Phillies Sign Blanton to Three-Year, $24 Million Extension

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for blanton.jpgRuben Amaro Jr.
sounded optimistic yesterday that the Phillies would sign Joe Blanton, Shane Victorino and Carlos Ruiz to contract extensions before spring training.

One down.

The Phillies announced today they had signed Blanton to a three-year, $24 million contract extension, which keeps him with the Phillies through 2012. Blanton had been eligible to become a free agent after the season. Blanton, 29, went 12-8 with a 4.05 ERA in 31 starts last season. He is 16-8 with a 4.09 ERA in 44 regular-season starts for the Phillies since he joined the team in July 2008. The team is 26-18 (.591) in those games.

Blanton will be available to the media later today. He passed his physical earlier today.


Updated: Blanton will make $1 million in salary in 2010, but he also receives a $6 million signing bonus. That will be paid in $3 million installments in June and October. Blanton then makes $8.5 million in 2011 and 2012. He also has escalator clauses, which states he will make $8.75 million in 2011 if he throws 200 innings in 2010, and $8.75 million in 2012 if he throws 200 innings in 2011.


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There will be naysayers, but I like this deal. Blanton’s in his pitching prime, he throws a lot of innings and was the Phillies best pitcher for a significant stretch in 2009. He clearly isn’t a #1 or 2, but we have those spots taken care of and he easily matches up with almost every #3 in the league. Glad to have Joe for 3 more years.

I like this deal. He’s been a solid addition to the pitching staff. I think he’s been as advertised. Congrats Big Joe B!

Good deal. Four starters in place through at least 2011 now. Thankfully, Blanton came back to earth with his assessment of his worth.

This is a solid and fair deal that will help the Phils stabilize the rotation. The Phils have been to the WS 2 consecutive years , so I’m not going to doubt the judgement of the GM ( at least as it relates to the Rotation), at this point. To do so, would seem foolish, to me. Good job, Amaro.

also like the deal, though not the cost. I can’t believe that Blanton is worth 8 million a year. At least we have our rotation set for the years to come: Halladay, Hamels, Blanton and Happ. The # 5 will change every year, I guess.

I’m glad zach58 thinks we have the #2 spot “taken care of.” Hamels is one of the biggest question marks, not only on this team, but in baseball. How he reacts to a lousy season and worse post-season is key to the season, I think.
He has a lot to prove.

I was wondering if it is possible for someone to make a statement or a comment on this blog without muleman making an obnoxious, condescending or insulting comment back to that person in return.

It is possible bolenbak but its rare.

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