Durbin Avoids Arbitration

The Phillies successfully avoided salary arbitration with Chad Durbin today when they agreed to a one-year, $2.125 million contract, a source said.

If they had not agreed they would have exchanged salary arbitration figures Tuesday. The Phillies have three other players eligible for salary arbitration: Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton and Carlos Ruiz. It is unclear where they stand in negotiations with that trio.

Durbin went 2-2 with a 4.39 ERA in 59 appearances last season. He went 5-4 with a 2.87 ERA in 71 appearances in 2008.


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When are you going to post the Pitcher of the decade here? I know you picked Hamels, but I cna’t wait for the discussion on the choice here. Are you ready to get ripped??

f.i.j.: Who are we supposed to argue over? Myers? Robert Person? Padilla? It isn’t exactly a stellar list. They’ve run through a few closers (Mesa, Wagner & Lidge among others) so that list isn’t compelling either.
Hamels wins by default.

phan52: Myers wins in time of service in the decade but Hamels achieved more and had better numbers albeit, in a smaller timespan. Quality goes to Hamels, Quantity goes to Myers. Eyre wanted to retire regardless of the contract being offered. Thats what I gathered from the artcles on him.

Myers had more of an impact over the decade than Hamels did. Hamels only pitched four years. If anybody wins by default, it’s Myers.
If they are willing to pay Durbin over 2 million, I can’t undersand why they can’t give at least that to Eyre.

Mule: Given the suggestions voiced on the post naming JRoll the player of the decade, I figured people would be yelling for Myers and/ or Wolf. I personally voted for Jamie Moyer, but agree that it was more of a vote of heart and not numbers.

joe: Got to give you credit for picking Cole in the JRoll post

Thank you f.i.j. nice to get positive feedback.

Moyer will always get my vote and I look forward to him being a major contributor to the 2010 Phillies team again this year.

Myers lost by default: his off-the-field incidents drew negative attention not only to himself but also to the team and the organization. He doesn”t deserve it for those reasons.

Chad Durbins stats were much better at the end of the regular season. He was great from 9/2 to 10/4, when he pitched 15.2 innings and gave up only 3 runs, with a 1-0 record in that span. He pitched his best when we needed him the most. He was perfect in the NLDS and NLCS, compiling a 2-0 record with no runs given up in 4 innings or so. The Yankees got to him though. Still he’s a much better pitcher than a lot of phans think.

Myers may have had some off field issues, but he more than made up for it by literally saving their 2007 season and going to the bullpen. Do you realize that he was both the opening day starter, and the guy who closed out the clinching game in 2007?
I can’t give it to a guy who pitched 4 seasons, and stunk it up the last year. Hamels had a complete meltdown last season.

Let me hop aboard with you on the Myers bandwagon.
Face it, nobody really knows what Hamels is yet. One year wonder? The next Lefty? The next Pat Combs?
Myers clearly (IMHO) gets the nod.

But Cole was WS MVP and LCS MVP. Its arguable that the Phils wouldn’t have won the WS without all of the pitchers, starters and bullpen performing as they did, but Cole came up big. He had a bad year last year but the other years were great. I think we can find a Myers off year as well. If I were going ot start an expansion team and could choose between only Hamels and Myers for the same salary, I’d pick Hamels based on the performance of the two in the past decade. Would anybody care to argue that point?

phan: So, 4-0 in the playoffs and World Series MVP isn’t enough of an impact for you? You’re a hard man to please.
Arguably, Myers’ biggest contribution came at the plate against Sabathia, otherwise he was a part of a lot of also-ran’s.
There are plenty of Myers “off years” to make up the difference.

jimmymack: We’re not talking about “what Hamels is yet,” we’re talking about the last decade.

It’s a decade thing muleman, not a 2008 postseason thing. I don’t think four years is enough of a body of work and Myers has been here for eight years. He was the opening day starter for a number of years and I guarantee that he is the only one who both started and ended a season (2007).
Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot to choose from with the pitching outside of the last three years, but that’s just my opinion.

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