The 2010 Payroll

So you’re probably saying to yourself, “The Phillies have spent a lot of money this offseason. Are they really going to be able to add salary if they need help midseason?”

“We’ve never really been denied that opportunity before,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “I guess time and circumstance will determine what our needs may be. We’ll continue to monitor through the season and see where our deficincies will be and see if we can attack the problem at the time. Hopefully we’re in the position to be buyers. You never know. It’s a strange game.”

Here is how the 2010 payroll looks, so far at $134.775 million:

Carlos Ruiz – $1.9 million
Brian Schneider – $1.25 million, includes $250,000 signing bonus

Ryan Howard – $19 million
Chase Utley – $15 million
Placido Polanco – $5 million
Jimmy Rollins – $8.5 million, includes $1 million signing bonus
Greg Dobbs – $1.35 million
Juan Castro – $750,000

Raul Ibanez
– $11.5 million
Shane Victorino – $5 million
Jayson Werth – $7 million
Ben Francisco – unsigned
Ross Gload – $1 million

Roy Halladay
– $15.75 million, minus $6 million from Toronto
Cole Hamels – $6.65 million
Joe Blanton – $7 million, includes a $6 million signing bonus
J.A. Happ – unsigned
Jamie Moyer – $8 million, includes $1.5 million in escalator bonuses from last season.

Brad Lidge
– $11.5 million
Ryan Madson – $4.5 million
J.C. Romero – $4 million
Danys Baez – $2.5 million
Chad Durbin – $2.125 million
Jose Contreras – $1.5 million


We Should Be GMs shows everybody why Chase Utley is their hero.


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24 players are listed above. If they all make the opening day roster, that leaves only one opening for Kendrick, Bastardo, Mayberry, Matthiesen, or maybe De Wise or Duckworth. Juan Castro is the only name on the list that doesn’t look like a lock for the 25-man roster on opening day. Any thoughts?

Also, there seems to be $5.25 million left. Any chance that they could sign Jason to an extention on his contract with that money?……..

According to this website, they are already over 138 million before signing Happ, Kendrick and Francisco. That’s quite a disparity from Todd’s numbers and could be the difference between bringing on a midseason need and not.

I would say my numbers are more accurate. The numbers on the other site breaks down the signins bonuses evenly. In other words, Chase Utley’s $2 million signing bonus already has been paid, but that Web site breaks it down over the course of seven years, which is why I have him making $15 million and they have him making $15.26 million. I found those same explanations with many of the other salaries. I’m not saying my numbers are 100 percent accurate, but they’re pretty close because I account for all the signing bonuses appropriately.

Thanks Todd. Your explanation makes sense. This isn’t the NFL’s salary cap where bonuses are prorated for the life of the contract. That makes me a little more confident that they Phillies have room to add a player, if the need arises.

erichh: I wonder if they see Jason’s 2009 season as an aberration or a sign of things to come, and are waiting to see what he does this year before making a decision.

Otherwise, why would they be signing the core to 3-year deals and still preaching about re-stocking the farm system? The two things don’t necessarily go together. Amaro was on with Missanelli today saying that Rollins and Utley (among others) wouldn’t remain productive forever, and they have to have options. So where are the middle infielder prospects?

Still (as I pointed out earlier) the team is aging together and one would guess that either they will have to start making trades, moving kids up or signing free agents in order to remain competitive. I’m assuming they have a plan.
I’m happy about 2010 but concerned about 2012.

Thank you for the breakdown. You always provide the most accurate. It seems that everyone is following Cot’s these days. And as you note, the bonus payouts are usually listed over the life of the contract.
I do have a few discrepancies/questions:
What about Polanco’s $500K signing bonus? I assumed $250K this year and next – $5.25M this year.
Castro is $700K in salary and a $50K option buy-out.
What about Lidge’s $1.5M signing bonus? I assumed $500K per year – $12M for 2010.
Are you going to factor in the Jenkins ($1.25M), Feliz ($500K) & Eaton ($500K) buy-out payments?
If not, should you list the Castro $50K & Romero’s $250K buy-out payments?

Erich, unless a posistion player listed above gets run over by a truck, or some one not listed above has a spring riviling the second coming, there is no way they make the team. The posistion players you see above are the team!! THere is one spot for a relief pitcher (Bastardo, Matthiesen, or the other kid who pitched so well last year when he was called up (and it seemed like every ohter day)

Kendrick, or another starter, makes the team if Moyer doesn’t.

It’s really simple. The way this team is set there really aren’t many chances to win a spot on the team in spring training

“Hopefully we’re in the position to be buyers. You never know. It’s a strange game.” Interesting statement.

What about the $500,000 buyout of Feliz’s contract? I also believe we owe Adam Eaton $500,000 and Geoff Jenkins $1,250,000.

Shouldn’t they be added to the payroll? Are the Phillies considering those when they calculate total payroll?

It is absolutely insane that they are paying Moyer 8 million dollars this year. There was nobody else in MLB that was even competing for his services. The worst move by Amaro to date by a pretty large margin.

Thanks for the breakdown, Todd. Makes me wish I could magically morph into a Ryan Howard clone…lol. Heck, I’ll even take Castro’s salary for that matter! One can dream…


Yep, Moyer’s contract is BY FAR the biggest mistake of Ruben’s young tenure.

