Lidge Gets Cortisone Shot, Return Delayed

Thumbnail image for lidge spring.jpgWe might have an explanation why Brad Lidge‘s fastball hit just 87 mph yesterday at the Carpenter Complex.

His elbow is bothering him.

The Phillies said today Lidge has inflammation on the outer part of his elbow, which required a cortisone injection yesterday. Lidge had surgery on the inner part of his elbow in November, but Phillies physician Michael Ciccotti said the inflammation is unrelated to the surgery.

Ciccotti said no MRI is required and Lidge has no structural damange in his elbow.

“Coming into Spring Training every year Brad has some lateral or outer elbow soreness,” Ciccotti said. “It’s just part of his reconditioning routine. Because he started a little bit later this year with his throwing because of those two surgeries (elbow surgery in November and knee surgery in January) that soreness has lingered a little bit longer. Usually it resolves by the second or the third week in March. … Again, the achiness is always along the outer aspect. His surgery was along the inner aspect of his elbow. And so to jump start him, we decided to give him an injection … His elbow is stable. Nor does he have any symptoms at all in his knee.”

Ciccotti said Lidge will long toss Friday. Depending on how that goes, he could throw in the bullpen Saturday or Sunday.

Obviously, this sets back Lidge’s return. How long? It’s tough to say. Lidge said yesterday he hoped to rejoin the team the second week of the season, but a return the third week of April wouldn’t be a surprise. But a cortisone injection never is a good thing, and this is worth watching.

“Our goal had always been to get him back by mid-April,” Ciccotti said. “And so with this it may not necessarily change that time frame very much. Maybe the third week or so of April.”


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And so it starts……

OH NO😦 I really hope all goes well this year. Regardless to what happens I won’t hold anything against you, Brad. You did awesome in 08 and I haven’t forgotten about that. I still love ya.

See ya in May Brad. I suspect this year for Lidge won’t have a happy ending either.

i’m fine, i’m fine, i’m fine, need to build up my arm strength, blah, blah, blah.
Keep going out there and throwing when you’re hurt, idiot.

My thoughts exactly. Did it just start to hurt yesterday or did he do what he did last year and not tell anyone? This macho crap of “playing thru the pain” is hard to take, especially when it costs us games.
Hundred dollar arm and a ten cent head.

Yikes! Not a great way to start the season.

phan52: looking more and more like the prediction you made last Friday may be accurate. Let’s hope you’re wrong.

If the Phillies don’t win the East, it’ll probably be because of the bullpen. Feels like old times (except for the whole “favored to win the division” part).

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