Park Wanted to Stay in Philly’s Yankees beat writer Bryan Hoch passed along these quotes from Chan Ho Park.

Park signed a one-year, $1.2 million contract with the Yankees, which includes a potential $300,000 in bonuses. He actually had the opportunity to take a one-year, $3 million contract with the Phillies, but the Phillies thought they had reached a stalemate with Park and moved onto Danys Baez and Jose Contreras instead.

Park said it was “too late” to accept the Phillies’ offer. I think by the time he realized he couldn’t do better than the Phillies’ offer the Phillies already had signed Baez and Contreras and the Phillies no longer were interested.

“Philadelphia was the number one choice, and I had a tough time to leave there,” Park said. “I’m mostly sad to leave Philadelphia, the teammates and fans were unbelievable. I had fun last year, good memories. That makes me sad. But this is the future and a good team and another chance.”


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Looks like Chan Ho Park cost himself about 1.5 million by wishing and hoping that somebody would look at him as a starter. Too bad for him. Amaro strikes me as a guy who moves on pretty quickly and Chan Ho got left behind. I think Contreras can be at least as good as Park, and maybe better.

That’s a shame about Park. Hopefully it will work out okay for all.

I liked Chan Ho coming out of the bullpen, But it’s becoming pretty obvious that RAJ makes decisions quickly and does not let player’s agents jerk him around. Chan Ho and his agent played a game of ” chicken” in negotiations and lost. But I wish him well, EXCEPT when he pitches against the Phils.

I hope he fired his agent over this!

seems to be a recurring pattern here…..Park & Lee. If your agent tries to play games, Ruben moves on. Hope the word gets out before more players who want to stay find themselves on the outside looking in…… Hey maye we can afford to keep this group together if a few are willing to trade a good situation for a few million…. How much money
do these guys need anyway??

wofgang, I don’t think the Park and Lee situations are comparable. Once Amaro realized he could get Halladay he put Lee on the market and it had nothing to do with negotiations. In contrast, Amaro wanted to sign Park and made a legitimate offer. Park and his agent decided to play ‘chicken’ and they got run over.

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