Phillies Pick Up Rollins' 2011 Option

The Phillies announced today they have picked up Jimmy Rollins‘ 2011 club option. It means the Phillies have 11 players signed through 2011:

  • Roy Halladay, $20 million
  • Ryan Howard, $20 million
  • Chase Utley, $15 million
  • Raul Ibanez, $11.5 million
  • Brad Lidge, $11.5 million
  • Cole Hamels, $9.5 million
  • Rollins, $8.5 million
  • Placido Polanco, $5.25 million
  • Ryan Madson, $4.5 million
  • Ross Gload, $1.6 million
  • Brian Schneider, $1.5 million

(The Phillies also have a 2011 option on J.C. Romero, which is worth $4.5 million.)

The Phillies already have $108.85 million committed in 2011. If their payroll remains in the $140 million range — Phillies president David Montgomery talked Wednesday about finite revenue streams and told other news outlets that the Phillies are operating in the red — then you have to wonder how they are going to fill out the remainder of their 2011 roster. And you really have to wonder about 2012.

Jayson Werth, Joe Blanton, Jamie Moyer and Chad Durbin become free agents after 2010. But things really get interesting after 2011, when Howard, Ibanez, Lidge, Rollins, Madson, Gload, Schneider, Shane Victorino and Greg Dobbs (and possibly Romero) become free agents. That is a lot of holes to fill. Realistically, the Phillies will not be able to re-sign everybody. I think that is why Ruben Amaro Jr. is so concerned about his farm system these days. You can’t just keep signing free agents to big contracts. At some point somebody from the farm needs to step up and play. But who? Will Domonic Brown be able to take one of the corner outfield spots? Will Tyson Gillies or Anthony Gose be able to replace Victorino in center, if he leaves?

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Man, can we just enjoy 2010 before we worry about 2012?

I wonder how JRoll feels about his compensation? I’m guessing that they offer him an extension through 2013 or 14 at some point. That’ll take him through 36 years old. As long as he can continue to play defense the way he does, he is a valuable guy. He doesn’t always have to lead off.

Actually, this was a great idea by the Phils organization. Jimmy is worth $8.5 million just for his defense. This way they can make a good faith gesture, which should go a long way towards making another multi-year extention down the road possible. I’d love to see Jimmy lead this team through 2015-16.

I’d like to make a formal apology on this blog for the negative statements I made about Cliff Lee. I’m ashamed and embarrassed that I misjudged the man. I still think his agent was playing both sides against the middle for a bigger personal payday down the road. Lee will be remembered as phan favorite. I think a lot of us will be secretly rooting for the Mariners to win the AL pennant next year. And now with Bradley, who knows?

Muleman, much of the money paid to players salaries DOES come from TV revenues. You are probably correct to believe that. The Phils Need to negotiate a Bigger TV money deal from Comcast as well as from MY Phl 17. The amount of money For Bonuses for awards is pretty negligible . Not really a major factor.
Comcast is a MULTI BILLION $ corporation and would probably have to raise cable prices to pay more to the Phillies. I’m not sure that they want to do that in a Blue Collar area during a recesssion. Hopefully, it all works out for we Phillies fans.

Thanks erichh1. Cliff Lee certainly quickly became one of my favorites too and I’ll be right there with you rooting for the Mariners. I hated to see him leave Philly. Priceless pitching, fielding and offense all in one package. Totally cool and a lot of fun to watch. Hope he has a stellar year.

Two things.
One: When is their contract with Comcast up? In order to secure additional revenues to sign those players in 2011 (since there is a dearth of INF talent) they’ll need new money. Methinks it’s in TV, and when their deal with Comcast ends, the fans will have yet another pay-cable channel to watch, and the Phils will have an additional revenue source. They should take advantage of their newfound popularity.
Two: How much money gets paid out in year-end bonuses for stuff like All-Star appearances, MVP votes, Cy Young votes etc.? I’m sure those contracts are loaded with bonus money, and I bet it adds up. Any sources for info on that?

Todd,any idea where Brett Myers is headed? Would the Phillies consider him as a fifth starter or has that ship long ago sailed?
Who are the fifth starter options if no Myers?

