Phillies Announce Broadcast Schedule

The Phillies today announced their 2010 broadcast schedule:

  • Comcast SportsNet will carry 102 games, including the April 12 home opener against the Nationals.
  • MyPHL17 will air 45 games.
  • ESPN has three Sunday games.
  • FOX has nine Saturday games.
  • Every game can be heard on WPHT, The Big Talker 1210 AM, in Spanish on WUBA (1480 AM) and the Phillies Radio Network.


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Looks like it adds to 159. Whats the story with the other 3 games? Any reason Comcast isn’t picking them up?

I have my fingers crossed that Scott Franzke and LA are going to be picking a some innings on TV. I can’t stomach another year of Tom McCarthy doing all nine innings!

I’m getting the games on MLB Extra Innings/MLBTV to see Halladay pitch. As a Jays fan, it will be an interesting season seeing so many Phillie games. Hope fans start chanting ‘We Like Roy’ ‘We Like Roy’ as I envision.

mikeclark1: Don’t hurt your fingers keeping them crossed waiting for that, because I think you’ll be disappointed.

welikeroy: We LOVE Roy, but there isn’t a snowball’s chance in he** that we’re going to chant “We like Roy.” You’ve obviously never been to Philadelphia.

welikeroy, ‘like’ is not in Phillies phans’ vocabulary. It is either ‘love’ or ”hate’ around here and I believe that the operative word with respect to Halladay will be ‘love’.

muleman, obviously we had the same thought at the same time.

I’m even looking forward to the first exhibition game telecast on March 4!

Welikeroy: Welcome to the Zo Zone! I hope you enjoy following the Phils. They’re a treat to watch!

lol @ muleman and phan – I love this blog

Exactly 60 days until the Phillies opener and Halladay’s first official start!

zach & phan: Thinking like me can be a dangerous thing.🙂

In 60 days my buddy and I will be in the club level in Washington watching Halladay stomp the lowly Nats in the season opener. We had to go to StubHub to get tix, but I think it will be worth the trip.

hey technichal question: there has got to be a way to get phils radio broadcasts on my IPOD touch. anyone know how to do it other than going thru type stuff? 97.5 has the application but i dont think they do phils games on summer nights. any recommendations…??? thanks guys

Where can we hear it in Japanese? lol

world: Unless your iPod Touch gets 1210 AM you’re kinda screwed. 97.5 doesn’t do regular season Phils games. Maybe the “away” broadcasts are available? Check visiting teams’ web sites for broadcast info.

erichh1: Japan?

Actually, I can’t wait til Spring Training begins because MLB Network covers at least one Grapefruit League or Cactus League game a day. It’s a great opportunity to see all the up and coming players for all the teams, but especially great to see the Phils getting ready for the season.

muleman, I lived in Japan for ten years. My wife’s Japanese. If I could get the games in Japanese, I could convince her to be a phan. As it stands, she likes the Dodgers.;-(

ROFLOL with you, Zach 58! Love this blog too…it’s once in a blue moon when muleman and phan52 are notching a similar thought here in the Zone – let alone at the same time! Hilarious!

erichh1: your wife must have been devastated when Kuroda got hit in the head last season. THAT really WAS scary! Did you get to any of the post-season games together the past two years? What fun to cheer on your favorite teams together! When I passed through LAX on my way to Philly this past October, I picked up an LA Times and there was an interesting front page Column One article on Kuroda’s interpreter, Kenji Nimura, and his perspective on that unfortunate event.

libertybelle: it’s like a solar eclipse when anybody on here agrees with me on anything.🙂 Nevertheless, I will defend to the death their right to an opinion, no matter how odd or goofy it may be!

One thing is for sure: This 2010 ballclub is headed for 100 wins and another World Series berth. That will be an historic achievement. The last time a team went to 3 straight WS was the ’76 to ’78 Yankees. That’s quite a feat considering the playoff system and everything.

I am fairly optimistic the Phils will get back to the world series this year muleman but a correction to your post is that the last team to do it was the Yankees but it was 1998 – 2000.

phillyscott: Yes, and 2001 also. I can only blame a beer-induced lack of comprehension skills.

The most glorious moment in your life are not the socalled days of success, but rather those days when out of dejection and despair you feel rise in you a challenge to life, and the promise of future accomplishment. Do you think so? – Jordan

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