Baseball Is Back

halladay 0304 2010.JPG 

Roy Halladay makes his (spring training) debut this afternoon for the Phillies.


The Answer Man interviews Jayson Werth. A must read.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” is available online, and at Delaware Valley bookstores!


I know it’s early but Halladay already has sick command. 21 of 24 pitches for strikes and every single strike was on a corner. Unhittable. Sabathia came close to throwing twice as many pitches in two innings.
Halladay is throwing in the bullpen after his start because he didn’t get enough work in. This is going to be awesome.

The sun is shining, 50 degree weather predicted for the weekend and baseball is FINALLY back! COOL BEANS!

Back in the 1960s a phan would just paste an L on the team whenever the announced starter for the opposition was Sandy Koufax, less quickly so for Juan Marichal or Bob Gibson but not that much slower. Now comes Roy Halladay. Let’s start comparing him to what Steve Carlton did his first year as a Phillie. In 1972 Carlton went 27-10 on a last place team which finished at 59-97. Carlton had an ERA of 1.97, 347 IPs, and 30 complete games. The point? The pitcher is in control. If Hallay is nearly as good as many here think, there is no reason to conclude he will not be the games next 30 game winner. Is there?

pherris: Just when I thought you were putting together a coherent comment, you go and ruin it by saying something dopey at the end.
Halladay has started an average of 32 games the last 4 seasons. How on Earth is he going to get 30 wins? Is he going to be 30-2?
Smoltz won 24 in ’96 and Randy Johnson won 24 in 2002.
Koufax, Marichal and Gibson used to start every 4 days. Koufax started 41 games in ’65 & ’66. Gibson never won more than 23 and Marichal won 26 in ’68 when he started 38 AND COMPLETED 30!

So what is the point, anyway? Go on now and argue with yourself.

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