Phils Hope to Lock Up Victorino, Blanton and Ruiz

The Phillies signed Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Jayson Werth, Greg Dobbs and Jamie Moyer to multiyear extensions last offseason.

They’re hoping for a few more this offseason.

They’re talking about multiyear extensions with Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton and Carlos Ruiz, Ruben Amaro Jr. said today. first reported the Phillies were talking to Victorino about a multiyear deal. A source said today those talks have been for one-year and multiyear deals.

“I think we’re making progress on all of them,” Amaro said. “We’re trying to work through it. We’re hoping we can get these done.”

A multiyear deal would buy out at least Victorino’s final two years of salary arbitration. A three-year extension would buy out his first year of free agency in 2012. Blanton is eligible to become a free agent after the season, so if the Phillies reach a multiyear agreement with him it would keep him with the Phillies at least through 2011. That means they would have Roy Halladay, Hamels, J.A. Happ and Blanton in their rotation at least the next two seasons.

Ruiz is eligible for salary arbitration for the first time, so a multiyear extension likely would buy out his remaining three years of arbitration. Knowing Ruiz’s salary the next two or three years would provide them a clearer picture of how much they have to spend in other areas in the future.


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I can’t imagine them signing Blanton to a multi-year deal if he thinks he should get over 10 million a year.
If they sign Victorino for more than a year, I believe it is to set up a potential trade, especially if Brown and/or Gillies develop quickly. Werth gets a multi-year deal and Vic goes elsewhere for a package of prospects.

I too would rather have Werth than Victorino, if it means promoting Brown to the majors. Ruiz seems to be the long-term answer behind the plate.
The Blanton issue is more puzzling. To let Lee go because they feared his long-term contract demands and keep Blanton (who is a free agent after 2010) is a larger issue. So, if they sign “Heavy B” to a deal, why wouldn’t they have kept Lee and let Blanton walk?

Muleman said: The Blanton issue is more puzzling. To let Lee go because they feared his long-term contract demands and keep Blanton (who is a free agent after 2010) is a larger issue. So, if they sign “Heavy B” to a deal, why wouldn’t they have kept Lee and let Blanton walk?

Because Lee’s long term contract demands would have been for twice as much as the 10 mil that Blanton is asking for in arbitration. If they sign Blanton to a multi year deal it will not be for 10 mil a year. At least I hope not.

To all of you who want to keep Werth over Victorino: Stop and think for a minute. What we have is an outfield of Ibanez who is gone after next year, Werth who is a lousy CF, but a great RF with power and a bit of speed, and victorino who is a top of the order hitter, a gold glove fielder. In the minors we have Brown who is a corner OF with power and Ave, but no real speed, and a bunch of guys a few years away. (I don’t know if the guy we got from Seatle will ever amount to anything, and neither do any of you, really). Werth will demand big bucks, while Victorino can probably be had for aaround 6 million a year for 3 years (2 arbi/ 1 FA) during the last 2 years of that deal we’d be forced to pay Werth at least 10 million each year. If we can’t keep them both, and I doubt we can, I trade Werth this year for an arm, and high level prospects and keep VIc, moving Brown to right. When Ibanez goes, if Goose is ready I move Vic to rf, Brown to LF and Goose in CF, or I use Fransisco in LF. Think ahead to filling our soon to be holes at 1b, ss, lf, rf, bullpen etc

qtr-milr: I’m not looking at it in purely a dollars and cents viewpoint. Lee is a much better pitcher than Blanton and as such is worth the extra money. Do you want to win or not?
I think you exaggerate what Lee would have asked for.

f-i-j, Werth has no trade value as a player going into a contract year. If they can sigh Vic to an extension he has tremendous value and you could fill some of those holes you are talking about. It is a matter of being practical. And BTW, if they could get Werth on an extension at 10 million per, that would be a bargain. The guy just gets better every year and, yes, he CAN play CF. Ibanez has no trade value whatsoever unless we ate the majority of his contract, but he will be a siolid player for two more years. Francisco is a fourth OFer, nothing more, nothing less.
And why will the guy from Seattle (Gilies) not amount to anything, but Gose and Brown are future locks for the outfield?

From what I’ve read, the Phils tried to shop Blanton, but didn’t have any takers so that was part of the reason that Lee was traded. Wouldn’t be surprised by long term deals for Vic and Chooch. Not sure about Blanton. I do like Big Joe B/Heavy B, but not sure what he’s worth long term.

If we’re pitting Victorino vs Werth, Victorino seems a much better commodity in the outfield than Werth. For the moment, it seems to be too early to be talking about trading either one. Goose, Brown, etc. are unknown commodities at this point. I think trading either Vic or Werth is something to be discussed in the 2010 offseason especially since Werth is a free agent.

Muleman, I agree that Lee is a much better pitcher and deserves more money than Blanton, and yes I want to win as much as anybody. That said, I also understand the economics of the game. The Phils are not the Yankees, they are not going to spend 200 mil. Whether we like it or not, there are budget constraints.

I’d love to own a Mercedes, it’s a much better vechicle and worth more than my truck. Unfortunately, my budget won’t allow it, so I have my truck instead.

Karen, I agree that any idea of trading Victorino would be something to consider next offseason. But my point is that he is more of a tradeable commodity than Werth, especially with an extension. They are going to have to get creative in the next couple of years as their players approach free agency. I just think Werth is a keeper.

Werth is a keeper alright and I loved watching that “bit of speed” he has take home off of Russell Martin last season!

qtr-milr: I know all about the Phillies’ famous self-inflicted budget. However — if the arbitrator gets a wild hair up his butt and awards Blanton the $10 mil he’s asking for, what does that do for their budget? Those are the kinds of contingencies they should have been looking at (and were?) when they made the decision to let Lee go and make up that whole story about his demands being unreasonable, when it wasn’t clear that he had any demands at all. The stories of his inflated asking price are mostly speculation.
The decision isn’t whether to drive a “truck or a Mercedes.” Both vehicles have their purpose, and you can’t haul construction equipment with a Mercedes, just like you can’t win a championship without pitching.

Muleman, who sets your budget?

The Phils offered Lee the 3 year – $60 million contract extension that they in turn gave to Roy Halladay after Lee turned it down because of his desire to test the free agent market after the 2010 season. Lee believes he is worth more than that on the open market (which may turn out to be the case), but in that scenario the $$$ is more important to him than a WS ring so I like the idea of sending him packing as they did. It all makes perfect sense to me, he had his chance to play for our Phils and he turned it down.

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