Ruiz Agrees to Three-Year Extension

And the Phillies have locked up their final salary arbitration eligible player.

A few days after they signed Joe Blanton and Shane Victorino to three-year extensions, the Phillies have agreed to a three-year, $8.85 million extension with Carlos Ruiz, pending a physical. A source told there also is a fourth-year option worth $5 million with a $500,000 buyout.

The contract buys out Ruiz’s three years of arbitration eligibility, and potentially his first year of free agency.


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My concern now is letting Jayson Werth go. He is only the second Phillies right handed batter to hit over 35 homeruns since Mike Schmidt. Replacing him will not be easy and letting him go is not an option. Of course $15 million or more a year for the Phillies is not an easy thing to fit in the budget either. Still, they need to figure out a way to keep him.

Sign him now before the price tag goes up and he becomes a New York Met!

Great signing and at a great price. As for all of you who are worrying about Werth–relax. There is a kid in AAA named Brown who is going to fill his shoes just fine, and allow us to aquire another top starting pitcher, or a bat in return. Werth will be traded at the deadline to a team like last year’s Cardinals…competing but lacking punch. Goose or the kid aquired in the Lee trade will replace Ibanez in 2012 when he becomes the 4th outfielder/LPH.
Team shaping up very nicely for the next few years

f.i.j. – a decent analysis and perspective and your points seem valid. Who knows if things will play out exactly as you say but it certainly seems within the realm of possibility. We can’t predict the future but the point of these discussions is to have fun speculating about the possibilities.

What I’m really looking forward to now is when muleman weighs in and states that you don’t know anything about anything, everything you have said is absolutely wrong and that you are an idiot.

me and the Mule are cool. two years ago there was a guy who posted on Todd’s Inky blog who always stirred things up. He wasn’t aroung last year, so I took his place. Seems as if Mule is laying stake to the job for the coming season. If everyone agrees, this blog gets pretty boring……

Amen joebridgenc.

Yes, when everyone agrees it does get boring but, when you have only a handful of people it also gets boring. I think an effort could be made to be more civil to each other and make new people feel more welcome in commenting. To disagree and to insult, are not the same thing.

Oh Yeah, I remember “TRUTH”. Nothing good to say about the Phillies and made sure you knew they would never win anything because of their ways. He was probably responsible for half of the posts with his arguments. Funny and instigative at the same time.

Werth’s value now will be in what he brings at the mid season trading deadline. As long as he stays healthy until then, he’ll bring in a few prospects to further stock the farm system. Or fill a Phils void due to unexpected injury. He and Victorino and Utley are a big part of the personality of the Phils but, business is business. On to the highest bidder for Werth.

Love Chooch. Senor Octubre!

Ahhh! Those were the good ol’ days when “TRUTH” was around these parts. He/She was a hoot to spar with. For the most part folks here are pretty civil even when disagreeing.

Despite being the NL Champs and WS contenders, the Fightins have had a busy off-season. So glad they locked up Chooch for the next several seasons. Sometimes he’s an overlooked cog in the Phils success. Time will tell as to how Werth and his future with the team will play out. A lot I’m sure depends upon what kind of season he has. So far he seems to be improving each and every year and is certainly in his prime (age wise).

f-i-j, why in the world would the Phillies trade a critical part of the lineup (Werth) at the trading deadline, unless they were out of the race? Especially to a team that they could possibly meet in the postseason? Werth is going to be a huge part of the Phillies run at playing in three straight World Series, not trade bait. Trading anybody in the lineup at the trading deadline is not an option. It makes no sense on any level unless, as I said, they were out of the race. Is that your expectation?
BTW, Brown is not at AAA. He started last season in an advanced rookie league and has never played an inning of professional baseball above AA. Hew ill not be ready to play in the show this year.

I would disagree that Werth will go anywhere during the season. They have laid out the money to win NOW and sending Werth away to plug in a rookie makes no sense, IMHO. The is no other RH bat on the bench or in the minors to take his place.
And I think TRUTH was commited and has no computer access at the rest home.

If Werth isn’t going anywhere, why hasn’t he been extended yet?
I think the writing is on the wall. Amaro has made an effort to lock up all the pieces for payroll certainty for the next few years. Anyone not locked up is not locked up for a reason. IMHO

There is no way the Phillies trade Werth this season unless they are completely out of the playoff race. I am still holding out hope that they resign him, but I am happy that they have locked up the rest of the core of this team for a couple more years. My biggest concern is that if they resign Werth, does that take away the likelihood that Ryan Howard could be re-upped when that comes up after 2011? I would much rather lock up Howard long term for major cash then Werth.

I am thinking. Werth goes into the same catagory as Lee, unaffordable. “Think” what Cleveland got for Lee from the Phillies last year for the two month rental, four prospects. Marson will be Cleveland’s starting catcher this year. Think of Werth this year as Lee last year. Cleveland let Lee go because they knew ahead of time that they couldn’t afford him. The Phillies will let Werth go for the same reason. Payroll maxed out. 3 prospects for Lee this off season, a few for Werth at trade deadline, farm system restocked. If they could keep Werth he’d have been resigned already. Why would they leave one guy unsigned if he’s so important to them? Nobody is even talking about resigning Werth, its a forgone conclusion that he will test the market. AND, they need a spot to put one of the young guys in waiting to come up. We’ll see in July who is right.

So because Werth is not locked up, he is trade bait? So, who replaces him down the stretch of a pennant run and the postseason?
Think a little bit. They would get a whole hell of a lot more for a guy with two years remaining on a contract than they would for a two month rental at the trading deadline. Victorino has a very desirable contract and HE will be the trade bait AFTER the season.
They trade Victorino next offseason and sign Werth to an extension.

