Hamels Is Doing His Work

hamels spring 2.jpgCole Hamels
threw 32 pitches this afternoon at Dunedin Stadium. Six of them were cutters. Four of them were curveballs.

He allowed two hits, one run, one walk and one home run and struck out two in two innings against the Blue Jays. He got a couple outs with the cutter, which seems encouraging. It’s also encouraging that Hamels’ fastball regularly hit 89 mph. He barely touched 87 mph in his regular-season debut last season. A stronger arm will allow Hamels to work on his secondary pitches this spring, which in theory means they should be more effective once the season starts.

We’ll see.

“I threw it a lot more than I anticipated,” Hamels said of the cutter. “I probably could have thrown my changeup in any of those situations, but I’m trying to stray from it and throw the curveball and throw the cutter. That’s what I was able to do. There were a couple counts when I would have gone straight to the changeup, but to add the curveball and cutter it makes it a little bit harder for the hitters.”

There has been talk this spring that Hamels would work primarily on the curveball, but Hamels sees the possibility that his cutter could become his third-best pitch with the curveball his fourth.

“I’ve watched guys like Andy Pettitte, Cliff Lee, (Jon) Lester have so much success with that pitch that I think it’s something if I’m able to add that in with the type of changeup that I have it can only make me that much better.”


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It would be great if he adds an effective cutter as his third pitch. His curveball has never been all that impressive to me. Brett Myers has a better curveball than Hamels.

Yo Cole, move to the left, will ya?

As long as he sticks with his changeup as his out pitch. That thing is a destroyer of worlds. Great choice of picture Todd.

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