To me , the 8 mil due Moyer is bad, but the 11.5 mil due Ibanez plus the additional money due him in 2011 is even worse. If Brown sets fire in Reading and/ or Werth gets RED hot like he has been, I would not be surprised to see Brown up in Philly before September. There are ways to make room on the ML roster. The Phils could trade Ibanez ( but having to pay perhaps half of his salary), The money that would be saved ( with Brown in the OF and Moyer probably being bought out because of ineffectiveness or injury) could be applied toward an extension for Werth, perhaps. This team needs to blend in some younger players NOW before all of these guys get old together and leave ( via free agency) or lose their higher level of effectiveness. Besides, it’s pretty obvious that Howard will be gone after 2011 anyway. Don’t want to go back to the 82 to 85 win years just because of being too stubborn to re-tool on the fly. Baseball is a Business as much as a sport and smart fans need to realize that and be realistic.

I think baseball needs to create another category for players like Mayberry, Kendrick, etc. who are no longer considered prospects because they have had time in the majors, but they aren’t rookies or established veterans. It’s interesting to me that Taylor was picked by the Jays over Mayberry. Maybe it’s because the arbitration clock has started for Mayberry. My point is that there are players who have played in the Big Show (like Mayberry) who are actually lower (value-wise) in the minds of GMs than prospects (like Taylor) who are not even ready to put on a major league uniform. There aren’t enough stats on these players to form an educated evaluation of their skill-levels. So they go about their business in Triple-A or on the bench of a big League team. They are in a kind of purgatory. Stuck between the dog-eat-dog world of minor league baseball where players struggle to keep their dream a live and the long-term contracts of the Heavenly Majors. Prospects- ???? – Rookies – Veterans – Jamie Moyer. Anyway we need a new term for them

The blending of veterans and farm products is a good way of putting it. I had hoped this would have been the Phillies object especially considering the high ratings the Phillies farm system had achieved over the last several years. The net effect of Amaro’s actions over the last year has been to trade the farm for Roy Halladay almost literally. When I think of Roy Halladay, I think of the 1972 version Steve Carlton.

erich, Mayberry has far less value than Taylor because he has never really shown any ability that translates to MLB on any level. He has shown sporadic power and he is a decent outfielder, but Taylor has shown himself to be a potential 5-tool guy. There is no way the Jays would have taken Mayberry. Hell, it looks like they didn’t even want Taylor, as they traded him before he ever even was introduced as a Jay. Mayberry just isn’t very good.

The fact that phan52 and others have to worry about whether there is room in the payroll to add someone midseason is what frustrates the hell out of me. I love this team and I know they have expanded their payroll a lot since this string of success started but to have a self-imposed cap does not sit well with me. I’m not asking them to be the Yankees but they need to realize they are now in the same class as them. They can splurge a little more if they want. I go down to the park quite a bit and they are not hurting on ticket sales in concessions as we all know.

Oh and yeah that Moyer contract is hideous. Jamie is a great guy and he’d be even greater if he gave some of that money back. I know that no one in their right mind would do that but I’m just saying.

phan52, at least Mayberry has hit a Major league homerun; Michael Taylor has NOT. He’ll be starting in Triple A for the A’s , but that team is so-hurtin’ for offensive production that they will probably bring him up too early and ruin his development.
As for Jamie Moyer’s contract, I’m sick of reading whiney posts about the money they spent on his contract. Anyone who thinks that Ruben Amaro thought that Jamie would be effective for the full length of his contract is insane. Of course Ruben knew Jamie’s body would break down due to age sooner rather than later. So why did he go through with the deal? I think there are two principle reasons for this: (1) Jamie is a valuable mentor to the young lefties (Hamels and Happ) and (2) Ruben knew that Jamie was only asking for a big payday because his charitable organizations needed the money. Jamie Moyer can pitch into his mid-to-late 40s because he’s motivated to help people and make a positive difference in the world. How can antone criticize money going to a person like that. You guys didn’t whine this much about Adam Eaton for cryin’ out loud!

LOL at Ruben overpaying Jamie because of his charity. He should be fired if that was the case.

Taylor is one of the favorites to win the AL ROY this year. Mayberry isn’t even a favorite to see the majors this year. wake up erich. Mayberry is a BUST WHO WON’T EVER BE ANYTHING

erichh1: on Moyer, THANK YOU! You said so well what I have been thinking too — but, I would also like to add a third reason — he wins games! I like this team a LOT better with Jamie on it not off of it. I can’t wait to see him get the 5th starters spot and make the naysayers eat their words.

My suggestion to anyone who is tired of “whiney” posts is do not read them.

My suggestion to anyone who is tired of “whiney” posts is do not read them.

erich, it is really laughable to suggest that Ruben gave Moyer that ridiculous contract so he could pass it on to charity. What people like Moyer do is establish their foundations with seed money and then continuously raise money from other sources to keep it up. He may be contributing more money but I can guarantee you that he is pocketing the vast majority of that stupid contract. Moyer is a credible mentor, but you don’t pay mentors 8 million dollars when you have a self imposed salary cap.

And I wasn’t on these boards when they signed Eaton but, if I had been, you would have heard me saying exactly the same thing. Eaton did nothing to deserve that contract and I doubt there were any other bidders at that level, similar to Moyer. They could have signed both for far less money and less years. Moyer only deserved a one year deal at his age.

Thanks libertybelle (nice name, by the way) You are right. I forgot that Jamie wins more games than he loses. Cole Hamels lost more game than he won last year. Who earned their salary more?

Quote: My suggestion to anyone who is tired of “whiney” posts is do not read them.

HUH? How do you know if it’s a “whiney” post without reading it?

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