Relax, Phillippe

Phillippe Aumont looked like a guy with a lot on his mind tonight at Bright House Field.

He allowed two hits, five runs, three walks, one home run and one wild pitch in just 2/3 inning in an exhibition game over Florida State at Bright House Field. Aumont acknowledged afterward that he was trying hard to make a good first impression with the organization that thought enough of him that they requested him from Seattle in the Cliff Lee trade.

“It’s the first one,” Aumont said. “I can’t do worse than that, so we’re just going to have to build on that, make a joke out of it and move on. Obviously it didn’t turn out how people wanted, fans, me and everybody else.”

The Phillies are making Aumont a starter this season, and after spending last season in the Mariners organization as a reliever he is working on pitching out of the windup again. He said he is still trying to get comfortable with that.

“I went out there with a bunch of new guys behind me,” he said. “You want to get that first impression out there. And you have that small pressure that’s behind you that you got traded for Cliff Lee. You want to do good. You don’t want to disappoint, especially the fans. Fans are a big part in this. If I look at me right now, this is over. But I want to do good, just give the fans some support.”


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That was a brutal pounding…poor kid. And against a college team too. Here’s hoping he’ll bounce back from it!


Don’t worry about it.
Meanwhile, Joe Savery pitched an inning, had 2 strikeouts and a ground out. Is he still a prospect?

Nothing to worry about. It’s all new to him and he put too much pressure on himself. He’s headed to AA anyway.

Aumont should really take it slow. Well, he have long way to prove his skills and be one of the best players of Phillies. Well, I might see more of the Presidential Reunion, than this, but then I hope Aumont will do his best smoothly, and not with boosting first impression. Maybe, he should learn to be more humble and never push himself to limit or others would create bad impression about it.

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