Werth Talks (But Not Much About His Beard)

Thumbnail image for Werth0222.jpgJayson Werth
spoke to reporters a few minutes ago, mostly about his impending free agency.

Spoiler Alert: He said little about his gnarly beard.

“I think everybody knows the situation. It’s no secret. But really, I’m focused on playing baseball and being part of another championship season.”

Q: Do you look at the numbers Bay and Holliday got this offseason and think how attractive it could be for you on the open market?
A: I think their situation is a little bit different from mine. I think I’m a season away from something like that, so really I’m just focused on having a good season and being part of something special here again. Really, these guys in here, I’ve been with them, this is my fourth year here, so it will be interesting to see how it goes, but these guys are great guys and just coming to work every day with my teammates and my friends, that’s what it’s all about — coming in, working hard and playing the game of baseball. That’s what Im focused on.

Q: Are you open to talking about an extension during the season?
A: We’ll have to see. That’s what I’ve got an agent for. They handle all that stuff. My focus is the Philadelphia Phillies and the guys in that clubhouse and the city of Philadelphia and winning another championship.

Q: But you wouldn’t completely shut the door on talks once the season starts?
A: This is the first time I’ve been in a situation like that, dealing with a long term deal and extensions and all that. This is the first time I’ve had an opportunity at that. So we’ll deal with that as it comes, but it’s not something that I’ll be focused on. Really, I’m here to play baseball and play the game hard and play the game the right way and win.

Q: Is this where you’d want to be or are you curious to see what else is out there?
A: That’s a loaded question. I think at this point I’m not really prepared to answer that question nor have I even thought about.

Q: Any talks yet?
A: Very preliminary. More conversations than anything. Nothing really.

Q: Do you see how much the Phillies are spending and wonder if there will be room for you on their payroll?
A: I haven’t really thought about it. I know that how much they are spending is an issue, and I think it’s always an issue, no matter what the situation is. I definitely think that will play a part of it going forward. But again, that’s something that my agent and the team will work out, and hopefully it will work out and I’ll be in Philadelphia for a long time and continue to play with these guys. A lot of these guys are signed up for a few more years at least. The game of baseball is weird like that. Guys come and go, but our situation here, we’ve had a lot of guys stay and a lot of guys sign up for a long time. I’m already a part of something special and have been the past few years. To continue that would be awesome. Just going forward, we’ll have to see what works.

Q: You see how upset Cliff Lee and Pat Burrell were to leave. How do you balance feelings for the organization and being compensated fairly?
A: It’s a tough situation. You look at Aaron Rowand. Aaron Rowand would have loved to be here the past couple years as well … It’s a tough situation and for me to sit here and talk about, I don’t know if I have the words to explain the whole situation really.

Q: Do you feel any allegiance to the Phillies because they took a chance on you a few years ago?
A: I’m going to answer that one very carefully. I’m not going to get into a situation where — it’s tough to say right now. Spring Training starts tomorrow, and yes I am very, very grateful for what they’ve done for me. Pat Gillick and Charlie Manuel and even Ruben. It’s an interesting situation, for me to be in, for me to describe, for you to describe what I’m trying to say. I don’t want to be sitting here blowing smoke or anything like that. I love the Phillies, I love Philadelphia, I love playing here, I love my teammates.

Q: Anything you’d like to improve upon this year?
A: Stolen bases – I think there are more opportunities to steal more bases. I think this is Davey’s last year — don’t quote me on that, but I think that’s the case – I want to gain as much knowledge from Davey as I can. In my mind he’s the best first base coach in the history of baseball and if I can take away as much from him over the course of this season, I think that’s one are I definitely want to take advantage of and continue to get better.

Q: You want to steal more bases. Speed is a big part of your game. Do you worry the hair piece is going to slow you down?
A: I’m not wearing a hair piece.

Q: No, the beard.
A: No, I’m not worried about it.

Q: Will you taper down for the season?
A: I’m not sure.

Q: It’s attractive.
A: Thank you.



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It’s rare to see the phrase “don’t quote me on that” in a quote…

Please please please trim the beard!!🙂 I love you but honey get rid of it. I love his loyalty to the club. That and his skill will make for an amazing season!

Hope we don’t lose Jayson or Davey but I’ll be enjoying this season with them like it’s their last.

Difficult to see Jayson fitting into the salary structure without somebody (Howard? Victorino?) getting traded before next season, but they need the power he provides from the right side.

Jayson werth handles the media like he handles his at bats, with a quiet strength that says ” winner”. It’s VERY unlikely that BOTH Howard and Werth are affordable. I think a lot depends on how well, Ibanez plays, Brown progresses and whether Howard’s absurd 30 million per year demands are still in play. Given a choice, I’d keep Werth ( even if it means initially trying to dump Ibanez’ salary via trade- ). Francisco can be platooned with Brown ( if Domonic progreesses rapidly enough). Remember, Werth can help you win in MORE ways than Howard can, If BOTH are not affordable. For smart Phillies fans, it’s not about leading the league in Homers. It’s about leading the league in WS Rings.

I liked how Werth answered the questions about FA. I thought they were well thought out. I hope that he and the Phils can come to terms. He would be missed greatly. I think he seems to be getting better each year.

Lidge said Werth looked like a cross btwn Jesus Christ and the Geico caveman! (LOL!)

It’s February gang. Let’s try to enjoy 2010 before we start moaning about 2011. They have another pennant to win. Maybe we don’t have enough to talk about when this is the topic of conversation?

If the Phillies cannot afford both Werth and Howard it is only because they have flushed the money for Halladay. And, muleman, who wants to talk about winning pennants? You set your sites too low. If the Phillies do not win another WS, his acquisition is a waste. This year is probably Halladay’s window of opportunity with ever decreasing odds hereafter.

I don’t care what he looks like as long as he keeps up the good work.

On a day where rumors are running amuck about trading Werth, I stumbled across this blog entry, read it, and even chuckled. It made me feel better. This interview says everything about the caliber of player Werth is. Can you believe that the team is facing such adversity now? It’s good to be reminded of everything that Werth has to offer the team and how he feels about being a Phillie and Philadelphia. Do me a favor Todd? Please send this Amaro and remind him. It’s a nice piece. Love the compliment that you gave him in the end about his beard. Here’s hoping Werth is here to stay. I’ll be one very upset fan if he doesn’t. Hope you read this. It might get buried.

barbward: The correct spelling of the phrase is “running amok.”

Jayson Werth is just my guy, first of all he is cool with the media, no speculations from his interview and he pays the agent to work and not for him to answer transfer questions. About his beard, that is identity isn?t it? No shaving Jayson sticks to your identity. – jordan

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