Moyer Likely Takes the Fifth Job

moyer 0326 2010.jpgIt’s not official, but Jamie Moyer‘s stellar performance last night against the Yankees very likely secured him the fifth spot in the Phillies’ rotation.

Here is why:

  • The Phillies have said throughout the spring that Kyle Kendrick must beat out Moyer for the job. Kendrick has pitched great. He has a 1.37 ERA in five Grapefruit League appearances. He has shown poise on the mound. His secondary pitches have come along nicely. He simply looks like a completely different pitcher than the one fans saw last spring. But after Moyer threw 6 2/3 scoreless innings against the Yankees, Moyer has a 0.77 ERA in two Grapefruit League starts, and a combined 2.61 ERA, including starts in three B games. Moyer has done nothing to lose the job.
  • The Phillies have said they will not look at Spring Training numbers to make their decision, so even if Moyer should struggle in his final spring start, I don’t think the Phillies will put much stock into it.
  • The Phillies have said that Kendrick is better suited for the bullpen than Moyer, 47.
  • The Phillies have said Moyer’s track record matters.

It’s not official — well, at least the Phillies haven’t said anything publicly — but for those reasons it looks like Moyer gets the job to start the season. But he’ll have to perform. The Phillies pulled him from the rotation once last season. They also have a track record for pulling a starter early in the year (i.e. J.A. Happ and Chan Ho Park swapping jobs last May).


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Moyer pitched WELL, in his last 2 appearances, so he deserves credit and the right to start the season as the #5 rotation guy. That’s fair. That being said, Kendrick is the Phils BETTER longer term solution and that will be proven when Moyer starts to struggle when he pitches with an umpire with a tight strike zone and when the weather HEATS up and Moyer starts tiring ( as any 47 yo athlete would) in the late June and later SUMMER heat in Philly.
Moyer is a great guy whose BEST days are well behind him. The Yankee outing was an anomaly not likely to be often repeated.

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