Moyer or Kendrick to be the fifth starter. Myers is a free agent now, not sure where he’ll sign, somewhere in Texas maybe?

Man this bullpen needs help right now, no idea where we are going to get it from but it needs to come from somewhere!! Scott Mathieson is going to have a great season (breakout year with lots of success he is overdue), but we need a lefty!

Let me get this straight. The Phillies are operating in the red, need to replenish their farm system so as to replace the players who are to become free agents over the next several and must decide which players to resign and which players are allowed to walk. Now it makes sense why they traded for Roy Halladay, a player representing only a marginal improvement over what they had and adds $60 million to the payroll over the next four years at the cost of three prospects two of which probably would have been major league ready in 2010 and 2011. Now I get it.

There is a little more to the Halliday trade than Marginal improvement. There is/was the fact that he would sign an extension at a very reasonable price which it didn’t look like Lee and his agent were willing to do. A 3 year contract is unheard of for a pitcher of Halliday’s stature and at $20 mil a year, they are writing articles about it being unprecedented in all of sports. Both Lee and Halliday claimed they wanted to be a Phllie. Halliday proved it. As far a marginal improvement in the pitching realm, Halliday has been a more consistent performer for a longer time. Lee was sent to the minors just two years ago to get his act back together. The three prospects being ready in 2010 or 2011 is not proven yet. The Blue Jays thought so much of Taylor that they flipped him to Oakland. Remember when Carraso and Marson were being projected as ready and untouchable in trades?

Even though the Phillies pay less for a marginal improvement than they would have on the open market, they are still paying more for a pitcher than they ever have paid. We do not know what the figures were that where exchanges between the Phillies and Lee but the Phillies were not the party which revealed figures had been exchanged. There was an offer and a counter offer. According to Amaro, the Phillies “knew” they could not re-sign Lee. Now David Montgomery is telling us that the Phillies are operating in the red. So a team operating in the red goes out and spends more money and goes deeper in the red to marginally improve. And, to do so it trades off the prospects most likely to be given a chance to compete for a job in the event there is a mass exodus of starting players to free agency in the next several years. The fact that the Blue Jays flipped Michael Taylor is not as much as a testament to his talent as it is to the needs of the Blue Jays.

I agree that there seems to be more to the Lee negotiation than has been reported and don’t like the move but I try to see the Phillies perspective and make sense of it. I agree with the Phillies that based on statistics, Halliday seems to be more of a sure thing than Lee. I also agree that Lee probably would not have signed for $20M a year for only 3 years since Sabathia didn’t. His precedent is Sabathia. We’ll know for sure when he signs with a team next year what his bottom line price is. The fact that the Phils paid more for a pitcher than they’ve ever paid is not really a meaningful fact since you can say the same for all teams as time progresses. They paid more for Robin Roberts that they did for any pitcher before him too. Thats just the way economics works. Phillies operating in the Red? I don’t buy that at all. Its almost an insult to expect anyone to beleive that. Maybe operating in the red means something different to Montgomery than it does to us. Maybe it means profits weren’t as high as they could have been or were expected to be. either way, they’re staying around 140, thats why Toronto gave them $6M along with Halliday. Each year he makes $20M Im guessing they will shed payroll elsewhere to stay around $140. I don’t think they’re going deeper into the red.

None of those prospects are sure things. The ones the Phils gave up are rated higher, thats all we know now. The people that coached them day in and day out know more. They’re still the favorites to win the NL pennant. If they win the series in 2010 this will all be moot. If they make the series repeatedly in the next few years it will all be moot. If they don’t make it and Seattle makes it, then Amaro will be the next Ed Wade. If they don’t make it and the prospects turn out to be all stars, Amaro is the next Ed Wade. We’ll know soon enough.

“You go through The Sporting News for the last 100 years, and you will find two things are always true. You never have enough pitching, and nobody ever made money.”
– Donald Fehr, executive director, MLBPA

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting link to get Phillies contract info:

And yes, the incentives don’t amount to a lot, but when you add-in signing bonuses (like last year’s $2 mil paid to Ibanez), the numbers get bigger. They even gave Schneider a $250,000 bonus.

