March 4 – Phillies 3, Yankees 2

halladay grapefruit opener.jpg

Roy Halladay looked like Roy Halladay in today’s 3-2 victory over the Yankees at Bright House Field.

He threw 24 pitches, 21 for strikes. He allowed no hits, no walks and no runs and struck out three in two innings. He looked good. Here is what Yankees ace CC Sabathia had to say about it:

“I think it will be a pretty easy transition for him,” Sabathia said. “He’ll like facing the 7-8-9 guys in the National League. The type of pitcher he is, I expect him to go out and be even better than he was with the Blue Jays.”

But are the Phillies better with Halladay instead of Cliff Lee?

“It’s kind of a wash, I feel like,” he said. “If they would have kept the two of them, they’re definitely the team to beat. If Cliff was over here, he’d say the same thing. They’re still a good team and the team to beat in the National League. I don’t think they’ve really lost anything.”


It’s the first spring without Harry Kalas. … Kyle Kendrick and Placido Polanco make their Grapefruit League debuts. … ranked baseball’s GMs.


Sergio Escalona blew a 1-0 run lead in the ninth, allowing four hits and two runs to hand the Yankees a 2-1 lead. But Brian Bocock singled and pinch-runner Quintin Berry scored on Paul Hoover‘s double in the botto of the ninth to tie the game. Hoover advanced to third on the throw home. Pinch-runner Dewayne Wise scored the winning run when Wilson Valdez singled off Yankees pitcher Wilkins Arias.


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Yo Zo,

I believed you called it right on Aumont on a WIP appearance. You warned everyone about the big man and his aversion to home plate. Okay well those are my words, but you had said about his wildness being a big concern. Hopefully he’ll get it someday.

Andy –

Whata treat it was to once again listen to LA & Scott Franzke yesterday calling a Phils game all be it Grapefruit league game.

Mayberry had a hit and tatooed the ball two other times right at somebody, and didn’t strike out. I would love to see him make it difficult for the Phillies to send him back to Lehigh Valley.

well pherris, Drabek got knocked around a little bit yesterday, so I guess he and Aumont both stink.
It’s the first week in March. Aumont isn’t expected to make an appearance in Philadelphia until late 2011, so I’m not going to get worked up about what he did or didn’t do. Same with Drabek. I think they will both represent well in the Show someday.

I really don’t see anybody playing anybody up or down here. If you mean particularly what I am saying about Mayberry, that’s just me and wishful thinking. I have no expectations with either him or the guy they traded for him (Golson). Anything they get out of Mayberry is a bonus, but he is the kind of guy that Charlie likes to work with and maybe he can help get him turned around.

Aumont is considered as part of the Amaro plan of restocking the farm system. Isn’t he? It would great for the Phillies if he succeeds but what if he doesn’t? It is interesting how Amaro supporters posting here want to down play the value of prospects traded by the Phillies yet play up the value of prospects received by the Phillies.

Baseball is baaaaack!!!

Coming from a life-long Blue Jays fan, Doc looks good in a Phillies uniform. I’m glad he got traded to Philly rather than anywhere else. World Series is pretty much a given.

Halladay vs. Lee is not a wash. Doc is the best pitcher in baseball.

I thought the same thing, karen62. Nice hearing those familiar voices again!

phan52: What I mean is this attitude that Amaro is somehow John the Baptist to the Second

Coming as represented by Roy Halladay.

Nobody has made such pronouncements, pherris. But so far he has presided over a team that went to the World Series in his first year, and is going into his second year with a better team. I prefer to think that is a good thing, as opposed to your incessant negativity.

That SI general manager ranking article is a little tough on Amaro. He rips the Ibanez signing, although that’s worked out pretty well so far. He also rips him on the Lee trade, but he may not have been in control of the factors on that one and got the best he could.

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