Joe, I would think that the Phillies have every intention of being in the race this year. You still haven’t told me who replaces Werth in the lineup if they trade him at the trading deadline. And please, don’t try to offer up a player who has yet to have a single at-bat above AA.
Really, think about it. Trading Werth at the trading deadline is only an option for a team that is out of it and in sell mode.

The time to have traded Werth would have been this off-season when he had maximum value. The Phillies are commited for $132 million already for 2011. I do not see how it would not be over $150 million if Werth is resigned. Of course the payroll could substantially drop in 2012 by allowing Howard to walk such that a $150 million payroll in 2011 would be a one year spike. But if the Phillies had retained Lee this year, his salary would have represented a similar spike but, that’s right, Amaro had to “restock” the farm system.

Phan, I’m not convinced that Brown won’t be ready by the second half of the season, but even if not, we have that prospect we got in the Lee deal and a guy named Francisco who we got with Lee the first time. Both can fill in for a half a year.

This is not about not wanting Werth. Everyone wants him back, but realistically we aren’t going to spend 10+ million a year on him. We can’t afford it while keeping the rest of the core together. Especially when he’ll want a long term deal and we have Brown, Goose and the guy from Seatle waiting in the wings. His salary will be better used in keeping Howard, resigning JRoll, etc

f-i-j, you are being ridiculous. Do some research and you will find that Brown is a project. A high -end one, yes, but a project nonetheless. You obviously think he is the second coming of Andre Dawson, but he may never even pan out. HE IS A PROSPECT!! The Phillies don’t have any illusions of him being ready to play MLB in 2010.
And Werth is a valuable part of any postseason ambitions in 2010. If they don’t re-sign him they will get two high draft picks for him and move on, but they are not going into 2010 with any other plan than to have Werth play through the 2010 season. Neither Brown nor Francisco can give the Phillies what Werth does int the postseason, and that is what it is all about.

fij: The outfielder the Phillies received in the Lee trade, Tyson Gillies, only played at the high A level this past season. So I do not see him contributing anything soon, if at all.

Phan: I agree with what you say about the Phillies and Werth. But, if nothing else, Amaro has shown me that he can make bone-headed moves.

pherris, we will know if they are bone-headed moves at the end of the 2010 season. Everybody would like to have Halladay and Lee at the top of the rotation, but maybe it just wasn’t an option based on the salary restrictions. In which case, it was all pretty creative.
The Phillies, outside of Werth, are set through 2011 and that wouldn’t have been possible without all the moves. Frankly, I expect some more creativity revolving around Victorino and Howard in order to stay competitive beyond 2011. They have the most trade value going forward. Werth has very little under present circumstances and they may as well take advantage of his salary push. I think he will have a monster year, with free agency right around the corner. He saw what Holliday and Bay got and that will be as much motivation as anything. Just playing on a contending team like the Phillies is motivation enough for a guy who gets better every year.

phan52: I don’t know who they are going to stick in right field to replace Werth but Mayberry has had a few bats in the bigs and looks close to ready. Amaro is a businessman first and a fan second, if at all. The smartest business move here is to let Werth go and bring Mayberry up to replace him. You won’t get Werth for Victorino money or even Ibanez money. Like I said, we’ll see this summer when some team is hurting for a big bat and is ready to del prospects for it. Remember too, I was right about Halliday when everyone else thought I was delusional. The most expendable most expensive piece of the team at this stage with all of the current contracts in effect, is Werth. It has nothing to do with how much anyone likes anyone. Its business.

Trading Werth during this season would be retarded, even if we know we can’t re-sign him, unless the unexpected happens and the Phils are out of the playoff race before the deadline.

You are right joe, it’s business. And just about the dumbest business decision they could possibly make would be to trade their five-hole hitter at the trading deadline. I really can’t believe that you are still arguing this. They would be shooting themselves in the foot in the middle of a pennant race.
Unless, of course, you are assuming that they will be out of it. Then, by all means, go for it.

Being right about Halliday isn’t really all that impressive when most media outlets kept saying the Phillies were his likely landing spot.

Then what does that say about zo zone readers if I was the only one to “repeat” what the media outlets were already saying?

Everybody knew Amaro wanted Halladay, joe. Nobody, outside of you and f-i-j, thinks they should trade Werth, including Amaro. They will either re-sign him (doubtful) or let him play out his contract and accept two draft picks. There is 0% chance that they trade Jayson Werth at the trading deadline, unless the Phillies are hopelessly out of the race.

I’m not saying that Werth isn’t a big part of the team, or that he isn’t a great player. What I’m saying is that since there is zero chance of us resigning him, and I believe we can win without him as well, it makes sense to get more then 2 draft choices for him, if we can. By no means do we dump him if the return isn’t worth it, but we don’t hold on to him if we can make a good deal at the deadline either. It would ba a Holiday type deal where the team who gets him may be willing to resign him, or not. IF we can get a young arm, or a decent set of prospects it will be worth it. Obviously, if we are in a tight race then we rethink, but I fugure that with the NL east this year the way it looks, we should have the division pretty much wrapped up

f-i-j, I would never consider trading anybody in their lineup at the trading deadline in the middle of a pennant race. They need everybody becasue, with their bench, there is a significant dropoff at almost every position. But if I did, it would be Victorino or Howard instead of Werth because they have contracts and would bring far more in return. But its absurd to even consider.

And the NL East is better than you think. Florida is still solid in most areas except on defense, Atlanta has the deepest pitching, and the Mets will be better if they can stay healthy. I would never take anything for granted, and I certainly hope the Phillies don’t either.

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