Moyer to Start, Kendrick to Pen

Thumbnail image for moyer 0326 2010.jpgIt’s official: Jamie Moyer is the Phillies’ fifth starter and Kyle Kendrick is in the bullpen.

The news is not a surprise. Moyer locked up the job with an outstanding performance Friday against the Yankees. The Phillies also said a couple things this spring that made it clear Moyer had the decisive edge for the job: First, Moyer’s experience mattered. Second, spring training numbers didn’t matter. In other words, nothing short of Kendrick throwing shutouts in every start and Moyer carrying a double-digit ERA would have gotten Kendrick the job.

But the Phillies liked what they saw from Kendrick. They think he can start again in the big leagues, and he still could. Moyer must produce. The Phillies showed last season they’re not afraid of pulling him from the rotation. If he struggles like he struggled last year, and if Kendrick pitches well in the bullpen you definitely could see the two swapping roles.


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Brad Lidge still needs to build up arm speed and improve his fastball command.


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all man, i wanted kendrick because moyer is slow! how did moyer get it?

Todd, seriously, why do you keep calling Jamie Moyer, “Moyers”? If it’s just to bug me, then it’s working! LOL! Maybe you are a Bill Moyers fan? 😉 Otherwise, thanks for the great job you are doing.

fan_in_jersualem did that all the time and it drove me nuts, in addition to calling Big Joe “Branton.” Wait, maybe f_i_j was just Todd trolling me the whole time. Mind blown.

Phylan, I’m so “happy” I drove you crazy all the time.. (lol). You are right, though, that I tend to mis-spell anything and everything on a consistant basis. I’ll try harder this season not to do this, but to find a new way to drive you crazy. Perhaps I’ll become one of those who can’t get past the Lee trade?

I look at the 25 man roster and am very comfortable with the starting 8, the bench and the rotation. I am very nervous, on the other hand, with the bullpen. The only two who have had good springs are Kendrick (who has only started) and the rule 5 guy, who has been lights out. We better hope our rotation goes 8-9 innings every game.

Belle read the story again. The only place Todd added an s to Jamie’s last name is when he used it in the possessive form. As in “Moyer’s experience” The word Moyer is a noun and it “owns’ something, the something it owns is experience.

Possessive forms (Bedford 36a/Hodges’ 15a)
A possessive form of a noun signifies that the noun owns something:

A musician’s talent
A woman’s ambition

Possessive forms call for a properly placed apostrophe. The placement is different for singular and plural nouns. For this reason, you must know the correct singular and possessive nouns before you can make them possessive.

Singular possessive
The possessive form of a singular noun is an apostrophe followed by the letter “s.”

Kramer’s hair
Daphne’s patience
the car’s engine

Words ending with s, z or x generally omit the “s.”

Dr. Seuss’ sense of humor

thanks qrt-milr: the grammar lesson was superb and belle’s happy (possessive form noting the happiness possessed by belle) that Todd cleaned up the title prior to your poast (goes well with Dr. Suess’ green eggs and ham)😉 ….once he does the same to his 3/5 blog titled, “Moyers Looks Good in “B” Game”, belle will be in possession of the highest caliber of happiness! Nice post.

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