Mayberry Shows Improvement

mayberry spring.jpgThe Phillies optioned John Mayberry Jr. to Minor League camp this morning, but expect him back at some point. If an outfielder should get hurt at the big-league level, I think Mayberry would be the first guy up.

He hit .289 (11-for-38) with one homer, six RBIs, four walks and seven strikeouts this spring. He hit .246 (17-for-69) with three homers, 10 RBIs, three walks and 21 strikeouts last spring.

“He’s improved,” Charlie Manuel said. “We figure he needs to go out and play. At the same time I also told him that he has to hit right-handed pitchers better. He hits left-handers real good. He’s got some things he needs to learn about his hitting.

“Once he improves against right-handed pitchers, just like I told Jayson Werth, he’s got a chance to be real good. He’s a good outfielder that can play center field. I don’t know if he can play a 162-game schedule in center field, but he can go in there and play for a while. I look at him mostly as a corner guy though. John is going to play in the big leagues, and he’s going to play for a while.”


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Mayberry might be one of those guys who languishes in the minor leagues either because of the logjam of position players in front of him or the perception of management that he lacks something. I’m rooting for him.

Mayberry is the kind of player that Charlie likes. Charlie thinks he can get the best out of guys who have power, but Mayberry has languished because of all the holes in his swing. He appears to have worked on that this off-season and I hope he can continue the progress at Lehigh Valley. If he was lefthanded he would be in the majors already, but he has to figure out how to make better contact against righties.

Shame, I was hoping he would snag a bench spot coming out of camp, but I guess he’ll have to wait. I would like to see him get some serious opportunities this year.

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