Phillies Lock Up Victorino, Too

Sources told tonight the Phillies and Shane Victorino have agreed to a three-year, $22 million contract extension, which would keep him with the Phillies through 2012. The extension buys out Victorino’s final two years of salary arbitration and his first year of free agency.

The agreement with Victorino follows the announcement the Phillies had signed Joe Blanton to a three-year, $24 million extension. Phillies assistant general manager Scott Proefrock said today the Phillies also could lock up Carlos Ruiz to a new contract before the end of next week.

Victorino’s contract details were unavailable, but an official announcement could come tomorrow.

Victorino hit .292 with 39 doubles, 13 triples, 10 home runs, 62 RBIs and 25 stolen bases last season. He made his first National League All-Star team and earned his second consecutive Gold Glove.

Victorino had sought $5.8 million in arbitration. The Phillies had offered $4.75 million.


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THis is HUGE!! it is the beginning of building the starting 8 for the forseable future. We now have 4 starting pitchers, Utley, Ruiz, Polanco, Victorino signed after 2011. We will also have Brown ready by then, and Francisco under control still. Great deal by Rube!!!

This contract makes Victorino a very tradeable commodity. I think next offseason they move Victorino and Howard for a pile of prospects, and extend Werth and Rollins.

Hmm… one could only hope that it would be a better “pile of prospects” than the pile they got from Seattle for a former Cy Young Award winner.
Prospect trades are often sucker bets. Look at the group the Phils gave to Cleveland for Lee. Let’s see if any of them ever amount to anything. It says here that they won’t.
Which I suppose makes the pile they got from Seattle sort of an even swap. A Cliff Lee one-year rental agreement.

Marson will be the everyday catcer in Cleveland this year. They even went out and got a back up for him. Im very interested in how he does there. Remember the prospects Cleveland got in the Sabathia to Montreal deal? Both Sizemore and Lee were in the package along with two others that were starters I think. Maybe its not a good idea to give Cleveland the prospects they ask for? Also, more than one writer is predicting a big year from Michael Taylor.

Hey, you have to give up something to get something.

muleman: you make me laugh. couldn’t you have come up with better examples to make your argument? ones where the prospects have actually played a season or two since they were traded?

muleman, Victorino with two years remaining on a fair contract and a premier power hitting first baseman would bring a lot more than a Cliff Lee one-year rental. The Phillies will need to stay creative to stay on top of the NL. They can’t just spend their way out like the Yankees.

Todd, I’m confused by the math. He was asking for $5.8 million. The Phillies had offered $4.75 million and he signed a 3 year deal for $22 million? Doesn’t that come out to $7.3 million per year? Something seems off.

Cartoong98: It takes into acount his free agency years as well. How much would you pay on the open market for a gold glove CF who steal 25+n bases, hits .300 and is a catalist on the field and in the clubhouse? We get a steal.

zach: You’re a riot too. Prospects are suspects, in my opinion. To trade a proven major league player for a guy in AAA is a risk that isn’t often worth taking.
I don’t understand what you’re asking, which isn’t all that surprising.

If prospects are ” suspects” does that mean that Rollins, hamels, Howard, Utley and Ruiz were suspects too? If so, give me more “suspects” like those guys, Please. LOL! My point is that the Phils cannot trade away too many prospects or you’ll be stuck in rebuilding mode when all of your team’s over – paid veterans get old and the Phils have no players to re-build with, muleman.
Got to think beyond THIS year if you are a ML GM.

muleman: My point is pretty obvious. You wrote “Prospect trades are often sucker bets” then provided two examples where the prospects involved haven’t even had a month to play. I’m convinced.

muleman, there were seven prospects involved in the two Cliff Lee trades. It ridiculous to just assume that none of them will amount to amything.
Did you know that Cliff Lee was himself a prospect in a big trade between the Expos and Indians? Shocking that he amounted to something.

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