Polanco Feels Fine, Ready to Go

Placido Polanco returned to action this afternoon in a Minor League game after spraining his right knee Monday in Bradenton.

He played five innings in the field at the Carpenter Complex. He went 0 for 3 with a run scored, and made two plays in the field.

Question: It looked like you were moving around pretty good, were you?
Answer: I didn’t feel anything today. I went to the right, to the left, running. I ran some sprints. I didn’t feel anything.

Q: Is this something that hasn’t bothered you for a few days?
A: Yeah, it hasn’t bothered me for a few days. But being spring training they want to make sure. Give it the extra day. If we didn’t have that day off Thursday, this game probably would have happened yesterday. But that extra day helped for sure.

Q: Feel 100 percent?
A: I’d say probably 95, 96 percent.

Q: Do you think you could play in a Grapefruit League game tomorrow?
A: Yes.


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