Albert! Albert! Albert!

howard and pujols.jpg

Ryan Howard‘s teammates apparently got a kick out of the Howard-for-Albert Pujols swap story.

“Albert! Albert! Albert!’ Shane Victorino chanted as Howard spoke with reporters for a couple minutes this morning. (Thanks, Shane!)

But what did Howard think about it?

“I don’t really have anything to say about it, to be honest with you,” he said. “Really, truthfully. I can go back to all the stuff that happened when I was in Double A and all the talk about trade rumors and that kind of stuff. To be honest, I don’t know anything about anything. I’m not really focused on it. If that were the case, which I don’t know if it is or not or whatever, it is what it is. Just keep going out there and just keep doing your thing. If you do get a call saying you’re traded just say you’re traded. But until that happens, I’m still a Phillie, I’m still here. So let’s ride it out.”

Surprised to hear it?

“No, because I don’t believe anything until it’s done,” he said. “For me, I didn’t really pay attention to it.”

Would St. Louis be interesting to him?

“As far as what? Living there?” he said. “St. Louis is my home, but as far as all this other stuff, I’m a Phillie.”


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A fantasy baseball like rumor that’s fun to discuss. On paper it would seem that it would be a win-win for both sides. However, I think that Prince Albert rules St. Louis and to a certain extent so does the Big Man here in Philly.

Moyer certainly has a sentimental attachment to Seattle?!? LOL!

Loved Victorino yelling “Albert! Albert!!”

I thought the whole thing was a riot! Never believed it for a second. I think, since the team is doing so well in spring training, someone had to invent a little drama.

I’m starting the Cliff Lee for Jamie Moyer trade rumor. And a Steve Carlton comeback to fill our need for a lefty bullpen spot. Right after I post the Allen Iverson for Lebron James trade.

Somebody has entirely too much time on their hands.. Apparently so do many others, as evidenced by the feedback on this matter on other blogs and articles!!

Jimmy…….Love your Lee/Moyer trade rumor idea! LOL!
By the way……Did you get season tix this year? I got my usual Plan A.

Hey Norma. Just doing weekday night games, grandkids are getting old enough to stay up later and my weekends are filled up with car stuff. But I’ll make the occasional Sunday.

Jimmy….Shoot me an email, when you know what games you’re going to. Maybe we can meet up for a beer.

Every time Howard opens his mouth to answer interviews he is very sure of what he is saying. I like the brilliance because he knows what a positive image means. Howard is a phillie so people should stop the rumor until the deal goes through just like the man says did you hear that? – Jordan

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