Photo Day

photo day.jpg

It was photo day today at Bright House Field.


Appeared on Hot Stove TV. Check it out.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Philadelphia Phillies” is available online, and most Delaware Valley bookstores NOW!


So, I guess that means Jayson is keeping the beard, since it’s the face that will be staring back at him from the left field scoreboard. Oh well, deal with it girls.

I am sure Placido will show more enthusiasm as the season progresses than he is showing here. Jason probably continues with the beard at his wife’s insistence. What other reason could there possibly be for not getting a shave and a hair cut? It not as if he can’t afford them. Two words Jason should keep in mind: hirsute and ugly.

Hey Todd, why don’t the players wear their own uniform jersey’s for the photos each year. They all have on generic ones with no name or numbers. I see this every year and always wonder about it. Thanks!


Jenn, your observation are interesting. But how do we know about names and numbers from a front view?

pherris: The Phils’ home pinstripe uniforms have numbers on the left sleeve.

muleman, I have no doubt that what you say is true, but can this be discerned from looking at the photographs exhibited? Just asking.

Well, for one thing, the photo of Jayson and Placido shows their left arm and sleeve with no number, so Jenn is correct.

Muleman. why would you point out that the photos of Werth and Palanco do not show numbers, at least numbers I can detect on my computer. I am asking a simple question: do you know from personal experience that the numers on the left sleeve identify the player? You sure indicated such in answer to my inquiry which, by the way, was not even addressed to you.

Maybe the snow has fogged my mind, but why wouldn’t the # on the player’s sleeve not identify him?? Why for example would Chase wear a jersey with #6 on the sleeve but #26 on the back?

Not sure why they’re wearing the generic uniforms. Does seem kinda odd since these are for publicity shots.

Werth’s wife is a saint if she tolerates the caveman look?!?

Pherris: What is your problem? There are obviously no numbers on the players’ sleeve. I was backing up Jenn’s comment. Are you on drugs?

Yes, I know that the numbers on the sleeve match the number on the back – because that’s the uniform, you idiot. Check the Phils web site and look at the jersey if you don’t believe me.
What part of that photo posted or any of my comments is confusing to you? That’s Werth and Polcnco’s left arm visible in the photo and there is no number on the jersey.

Muleman, you are the idiot here. Has it occured to you that I cannot tell what is on the sleeve, number or otherwise. I ask hoping a sane person will inform me about the number appeaing on the sleeve. But I cannot determine even if it is a number or not. A very innocuous question . Wouldn’t you agree?

What’s that on Ryan Howard’s left sleeve? Oh, it’s number! I see pherris is again arguing for argument sake. Surprise, surprise!!

phan52: I am arguing for argument sake and you refer me to a photo from three or four years ago? No, you moron, I asked a simple question. It would seem that a simpleton such as yourself would be able to provide an answer if it were in your capabilities. But everytime you post here, you disabuse us of this notion.

LOL!! pherris the clownshow continues. Still doesn’t recognize he’s beaten, even when shoved in his face.

…simpleton, indeed…

BTW, pherris the clown, just so your tiny brain can get around it, here is a picture from game 5 of the 2009 WS, the last time the Phillies wore their home unis. Is that timely enough for you? Probably not.

More photo day pics. Guys look serious. Looks like Ryan Howard has lost more weight….

Thank you all for your support (except pherris). Am I really the idiot?
Love ya. (except pherris).

boys, boys, boys….it’s Photo Day! Once you’re all done scrappin’, let’s smile for the camera! Won’t be too much longer — about a week from now there will actually be something to talk about. Even Placido seems to be bored with the drivel…

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