It always strikes me as funny that a player earning millions would get another $25,000 for making the All Star team. Isn’t that why he makes the big money?

Granted, I don’t think they’re losing money either. A former boss used to gripe about losing money, but we reasoned that what he really meant was that he wasn’t taking home what he wanted to take home. I think that’s the case with Mongomery and Co. too.

The Phillies are full of crap when they declare that they are operating in the red. They liberally use tax loopholes and accounting practices that allow them to state a loss, when they have in fact made money. A LOT of money. Even the Pirates are making money with their pathetic attendance.
I generally like Dave Montgomery, but I consider his claim on the Mike Missinelli show to be an insult to the phans. He’s going ‘Bill Giles’ on us.

I’m kind of worried about the Phils getting two consecutive short winters. Last season, Brad Lidge never looked ready to pitch and he was healthy at the beginning of the season. Then, developed the knee injury. I think all those problems could have been caused by a divergence from his normal offseason training regiment. Now that he’ll be coming off surgery and rehab, I think it would be in the Phils’ best interest not to take any chances with him or JC or Scott Eyre (if he comes back). It would be better to have a mediocre April and have all the pitchers healthy for the rest of the season than to rush everyone back by April, only to have them end up on the DL some time during the season. Or even worse, risk a season-ending injury. We’d all like to see Ruben go out and get the top bullpen specialist available, but that”s unlikely. I wish Chan Ho would realize that he could make a much bigger impact on the Phils as a reliever than on the Nationals or some other bottom-dweller team as a starter.

erichh: Short off-seasons are a nice problem to have. I’m hearing that MLB is considering expanding the first round to 7 games, so we probably haven’t seen the last of November WS games. Sad.

I remember in 1969 the Mets won the championship on October 16. Granted, that’s a long time ago but it shows how much the game has changed.

The last I heard they weren’t counting on Lidge being ready for spring training anyway, so it might be “closer by committee” or something until he’s ready. That’s why I’d like to see them get Fernando Rodney if they can.
I really don’t know what to expect out of Romero, which is to say I don’t expect much. I like Scott Eyre, even if it means having him only face one LH batter, I think he’s a valuable part of the bullpen.
I would have thought Park saw how valuable he was as a long-relief guy, but sometimes (as we have seen) players get bad advice.

With Park, it’s not just bad advice, but nationalistic pride that is going to cause him to make a bad decision about his pitching future. He WILL end up in the pen wherever he signs. The sooner he gets that through his thick head the better off he’ll be in the long run, meaning with the Phils.

Todd, could you write about the various free agents the Phils are considering for their pen. I looked at the Hot Stove Tracker but it’s too much work to look at everyone’s stats and weed the bad ones out from the good ones……. OK, so I’m lazy. Sue me.

erich, I think the problem with Lidge is that he WASN”T healthy going into the season but wouldnt come clean. I don’t recall him playing a whole lot in spring training. His knee was a problem from the beginning and he wouldnt come clean about it. He admitted at one point that he actually tweaked it in the post win dogpile at the WS.

pherrisphain: your basic premise is wrong. The comparrison isn’t between Lee and Halladay. The Phillies assumed (rightly or wrongly) that Lee wasn’t going to sign for only 3-4 years at 20 million a year. The comparrison is between Halladay and Drabek (Lee wasn’t in the picture after this year, acording to the Phillie’s thinking). Are the Philllies a better team over the next 4 years with Halladay as the ace as apposed to Drabek in the rotation, and give or take 18 million dollars a year to spend. (18 mill as that pays drabek 8 million over 4 years or an average of 2 million a year for the years he is totally under control with only 1 arbitration year, if I’m not mistaken. The figure is a guess though) In my opinion, even if Drabek wins the CY Young 3 years from now, the Phillies are better off with Halladay. Our window is 2010 and 2011. Even with the farm being restocked, or having the original crew before the Lee/Halladay trades, we aren’t going to be able to restock everyone we’ll loose to FA after 2011 when the entire core of the starting 8, except for Utley, and Polanco are FA’s. we need to think win now and next year while trying to maintain some seblance of the team for 2012

Why is anybody angsting over the prospects for Halladay? That was the best thing Amaro has done since he took over. The related stuff with Lee can be debated over the merits of one year of Lee vs. the prospects we got in return. But getting Halladay for four years and not giving up anything on the current roster is great stuff.

