Lidge to Throw Monday, Ahead of Schedule

lidge 0210 2010.jpgBrad Lidge
will begin throwing off a mound Monday, which puts him ahead of schedule.

Lidge is recovering from offseason knee and elbow surgeries. He said earlier this week he is about two weeks behind schedule, but the fact he is going to be throwing Monday would indicate he still has a chance to be ready by Opening Day.

Lidge will throw about 20 fastballs off the mound.

“Having not seen him, I didn’t think so,” said pitching coach Rich Dubee, asked if he thought Lidge would be on the mound so early. “Having reports from where he was, all the reports were good. All his workouts from Colorado were fantastic. He was feeling no pain. The doctors came to see him. They’ve tested and examined and moved him a little bit. He’s doing fine. Is he a little ahead of schedule? I would say so, yeah.”

J.C. Romero is recovering from elbow surgery. Romero said earlier this week he should be 100 percent by the second week of March.

“J.C. will get on a mound eventually, not far behind (Lidge),” Dubee said. “J.C. did some agility stuff today. J.C. will start taking part. We’re just trying to watch him throw during his PFP (pitcher’s fielding practice) stuff. He’s doing fine.”


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Best of luck throwing tomarrow. Please don’t push yourself to where you would injure the knee again. It’s better to be 2 weeks late than to pitch the season in pain. In 08 you were a couple of weeks behind schedule and you had a perfect season!! Looking forward to baseball season.

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