Arnaud. The Phillies also would send Cliff Lee to the Mariners for prospects Phillippe Aumont, Tyson Gillies and J.C. Ramirez. ESPN.com reported that the Blue Jays will send Taylor to Oakland for Brett Wallace.

The Phillies got one of the best pitchers in baseball in Halladay. They also restocked their farm system by dealing Lee.

But that was not the only reason the Phillies traded Lee, who they acquired in July for four prospects. They also needed salary relief as their payroll approached $140 million. Lee will make $9 million next season. Add that to the $6 million the Blue Jays are sending to the Phillies for Halladay, who makes $15.75 million, and the Phillies’ payroll jumps only $750,000.

First baseman/outfielder Ross Gload also is taking his physical Tuesday. The Phillies agreed to a two-year contract with him last week.

Once the deals for Halladay, Lee and Gload are finalized, the Phillies are expected to continue their pursuit for bullpen help. Their top two targets are believed to be Fernando Rodney and John Smoltz.


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A better team on opening day with Halliday instead of Lee? with Drabek and Taylor waiting for a starting spot on a West coast team instead of the Phils? Yes, the Phils got prospects in return but the general concensus is the Phils didn’t get an equal return on prospect quality. If they are a better team it won’t be by as much as it could have been if Lee, Taylor and Drabek were kept. The Lee trade was a salary dump, plain an simple regardless of the spin they put on it. It was a business move helped along by Gillick to help his freinds in Philly/Seattle/Toronto. They tried to move Blanton but couldn’t. They got rid of the $9M Lee salary for a few warm bodies for the farm. Profits margin should be safe this year. Im impressed with it as a shrewed business move but disappointed with it as a Phillies fan.

I’m not excited about their bullpen prospects considering what else is out there, but the bottom line is that the Phillies will be a better team on opening day due to this trade.

The Phils are getting one of the best pitchers in baseball (the other being CC Sabathia). From what I’ve heard Lee was possibly looking for CC $$$s which is way over what the Phils could pay him. As others have said we don’t know how Drabek & company will do once they get to the “big dance”.

“he would have walked and we would have gotten nothing so..oh well.”

Not true, he would have walked but we would have gotten two 1st round draft picks.

Halladay is a much better pitcher than Lee. Lee had a great 2008 but Halladay’s was as good or better. Halladay’s 2009 was much better than Lee’s. You can’t even compare than before 2008. Philly fans are blinded by Lee’s tremendous post-season, but you don’t judge a pitcher on 5 games. Halladay is an upgrade and the Phillies are absolutely a better team on opening day 2010.

I don’t know that we are better on opening day. I think we are better long term in that we have a nice proven ace locked in for the next 3-4 years. I do think it sucks that we traded Drabek. Not sure how I feel about that. Still wish we could have come up with the extra money to keep Lee for one year but then he would have walked and we would have gotten nothing so..oh well.

I thought if you are a free and clear FA, which I believe Lee would be, when they walk you get nothing in return. I thought you only get picks IF you offer arbitration and they turn it down and sign somewhere else. It is very possible I am wrong though. But even still, two 1st round picks in a future draft instead of players who are working in a system now is still not great return. I’d rather have people who have some kind of history to evaluate than some pick who you may not even be able to sign.

Yes, but look at who the Phillies are getting in return for Lee – none of them are even in BA top 50 list. The Phils are giving away Drabek and Taylor – both top 25 prospects – for Halladay.

Look at what the Phillies gave away for Lee. Halladay’s a better pitcher so obviously it cost more. Plus his extension is agreed upon, Lee’s isn’t/wasn’t.

Yes they gave up some good prospects, but Drabek, Taylor, and D’Arnaud for Roy Halladay is a no-brainer. Especially when Halladay comes with a below-market extension.

Boy isn’t the Moyer deal coming back to bite them in the butt?!?

I think they are marginally better with Halladay than Lee. Halladay has been more consistent over his career and they have him signed, so those are benefits to be sure.

But, replacing one ace for another still leaves the 2 through 5 starters, and that’s where the Phils lost the WS last year. Without Hamels making a comeback, the trade is a wash come playoff time – the only time that counts.

