Phillies Looking to Japan?

The Phillies have not signed any Japanese pitchers, contrary to reports.

Japan’s Daily Sports Online first reported the Phillies had signed Shigetoshi Yamakita and Naoyo Okamoto to Minor League contracts. But the Phillies said there have been no signings or agreements with any Japanese players. Could something happen in the next couple weeks? A source said he is unaware of any discussions about any Japanese players.


Chad Durbin hails from Louisiana and is throwing a big Super Bowl bash, which is even bigger because he also is celebrating his wife’s 30th birthday.

“This game is a big deal down here and the people down here do know how to throw a party,” he said.


Scott Eyre will have an audition on Sirius/XM Radio’s Home Plate channel on Monday night with Joe Castellano. FP Santangelo and Steve Trachsel also tried out recently. I know Eyre has said broadcasting interests him, so it wouldn’t surprise me to hear him on the radio or see him on TV (Comcast SportsNet?) in the future.


I’ve got to think the Colts will beat the Saints today. I say that because I do not look forward to the countless shots of Archie Manning and Eli Manning in the stands, and I just know if the Colts are winning they’ll be showing them a lot.


A week from tomorrow and I’ll be in Clearwater. I will miss the snow.


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Eyre sounds like a natural for broadcasting.

I think the Colts smoke the Saints today, but I’m a baseball guy, so I have a built-in excuse if I’m wrong!

Agree with Colts winning today, as Manning is the masterful one!

Scott will make a great sirius radio or tv broadcaster as looking forward to hearing him.

As far as Japan players, certainly Charlie must have contacts for talent to fill the pipeline.

Saw the comment on Roy Halliday showing up everyday for workout at 7am, as old school pitcher, like Charlie when he is the first in and last to leave in clearwater and philadelphia.

Not hearing much about Cole Hamels, as hope he is working on that cutter like he should be doing as he needs a good pin point 3rd pitch as the curve ball, just didnt do it in the WS.

No one talks that Amaro offered Lee 3 and 60M and turned down, so stockpile farm players, as drabeck a question.

Hope Lidge is back to form as it is he and Hamels that will determine our fate, like they did in 2008. Hamels back to WS form with Halliday, Blanton, and Happ is untouchable.

Polanco an upgrade to Feliz, best situational hitter in baseball and has more range than Feliz as a gold glove 2nd baseman.

Phils win 98 games, runaway with the east, square off against whomever the AL puts up, Phils in 6 as WS winners in 2010.

I think there are limits as to which Japanese players come to the USA. Otherwise, we’d just purge their best players. It’s why the Red Sox had to pay 50-some million just to talk to Matsusaka.

Nice jump-ahead to the World Series. Mostly, it depends on Hamels, Lidge and injuries. If they stay healthy they win.

It seems to me that nobody wants Japanese player in Phillies. Could you tell me why? Well, if there are some talented pitchers or players that can import in our team, I think we could also consider it. Well, it too much fun to see our team winning, than losing and hearing the Dear John reviews. As to Shigetoshi Yamakita and Naoyo Okamoto, I heard they are skillful players so why not do more reviews about their play and see if they could fit in our team. Good luck!

sindyl: It’s more complicated than just “wanting” a Japanese player. There is a posting system and it costs MLB teams money. Rather than post a long comment, you can read about it yourself.

sindyl: From where are you getting this information that “nobody wants Japanese player in Phillies”? Generalize much?

pherris: Yes, sindyl’s comment did seem tinged with racism. I seem to recall a certain second baseman named Tadahito Iguchi doing an admirable job when Chase Utley was injured a few years ago. He hit .304 with 10 doubles in 45 games.

I read that the Japanese tour was set to be a blast.

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