Halladay in Pinstripes

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Roy Halladay is on the cover of the latest Sporting News magazine.

A couple excerpts from the interview:

On the label of being the best pitcher never to pitch in the playoffs: “It’s one of those things you want to get over. It’s kind of a hidden compliment, I guess. But I think the longer you play, the more important that part of the game is. When you’re younger, it doesn’t bother you as much because you’re in the big leagues and trying to have your own success. But that changes.”

On his desire to experience the postseason for the first time: “It’s the one driving force. I feel like I’ve been fortunate to accomplish different things that I didn’t necessarily set out to accomplish but was able to do it anyway. And I think through all of that I realized how important winning is to me. It’s not a lot of fun playing in September knowing you’re leaving to go home October 1. That is definitely very hard.”


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His book “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Philadelphia Phillies” is available online everywhere books are sold. It also will be available in Delaware Valley bookstores in early March.


Go Doc!

I don’t know about that. Zach Greinke is pretty good and it doesn’t look like he is making the playoffs anytime sound either.

Although, with Halladay’s fierce competitive nature and his identity in Toronto as a ‘Big Game Pitcher,’ it is a darn shame that he hasn’t been in the postseason! I can’t wait to see him in October! We Like Roy!!!

welikeroy: Maybe in a couple of years we can say that about Greinke, but he still has to show the consistency to be one of the best in the game. He’s 4 years away from being 5-17. Maybe he’s the Koufax of our generation or maybe he’s the Dontrelle Willis – time will tell.

7 days. I’m feeling it.

muleman: Halladay is definately the best not make the playoffs, I’m not disputing that. I just think that it is an unfair label, seeing as there are some other pitchers out there seemingly in the same boat as him. Halladay is hungry to get in the playoffs, I just don’t want to hear all year about how the Blue Jays garbage compared to the player that he is! I don’t know? It is depressing. I guess as a Jays fan I shouldn’t be reading this anyway.

welikeroy: There are lots of guys in that situation. Tim Lincecum comes to mind, but you have to separate the long-term track record from what might be a short-term spike.

The Jays are in a tough spot, like the Orioles and Rays. They could win 95 games and finish 3rd.
I’m going to make a bet with a friend that the Orioles finish ahead of the Jays this season.

Check out an audio podcast for some sneak previews into what is in Todd’s new book! Listen the the ‘Phillies Talk’ podcast here:


Todd, are you going to do book signings in cities the Phils play in. I’d love to get a copy of your book with your autograph on it, but I live in enemy territory….LA.

Roy looks great in a Phillie uniform, doesn’t he. His smile shows how happy and excited he is for the season to begin. I can’t wait either.

erichh: Roy has the grin of a guy who has escaped from the dark depths of baseball (The AL East) and has come into a situation where he can actually influence an outcome (NL East). Regardless of the money he will make, it should put a stamp on his worth as a pitcher and I’d suspect that he’s already planning for the domination of the Nationals on April 5.

Halladay has had as many opportunities to influence outcomes as he has had starts. I fail to comprehend what pitching in the AL East has to do with it. If memory serves me correctly Halladay has had good career numbers against the AL East.

pherris: Because the Jays could win 95 games and finish third. You’re not influencing anything if your team is a loser.

Halladay looks good in red pin stripes!

muleman: Halladay beat the Redsox three times in 2008 when the Redsox finished two games out of first. Halladay beat the Yankees once in 2007 and pitched nine innings in another game in which the Jays beat the Yankees 5-4 but Halladay did not get a decision. The Yankees, by the way, finished two games out of first. Do you think he had an influence at least during these two years? This plugging the Jays into any year with 95 victories and claiming they would have finished third does not hold water. They never won 95 games and finished third in the first place. And, if they had, it had to come at some teams expense Why not as the expense of the teams ahead of them most of the time, the Yankees and Redsox?

pherris, I think muleman means that he hasn’t had any influence on HIS team making the playoffs. Look what happened to him last year after the trading deadline. He had a couple of games that were the worst he had in years, probably because he was disappointed. But then he got back on the horse and was the dominant pitcher in the division again in September. If he can focus on his craft in meaningless games (for HIS team), imagine him pitching like that for a team battling for a division title.
I can’t wait, and I’ll bet he feels the same way.

phan: that’s exactly what I meant. Pitching to beat a playoff team is different than pitching to get to the playoffs yourself. Being a “spoiler” is a nice way of saying you’re out of contention and playing for spite. Most of the time I see it as a pointless exercise.

pherris: The point I am trying to make is that the AL East is a lost cause for three-fifths of the teams in that division. If you’re not having an influence for YOUR team, what’s the point?
Halladay’s record against the Red Sox and Yankees in 2007 and 2008 wasn’t the only reason they didn’t win. They play 162 games, so surely somebody else beat them too. Giving Halladay credit for their fate is not a cogent argument for having influence.
The ’07 Yankees were 0-3 against Colorado and 9-9 against the Orioles.
The ’08 Red Sox were 1-8 against the Angels.

But we really aren’t going to debate this, are we?

muleman: It would be such a shame such if someone making $15 million a year needs extra incentive. If that were the case, it would show a lot of character. You stated a player does not influence anything if his team is losing. I showed that he does. And, your point is?

Lighten up, pherri9s. He made his point, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

Every player in baseball wants to play in the postseason. Many play for years before that happens, and many never reach it at all. This sounds cliche, but all they can do is make sure they are playing at the highest level they are capable of every game. I don’t see why you guys are arguing over his “influence” on pennant races, when his career is worthy of adulation all by itself, regardless. His “influence” on the MLB is establishing himself as an elite pitcher, whether he plays for the Nats or the Yankees.

If someone wants to make a point let them make it. Enough already with blowing smoke. I guess the problem is that some think and write in English while others do not.

phan52: Thank you.

pherris: Lighten up, Francis. Don’t insult my ability to communicate. I made my point. Halladay’s three games don’t equal a team’s performance over the long run. Regardless of the money, they need incentive – and that’s a fact. You didn’t show anything other than 3 games in a 162 game season. Nothing.

“That’s all I have to say about that.”

muleman: Halladay’s performance does equal a teams performance over the long run. It is not the performance of the team he pitched for, the Jays, it is the performance of the team he pitched against, the Yankees and/or the Redsox.

No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.
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