World F-ing Champs

Something about this deal reeeeeally bothers me. I think it’s the fact that Rube could have done this deal with Halladay before September and, therefore, the Phils could have won the WS this year. The Phils would have only had to pay the remainder of Halladay’s 2009 salary (5 weeks only). The prospects would have been exactly the same. I think Ruben missed a great opportunity to have both Lee and Halladay pitching in the WS. I only hope and pray that Richiardi got fired because he wouldn’t accept this same deal. There’s no way to know the WHOLE truth about this deal, but I’m pis$ed that Drabek, Taylor and D’Arnaud will not be playing for the Phils in the near future. It feels like we keep
bringing our own kids to the orphanage and adopting other kids. This is exactly what the Yankees do……..God, I feel gross. I think I need a shower.

The Phillies gave up a secondary package for Cliff Lee in July. They got the benefit of having him in the postseason, so now his value is less than it was in July because any takers are only going to have him for one season. So why is anybody surprised that they would gt a secondary package in return?
I’m sure that Ruben agrees with all of us here that it would have been nice to keep Lee along with Halladay but apparently the economics didn’t work. Maybe if they hadn’t given Moyer that ridiculous contract that is going to pay him 9 million next season….

Edit, Moyer will get 8 million, not 9.

The point is, the Phils were in NO WAY obligated to trade away Lee. These were TWO separate trades. The team is neither in rebuilding mode nor in dire financial straits. So, you lose $9M or so in profits for a MUCH HIGHER probability of playing in a WS for the third consecutive year and actually winning a 2nd championship in three years. Penny-wise but pound foolish.

If Phils were to play the Yankees again in the next World Series, how would the current rotation fare better with Halladay but without Lee? That’s still two wins shy of a championship.

Given the type of prospects we’re receiving, the argument about replenishing the farm system is equally absurd.

Moyer’s contract was terrible, but it was $6.5M per year for two years. Incentives could make it a lot higher, but he has to log a lot of starts and a lot of innings, which doesn’t seem that likely.

Oops, nevermind, you’re right phan52, he reached numbers in 2009 such that he makes $8M in 2010. Jesus. That was a terrible contract.

People are making the mistake of comparing the compensation for Lee with what we gave up for Halladay. The trade for Halladay was a complete no-brainer and separate. What you have to do is compare the compensation for Lee with what we gave up for Lee in July. And we already had the benefit of Lee last postseason. That is the true comparison.
And the difference between Lee and Halladay in any postseason comparison is that Halladay has no problem with three days rest. He would have been pitching in game 4 against the Yankees instead of Blanton.

Yes, but even the Phillies had won game 4, there would wouldn’t have been a game 7. What’s the difference? We lost in ’09 and we’re no better off in ’10.

I generally like it. More return for Lee would’ve been good but it’s really not the worst thing in the world. Halladay for 3-4 years at a total bargain is a mighty sweet thing. As others have said, I’ll just be pissed if Rube goes and spends the saved money on Fernando Rodney or some ********.

Not true, he would have walked but we would have gotten two 1st round draft picks.

By snowdaddyo on December 15, 2009 1:48 PM

Also not true. The Phils would have gotten one first round pick and one supplemental round pick. That is assuming he’s not signed by a team with one of the top 15 picks in the draft. In that case, the Phils would get a supplemental pick and a second round pick.

Picks are better than nothing, but they are nowhere near as valuable as actual propsects like Aumont, Ramirez & Gillies.

carlosruiz, you’re right about the above.

But to me questionable 2nd tier prospects such as Aumont, Ramirez, & Gillies are worthless compared to having a vastly improved chance of winning a 2nd title in 3 years.

Ruben Amaro is way to savy to have done this deal if he had a choice. I think Cliff Lee’s talking about the Sabbathia deal in the Cleveland newspaper was a clear sign that he was only about the money and didn’t care where he played in 2010. When I read that quote it ticked me off as a Phan. That guy got the red carpet treatment in Philly, became a fan favorite overnight, won two games in the WS, and talks about getting a big payday in 2011. He was willing to put up with Philadelphia for one more year. What an As$hole! His true colors finally come through. I’m glad he’s gone. In contrast, Halladay could have gotten more money and a better chance of winning the WS next year by joining the Yankees. He chose to make life better for his family and spend more time at home in the Tampa Bay Area. I think we finally got the “character” guy we should have gotten last year.