World f-ing champs

Looks like the Braves are going to trade Vazquez for Melky Cabrera, so they are probably stuck with Lowe’s contract. That weakens their pitching staff, IMO, although I think Lowe’s 2009 was an aberation and he is better than that. Cabrera’s bat won’t make up too much of a difference for their pathetic offense.

Braves get weaker but the Yankees pitching gets stronger. I like one half of the deal. I read that Seattle dealt Morrow to the Blue Jays. I was under the impression that he was their untouchable. Looks like he’s been injured a lot which may explain why the Phils didn’t request him in their trade.

Well like I thought, any trade for halladay had to be money for money. Also knew that it couldn’t be just Blanton ’cause Phils would be concerned about the farm system for the future. This Lee mess stinks to me. Why not wait to trade Lee. Don’t you think the Angels would have given up more since they lost Lackey and to keep Lee away from Seattle. Why try to make it seem like a 3 way deal when it wasn’t. Why not tell Lee’s agent the truth about the situation, maybe Lee would have stayed for less money and less years. Probably not but wasn’t it worth a shot to wait even if Lee would eventually be traded. Going forward, after this season one of Ibanez, Victorino, Werth won’t be here. Seems to me they have to resign werth. Most likely If Werth is here past 2011 then Ibanez and Victorino will have to be moved in successive years. One being traded in 2010 off season and the other letting their contract expire after 2011, unless they can trade Lidge in 2010 off season but I think your stuck with him. In any case 2 kids( brown, gose/gillies) will probably be in the Of with Werth in 2012. Lidge and Victorino/Ibanez won’t be here in 2012 so that covers raises to Hamels, Howard and maybe Rollins in their new deals. My point was speed up this process a year and you could have kept Lee. It is what it is, Halladay is a better pitcher than lee and their line-up is better than it was last year. Now get some damn bullpen help.

phan52: “Hot Stove” on MLB Network also said that Lowe’s contract made him tough to move. They also are puzzled by the deal and figure that there is another one coming for the Braves. They still have money to spend.

evilempire27, why do you keep quoting Chase Utley? Please explain.

I would have loved to see a future outfield of RF- Michael Taylor, CF – Tyson Gillies, LF – Domonic Brown. Taylor would have been ready to take over for Werth in 2011. Brown for Ibanez in 2012. And same for Gillies for Victorino. But with Taylor now gone, they may be forced to sign Werth to an extension (if they can afford it?) because I’m not sure that Brown will be ready to take over in RF by 2011. I’m glad we have Halladay leading the pack for the next couple years, but I’m really not excited about how we gutted our farm system. That’s how we built this championship to begin with. I can only hope that Rube knows what he’s doing.

bluestate: If that’s your OF in 2011, I hope you’re prepared to lose 90 games. You have no idea whether any of those kids are able to take over a full-time OF position in the big leagues. How many games have you seen Gilles play? Zero is my guess.

The Lee trade assured that they did not gut their farm system, so I have no idea where you’re getting that notion – or any of your other ones for that matter. FYI, Ruben does know what he is doing, which is why he is the General Manager. “We” didn’t build anything.

muleman, you seriously need to lighten up.

bluestates, I don;t understand why you would prefer Taylor over Werth. Werth is an established All-Star and Taylor has zero at-bats in the major leagues. I have no problem if the Phillies are ‘forced’ to sign Werth to an extension.

utley: Just not a big fan of the “we” talk. Also not a big fan of being told to “lighten up.”
Merry F****** Christmas.

muleman, ha ha. Thanks for proving my point.

utley: Always happy to help the humans. Get serious.

Huh? Get serious about what?

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