Escalona, Moyer and Polanco Updates

The Phillies play the Orioles tonight at Bright House Field, and we’ve got a couple things to pass along:

– The Phillies optioned left-hander Sergio Escalona to the Minor Leagues.

Placido Polanco will not be in the lineup tonight, but Charlie Manuel said he is expected to play in a Minor League game tomorrow while the team is in Lakeland against the Tigers. Roy Halladay is pitching in Lakeland.

Jamie Moyer will make his first Grapefruit League start Sunday against the Orioles. Kyle Kendrick pitches tonight against the Orioles.


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Even though the lineup probably won’t be the same, it will be good to see how Kyle and Jamie do against the same time. Is the plan to have Jamie pitch about the same amount as Kyle tonight (5 innings or so)? I think this could really give us an idea of who the 5th starter should be.

deb: I heard Charlie on with Missanelli this afternoon and it sounds like he’s open to having Kendrick be the 5th starter. He said he thinks Jamie needs more work and said how much he likes Kyle and he’s ready to go. So maybe the job isn’t Moyer’s to lose as we have been led to believe?
If the O’s run out their regular lineup (minus Roberts who has back issues) it’s a nice test of a pitcher, as we saw when they swept our Phils at home last season.

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