A Week to Go

A week from today Phillies pitchers and catchers hold their first official workout in Clearwater.

I just hope there’s no snow there.

Seriously, enough with the snow.


Got the latest contract info:

Jose Contreras. $1.5 million salary. Performance bonuses: $50,000 for 10 games started; $100,000 for 15 games started; $200,000 for 20 games started; $300,000 for 25 games started; $350,000 for 30 games started; $50,000 for 35 games finished; $100,000 for 40 games finished; $200,000 for 45 games finished; $300,000 for 50 games finished; $350,000 for 55 games finished; $50,000 for 50 games; $50,000 for 55 games; $50,000 for 60 games; $50,000 for 65 games; $50,000 for 70 games. Plus: $50,000 for makign the All Star team; $50,000 for being named the NLCS MVP; $100,000 being named World Series MVP; $25,000 for winning the Gold Glove; $25,000 for winning the Silver Slugger; $50,000 for winning Comeback Player of the Year; $100,000 for winning Cy Young or Rolaids ($75,000-2nd; $50,000-3rd). The Phillies also will not offer Contreras salary arbitration if he is a Type A free agent.

Scott Mathieson. He will make $115,000 in the Minors and $400,000 in the Majors. He also receives a $2,500 bonus for appearing in 50 games.

Oscar Villarreal. Minor League contract for $17,000 a month and an agreement for a Major League contract for $125,000. He will make $675,000 if he plays in the Majors. Performance bonuses: $25,000 for 20 games; $25,000 for 25 games; $25,000 for 30 games; $30,000 for 35 games; $30,000 for 40 games; $30,000 for 45 games; $30,000 for 50 games; $30,000 for 55 games. Plus: $25,000 for making the All Star team; $50,000 for being named World Series MVP; $25,000 for being named NLCS MVP; $50,000 for winning Cy Young or Rolaids ($25,000-2nd; $15,000-3rd); $25,000 for winning a Gold Glove; $25,00 for winning a Silver Slugger. If he is not on the 25-man roster by July 1, Villarreal will be released if requested or he will be added to the roster within 72 hours.

Also, Villarreal does not have an invitation to Major League spring training.

Mike Zagurski. He will make $151,548 in the Minors and $400,000 in the Majors.


Joined a podcast at fightinphillies.com, where we talked about spring training and … my new book.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His book “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Philadelphia Phillies” is available online where books are sold. It also will be in Delaware Valley bookstores everywhere in early March.

1 Comment

I guess you’d have to figure, for a million five that Contreras makes the ML roster.
I had higher hopes for Zagurski, but the arm surgery did him in. He still makes three times as much as most of us working stiffs, so I shouldn’t be sympathetic.
Matheison is probably on his last chance. I hope he went to college.
Villarreal is a bargain gamble for the price.

Meanwhile, I still don’t see how they have re-stocked the minor leagues as Ruben claimed they were doing with the Lee trade.

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