Re: The Cliff Lee trade. can everyone spell saley dump. S A L A R Y D U M P ! This move smells like the Phillies fron office of the “90s. Did Ed Wade and Bill Giles take over again? Hey Phillies what would the Yankees do? I hate the Yankees but All I can say no is obviously we all know who really wants to win, and you guys are no Yankees as much as it pains me to say it. Now Knowing this why should I conyinue to pay for season tickets when you are not fully commited to winning anymore. You got one championship I guess we don’t deserve a real shot at another one so soon , HUH?

lol @ lucasju

erich, that’s a little unfair. That quote about Sabathia money and not negotiating an extension was in context to Cleveland and was from before he was traded to Philly. I think he would have liked to stay in Philly, but probably not at the price we got from Halladay.

Since the Phillies seem to be putting money above winning again, I think that it’s time to become more fiscally responsible as a fan. The Phillies raised ticket prices again this year, and I have a limited budget. I can’t justify buying tickets again this year and putting more money into the Phillies when they have shown that they would rather increase their profits by another 10 mil rather than going all out for only their 3rd World Championship in their 127 year history. They had a chance to make this the greatest era in Phillies history, buy gosh darnit, the 95 year-old bags who own the team want to stack another 10 mil on top of their tower of cash so that they can retire is style in 10 years. I think that I’ll spend my entertainment dollar elsewhere next year. It looks like the Phils brass is just satisfied with being second best.

OK, so the gnashing of teeth continues.

What is interesting to note is that season ticket deposits were due on December 16, and most of us have already either paid in full or sent in a deposit.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering whom the 5th starter will be. Are they honestly counting on Moyer? Can we expect another deal with the prospects they got or is this it?

The only logical conclusion for not keeping Lee is salary, although part of me wonders if they think he shot his load pitching 231 innings plus 40 in the post season? It’s puzzling that $9 million kept them from having a killer rotation. With a gang of owners worth billions (combined) you’d think they could have found $9 mil to have another shot, but they’re not sportsmen, they’re businesspeople and businesspeople don’t care about baseball.

Personally, I’d have made the Halladay deal and paid Lee for 2010 and let him walk if it meant I had another shot at a parade, told him to have a nice life and gotten on with running my baseball team. For a franchise that has won 2 championships in its history you’d think they would have a better perspective on taking a shot at another one.
Worry about 2011 next year.

Hey all,

Read this for a different perspective.

After reading everything I could on the trade including fan opinions on blogs, I didn’t like the trade. After reading this, it doesn’t seem as bad of a move as I thought.

Hey Phils Fans,

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There, but for the grace of God go you, utley.

what were the prospects ranked that ya’ll gave up to get lee and now halladay? We’re they all in the top 10 of your organization, u gave up like 6 total? just curious, we avoided doing that the past few years and have been to the NLCS 2 years in a row (and yes, i know u guys beat us both times) but selling the farm isnt the way to go especially with the yankees having the world series locked down for at least the next 3-4 years. GO DODGERS!!!

I don’t know why any Phillies fan would like the Cliff Lee trade? Can anyone honestly say they would trade Lee for the three prospects they are getting in return? Okay if you really feel it is a good trade, let’s say that Halliday doesn’t come to the Phillies. Now do you trade Lee for three prospects anyway? If not then you would be admitting the Lee trade is a bad deal. We have Halladay. There is no reason to trade Lee, no baseball reason that is. It is purely a cost cutting measure by a franchise that just had its two best incme years ever. But it certainly is typical of this franchise to go cheap instead of trying to win its 3rd WS in over a 120 seasons. It really makes me angry when we could have Halladay and Lee for one awesome season of baseball.

