Schmidt in the Booth

Thumbnail image for schmidt.jpgYou might have seen (and heard) Mike Schmidt in the Phillies’ broadcast booth Sunday afternoon.

He will be back in the booth today.

Phillies manager of broadcasting Rob Brooks said Schmidt has had some interest in broadcasting and felt this would be a good opportunity. He worked the fourth, fifth and sixth innings with Tom McCarthy and Gary Matthews.

Phillies vice president of communications Bonnie Clark also said Schmidt is interested in expanding his role with the Phillies. He likely will be broadcast one series during the regular season and do some suite entertaining at Citizens Bank Park.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter. His Phillies book “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” is available online, and at Delaware Valley bookstores!


Schmidt was a hoot in the broadcast booth! At one point he said to T-Mac that he better put a stop to he and Sarge’s discussion of batting stances, techniques etc or they’d go on all day and not discuss what was happening in the game being played.

karen: I heard that on Sunday too. Like Whitey used to say, “Let’s try to work-in a ballgame here.”
It did make me think, when Mike was talking about having faced Moyer before. Schmidt retired in 1989 and would have faced Jamie when he was with the Cubs from ’86 to ’88. And Sarge was Moyer’s teammate!

Both Schmidt and Sarge were in the lineup in Jamie’s first major league start with the Cubs on June 16, 1986. Jamie beat Lefty….

Broadcasting on what????? Can’t find anything on TV, or radio! And I watched the game on ESPN yesterday. What am I missing??????

Thanks, Karen. I guess today’s game is on a Comcast sports station that I don’t get. I only get CSN. Darn!
Where’s the link to the broadcasts, on the Phillies site? I know I saw it before, but can’t find it now.

Backward posts again! LOL!

Norma: I watched the game on Sunday on Comcast Sportsnet. According to the Phils website today’s game is on Comcast Network, tomorrow’s ESPN, Sunday Comcast Sportsnet.

Norma: It under the “Schedule” link. Go to “Spring Training” and you’ll see the calendar of games which tells you which games are televised (the regular season schedule also has the same thing).

P.S. Sometimes this comment section has “gremlins” running it (in answer to the backwards posts)

Mike Schmidt would be the greatest addition to the Phillies broadcasting booth! I’m a HUGE Schmitty fan and would be thrilled to be able to hear his comments & thoughts during each game. Plus, he’s great at it!

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