Lidge Returns to the Mound

Brad Lidge threw in the bullpen today after receiving a cortisone injection into his right elbow Tuesday.

“No pain. No issues,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said.

Lidge threw 25 pitches in Clearwater, and long tossed afterward. Amaro said everything went well. Lidge had surgery on the inner half of his elbow in November. The Phillies said Lidge’s recent inflammation is on the outer half of the elbow, which they said is unrelated to the surgery. But cortisone injections are not routine, and Lidge’s health has been an issue for nearly a year.

Amaro said Lidge likely will throw a couple more bullpen sessions before he is ready to appear in any game action.

“Hopefully we’ll get him into a game sometime soon,” Amaro said.

Amaro said he hopes Lidge can rejoin the team before the end of April.

J.C. Romero is scheduled to pitch in a game tomorrow. Amaro said Romero continues to progress.


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I’m guessing that the Phillies are going to end up with a closer-by-committee of Madson, Baez and Romero.
My prayers go out to Davey Lopes and his family.

phan: No, it’s Madson’s job to lose. We’ll see soon enough if he can handle it.

As I was double checking the roster,I noticed: Moyer was born 9 years before any other player on the team. (he was born 1962, next oldest is Contreras in 1971). There are 3 players on the team born in 1985, the year I graduated HS. Boy do I feel old (Bastardo, Carpenter, and Herndon)

Condolences to Davey Lopes and his family on their tragic loss. First base is waiting your return.

FIJ, No one knows Contreras’ real age. He could be 50.

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