lucas, you lose me as soon as you say that this franchise is “going cheap”. Payroll is projected to be around $140M next year, a figure that would have been 2nd among all teams in 2009! It’s likely to be 3rd or 4th in 2010. Bam, boom, your argument’s dead. Every Phillies fan would have loved to get Halladay and keep Lee but the team apparently isn’t making enough money to do that. I’m pretty psyched they’re making enough to sign the best pitcher in baseball for 4-5 years while still paying Utley, Howard, Rollins, Ibanez, Polanco, and Hamels.

bluesplash, I notice you avoided making certain deals and LOST the NLCS the last two years. Now your owners are going through a divorce and a deal like getting Halladay isn’t even a possibility for you. While we would have liked to keep both Lee and Halladay, our pain is not quite as bad as yours. And the prospects we get back for Lee are on the same level as the prospects we gave up to get him in the first place.
You can’t win the WS unless you are actually in it. Go Dodgers, indeed…LOL!!

bluesplash, you’re kidding, right? Selling the farm? The Phillies happen to have one of the top 4 or 5 farm systems in all of baseball.
They can make deals like the one for Lee then Halliday and not miss a beat. There are only 3 or 4 other teams in all of baseball with the prospects to make the trade for Halliday. To avoid the hit on the farm system that the Halliday trade made(3 prospects), Lee was traded to get 3 comparable prospects in return. So, the hit to the farm system totals 4 prospects traded for Lee in the summer of 2009. None of them top shelf. How appropriate for Los Angeles fans to be reading and discussing the divorce case of the owner while Phillies fans are discussing the trade for the top pitcher in baseball.

One of Lee’s friends said that Cliff was hurt by the trade because he really liked pitching in Philly. It’s like the guy who gets dumped by the hot chick because she found someone better who is willing to make a long-term commitment to her. If Lee had been willing to sign a contract extention for $17 million dollars a year for 3-4 years or so, I don’t think this trade would have happened. But saddled with the possibility of having no ace in 2011, Ruben did the right thing.
If The Phils had kept Lee, there is no way they could have replenished their Pharm when he left for the big bucks at the end of next season, unless they would be willing to trade him to a playoff contender before September ’10…Yeah, right. Let’s see how many games Lee can win with the Mariners’ offense. Good bye and good luck Cliff, enjoy your life and your money.

Deal is held up. Somebody failed a physical. Not sure who it is, but it was one of the minor leaguers.

Todd???? What’s up?

If it was Drabek’s elbow that would be disastrous. Hopefully it’s one of the Mariners…

Last I heard the Mariners all passed. Probably Drabek oe Taylor. I hope the Lee deal isn[t finalized so we end up with neither one of them.

Just what this transaction needs, more drama. A few people have since “tweeted” that the failed physical rumor is false. Lee is “officially” a Mariner has also been tweeted as well as the Halliday press conference being set for 4 or 5:00.

Mariners GM has announced the Lee deal as official and the Phillies are set to have a Halladay presser at 5 PM.

After all the talk here about Halladay for the last 6 months, it’s finally happening.

Great! Now it’s time to get some help in the pen and sign Blanton or Bedard or whoever.

As for the rest of the starting rotation, I guess Blanton will get +$7 milion or so in arbitration. Cole Hamels had better not be saying, “I can’t wait for this season to end” during the 2010 WS! And Happ should be able to avoid a sophmore jinx because he has more pitches with better control than Kendrick, who could sneak into the starting rotation if Jamie isn’t ready by April.

Please stop the Jamie Moyer bashing. In 2008 he had the highest number of wins during the season. This year his total wins were tied for high until he got sent to the bullpen. Both years he helped get the Phillies to the Series and provided leadership as well. Sending him to the bullpen probably contributed to his injury this year. Also, the Phillies better hope that nothing happens to Ruiz because the catching situation definitely needs some reliable backup, and Phillies minor league teams don’t have good prospects ready to bring up. They traded the best prospect in the Lee deal.
When Ruben Amaro Jr. was a player, he had no time for the fans. He was a below average player with a high opinion of himself. I hope he’s better at management. It doesn’t take more than a couple of bad moves to undo the progress the team has made. We got where we are by developing outstanding players in the Phillies farm system to play for the Phillies, not trading them away to watch other teams reap the benefits.

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