Polanco Strains Right Knee, Leaves Game

polanco kneeling.jpgThird baseman Placido Polanco left today’s game against the Pirates in the bottom of the third inning after he sprained his right knee stumbling on the pitcher’s mound while trying to catch a pop up.

“It’s nothing bad,” he said. “No DL situation or anything. It’s probably day to day.”

Polanco limped off the mound before he dropped to the turf. Two team athletic trainers helped Polanco off the field and into the visitor’s clubhouse down the left-field line at McKechnie Field.

“When it first happens you really get scared,” he said. “You don’t know what’s happening. It doesn’t feel right. But now that the doctor took a look at it, it’s nothing big at all. … It’s getting better now already after the icing and all that.”

A Pirates doctor checked Polanco’s knee ligaments.

“It’s just the back of the knee,” Polanco said. “It’s probably hyperextended a little bit. Irritated.”

He added that he does not think a MRI is necessary.

Polanco tried to catch Delwyn Young‘s pop up in the third, but he lost the ball in the sun and stumbled on the back of the mound.

“Tomorrow is a big day to see how it feels, how sore it is,” Polanco said. “Probably two or three days because we’ve got a day off coming (Thursday).”


Jamie Moyer allowed eight hits and five runs in three innings in a B game against the Blue Jays in Dunedin. 

The Blue Jays had seven regulars in the lineup.

It still is possible Moyer could open the season in the rotation, and Kyle Kendrick could open in the bullpen. If Moyer pitches well, great. If not, Kendrick could replace Moyer like J.A. Happ replaced Chan Ho Park in the rotation last season. Moyer will make $8 million this season. It is possible the Phillies could release Moyer – although he pitched well in the bullpen late last year – but it would leave them with little starting pitching depth in the organization.

Asked about the possibility of starting or relieving, Moyer said, “That’s their choice.”

So he’s just along for the ride, doing what he can?

“Exactly,” he said. “Contribute. It’s all about contributing.”


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Thanks for the quick update Todd. Wife and I have been waiting with bated breath on Polanco, and this is the first hint we’ve read
of even the mention of the possibility of releasing Moyer. Keep up the great work and pls tell Dobbs to keep his glove nearby.

Kendrick should be way ahead in the 5th starter competition, but Jamie’s salary carries way too much weight.

Oh gosh, no! Ice that down Polanco!

I think Kendrick could use another year before he’s a starter. As long as Jamie can place the ball he should be a starter. Money isn’t a concern- Moyer at his best is really a sly pitcher.

Hey Zo, do me a favor. I’m listening to the MLB radio feed. The Bucs announcers don’t seem to know it was Eagles, not Phillies fans who booed at Santa Claus. Can you set those guys right? If they are going to talk smack about us fans, as least they can get the smack correct.

Polanco says he is OK.
As far as the Moyer/Kendrick debate is concerned, Moyer got slapped around in a ‘B’ game today, while Kendrick had done nothing but post 0’s in 9 innings of Grapefruit League play. If it was a legit competition it should be over already. But we all know that 8 million trumps all.

I knew ST was going too well. Ice, ice, ice, Polly!

As for the 5th starter…..I’d go ahead and give Moyer a shot. But keep him a very short leash. He’s had a great career. And helped our guys get to the WS. But, I have to say…..I lost a little respect for him last year, when he whined and whined about going to the ‘pen. He says, it’s all about contibuting. But that wasn’t the song he was singing, in ’09.

Hope Polly is OK! Did anyone else hear the Pirates broadcaster busting on Philly fans today? I blogged about it… http://philliesphollowers.mlblogs.com/archives/2010/03/polanco_injured_espn_writer_lo.html
He’s got some nerve.


RAJ has made very FEW bad player moves and he has done a very GOOD job. But having Moyer on THIS team’s 25 man roster is going to be a problem no matter if he’s in the ‘pen or the rotation. If he’s in the rotation, he’s holding back the upside progress of a younger , developing pitcher in Kendrick. If he’s in the ‘pen he occupies a slot at a time when the Bullpen is already weakened with the late return of Romero and the uncertainty of the effectiveness of Lidge. Seems to me that IF ( and it’s still early yet) Moyer does not pitch well enough to legitimately beat out Kendrick, that Jamie either gracefully retire ( accepting a buyout) or willingly go on the longterm DL . Roster spots are precious when there are only 25 players on every team. It’s to the point where Moyer’s advantage in experience is being superceded by his eroding skills do to age . Got to be honest here. And so does Jamie both to himself and to his teammates.

The money argument with Moyer doesn’t stand up. They’re going to pay him whether he pitches or not, so they may as well put the best team on the field.
If he’s going to go out and get hit around, and the justification is that “we’re paying him 8 million dollars” then your primary concern isn’t winning.

I guess if there is an upside its that Polanco’s injury came during ST and not in the middle of the season. Hopefully this should allow him more time to recoop since the urgency for his return isn’t quite as dire.

I guess we all knew that Moyer’s deal was going to come back and bite them in the butt sooner or later. I think Kendrick will definitely make the 25 man roster regardless of whether he’s in the rotation or the pen. Its nice to see a young player’s growth (along with Hamels & Happ since all are young players).

I’m not so sure, Karen. If they see Kendrick as a starter it won’t do him any good to sit in the bullpen and pitch 2 innings once a week. He’ll likely go to Scranton and pitch every fifth day.

muleman, I think my point about the 8 million is applicable. If it was a legit competition for the 5 spot it would be over already, and they would be preparing Kendrick as such and telling Moyer to prep for the bullpen. It would make sense in every way when you also consider the early need for a lefty in the bullpen. But the fact that Moyer is still considered in the running, the money is in play.


The “competition” seems to be playing out with Kendrick having the edge right now.

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