Roy Halladay Day

Halladay presser 7817.jpg

A few highlights from Roy Halladay‘s news conference today:

On the inevitable comparisons to Cliff Lee this season: “I think that’s what baseball is. I think everybody is always comparing different players. I think that’s how they decide who is the better player. That’s always been the case, whether it’s guys on the team being compared to you or other teams. That’s part of it. It’s nothing that fortunately I have to pay attention to. My job is to obviously prepare and compete the best I can. I stay out of the papers and news. Not that those people don’t know what they’re talking about. It just doesn’t have a lot to do with how I should approach the game. Yeah, obviously that’s going to be there, but it’s not going to affect the way I prepare or pitch or anything else.”

On when he begins his daily workouts: “It varies. Normally, 5:45 I try to get here. There have been a few young kids that have been chasing me in, trying to beat me. So I have to start bumping it to 5:30 here soon.”

On Johan Santana’s comments that he is the best pitcher in the NL East: “No, I steer clear of that. I think it was a Lou Holtz quote, ‘Well done is always more important than well said.’ I’ve always tried to take that philosophy. I try to stay out of those things as much as possible.”

On what he is looking forward to most: “Postseason. For me that’s the ultimate. Obviously there’s no guarantee, but that’s the driving force for me right now and the biggest reason. It was never about changing teamamtes, changing environments, changing cities. It was about wanting to pitch in October. That’s what I look forward to here the most. Like I said there is no guarantees, but based on what they’ve done in the past and the guys who are in that clubhouse, I look forward to having that chance.”

On Scott Rolen giving him any advice on Philadelphia: “He actually said that I would love it. He said that you’re going to love being there. I know that was probably tough for him based on the past few times back to Philadelphia, but I know he really enjoyed his time there. He seemed to think that I would, too.”


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